Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Marriage Trouble: Portia’s Jealous Over Ellen’s Great Success

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Marriage Trouble: Portia's Jealous Over Ellen's Great Success

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are not fighting over having children, as tabloid reports seemed to suggest this week. That’s one of the more reaching stories associated with the Ellen/Portia situation, only because both Ellen and Portia have admitted that they’re not interested in having children.

They’ve been reiterating that since they’ve gotten married, and when asked about it last year, both of them said the same thing: that they hadn’t changed their minds, they still didn’t want kids, and they were happy with the state of their relationship.

However, even if they’re not fighting about kids, sources report that their marriage is not the vision of happiness that Ellen keeps broadcasting. Apparently, they’re teetering on the brink of a breakup, but not for the reasons that everyone thinks. It’s simply because Ellen’s so busy that she barely gets to spend any time at home, and that’s starting to rub Portia the wrong way.

When Ellen and Portia first got together, Ellen wasn’t the brand that she was now – and plus, Portia also had Arrested Development to keep her busy. However, Ellen now has her show plus a million other things she’s working on, not counting the weeks that she spent rehearsing for the Oscars. Obviously, that much time working would take a toll on any relationship, especially when one half of the partnership is so much more successful than the other. Portia used to be better known than Ellen, and now she’s known more as Ellen’s wife than she is for her own career and her own work. Combine that with the fact that Ellen’s so busy and probably doesn’t spend much time with her, and it’s pretty clear why the couple would be fighting so much. Maybe the tabloids aren’t so off-base after all, huh?

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