Britney Spears Pregnancy Plan: Wants To Have David Lucado’s Baby And Start A Family With Him!

Britney Spears Pregnancy Plan: Wants To Have David Lucado's Baby And Start A Family With Him!

Britney Spears and David Lucado have been together for less than two years, but as she is prone to do, Britney Spears has already latched onto David and doesn’t want to let go. Despite rumors of the couple breaking up this summer, it seems that their relationship is stronger than ever. There are even reports of Britney wanting to get pregnant with David’s child, even though the couple isn’t technically engaged or married yet.

A source tells Radar Online, “Britney cannot wait until the Vegas show is done because she wants to start a family with David. She says she will get pregnant as soon as the show is finished!” 

And the reason she wants to get pregnant? Because David is really good with her kids. Ok, I can understand her wanting another child, but should the sole reason for a pregnancy be that David is good with her kids?

Also, is Britney really in a state to take care of more people? She can barely take care of herself, and that’s with the help of her caretakers, boyfriend, father, and entire team. She already has two children, and she practically has an army that helps feed them, send them to school, and take care of them. In what universe does Britney think that she’s in the position to get pregnant again and deal with all those hormones? Not to mention raising a newborn baby, especially with her career.

Granted, if Brit Brit wants children, she’ll have children. But I just don’t think her family or her team will let her have a baby with David before they’ve been together for at least another year. She and Kevin Federline were only together for a little while before she got pregnant, and see how that turned out.

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