Jennifer Aniston Facelift Plastic Surgery: Intimidated by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Encounter at George Clooney’s Wedding

Jennifer Aniston Facelift Plastic Surgery: Intimidated by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Encounter at George Clooney's Wedding

Jennifer Aniston is about to come face-to-face with her ex-husband Brad Pitt and her archenemy Angelina Jolie at George Clooney‘s wedding, so I’m not surprised when reports claim that she’s getting a face lift to prepare for the encounter. I also wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she’s been hitting the gym every day in preparation for this meeting, which would explain her lack of public appearances or acting jobs. She has a zillion dollars from Friends anyway, she doesn’t need to work.

Regardless, I could definitely see her focusing all her energy into ‘winning’ the encounter with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, even though they’ve got her beat on career, politics, family, and pretty much everything else.

A report from the National Enquirer states that Jennifer is about to undergo a state-of-the-art face lift [isn’t everything in Hollywood touted as state-of-the-art?], with sources adding, “Jennifer is still tormented that Brad ran off with Angelina Jolie [nine years ago]. Jen wants to look younger than Angelina — and hotter than ever.”

You may scoff and call this tabloid gossip, which it very well may be. But you think actresses are over this kind of petty crap? Puh-lease, actresses are the QUEENS of this kind of petty feuding. Contrary to what she’d want you to believe, sources close to Jennifer have said that she’s still smarting over how successful Brad and Angelina have become since her divorce, and she’s especially bitter because she thinks that she could have had Angelina’s career if Brad had stayed with her instead.

But then again, the Enquirer’s source also adds, “Jennifer’s plan is to make nice with both of them and be not only the bigger person, but also the hottest.” Right, because being the ‘bigger person’ means getting a facelift and trying to one-up Angelina in terms of appearance? Yeah, that’s real humble.

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8 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Facelift Plastic Surgery: Intimidated by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Encounter at George Clooney’s Wedding”

  1. Tushkin says:

    What Bride would even consider Brad and Jennifer being at their wedding?
    There is no way this will happen, whoever gets a picture of them together could probably make a million bucks.
    This ‘sighting’ would be more important than the actual wedding!
    Brad is closer to George than Jennifer is……. she won’t go or get invited.

    • JacyJul says:

      I’m SURE from the way they look so forlorn (NOT) in the above photo that they are “just crushed” about not being invited to that ceremony. Even Clooney wasn’t invited so this article is a bunch of nonsense!

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  3. impartial says:

    Jennifer needs a reality check. No matter how much she improves
    her appearance Brad will not consider, for so long as a
    nanosecond, leaving Angelina and the kids for her.
    Even more bizarre is Jennifer fostering the belief that she could
    have had Angelina’s achievements had Brad remained with

    • thatgirl says:

      I don’t believe for even one “nanosecond” that JA – if even having a facelift – is doing it to be “hotter” than Jolie. I like to read these for entertainment, but sometimes they go way too far out there to believe one word in the whole story. Let her live her life without constant comparison to his current “significant other.”

    • JacyJul says:

      No ONE including J.A. SAID she even thought such a thing. You’re assuming because the lame writer has written such diatribe, that this is what Aniston’s planning when in fact, NO ONE was “invited” to the Brangelina wedding (including Clooney), because Jolie is not comfortable with any of Pitt’s friends.

      Take a look at that photo above again genius, do Aniston and Justine even REMOTELY look like they’re thinking about Pitt & Jolie…R-e-a-l-l-y???

      Don’t believe everything you read. Duh.

      PS Jolie has had several sets of breast implants WAY BEFORE the latest “elective, preventative surgery” AND, jaw, nose, chin, and eye “work.”

      J.A. has had her nose done so that means Jolie had a LOT more plastic surgery by far than A.J. so maybe it’s Jolie who was the “insecure one?”

  4. JacyJul says:

    You’re CLEARLY smitten with Jolie and like so many media hounds just won’t “let it go” with the Aniston/Pitt/Jolie thing.

    WTH is wrong with you people who keep dredging this crap up? DId you even LOOK at the photo of Aniston and Justin (above)? Do they LOOK like their upset or worried? It’s a sad bunch of losers who keep pretending they KNOW what Aniston and her fiance’ are feeling and thinking and that she gives a hoot about what Pitt & Jolie are up to these days. Good Gawd, get a LIFE!

    And guess what? I’m not a fan of Aniston’s (have not seen one episode of Friends and probably never will) or Jolie’s…they each have done some decent movies; Jolie is better in dramas (and she’s always been a bit of a drama queen so that makes sense), and Aniston is better in comedies and she’s always acted a bit goofy so that makes sense too. Neither are legendary in their field as actors but there’s no way Aniston would be “jealous” of Jolie’s career when Forbes just put her 3rd on the list of highest earning actresses in 2013 (Jolie tied for 5th place with Cameron Diaz).

    I would guess Aniston to be the happier though because she eats and works out and is good shape whereas Jolie has continued to lose vital (lean muscle tissue) weight to the point that she is what most of us in the field of healthy weight management would consider her to be extremely unhealthy.

    This is CLEARLY written by a biased writer who has no business writing articles if s/he cannot be at least somewhat objective. Now, let’s see if you’re ballsy enough to print this…

  5. JacyJul says:

    Well stated! Rumors are constantly heard that Jolie is STILL “insecure about Aniston, and NOT the other way around (since the writer’s just grasping at straws – let’s go for it too)!

    Fact is; No ONE went to that friggin wedding in France AND neither Pitt nor Aniston went to Clooney’s wedding in Italy. IF ANYONE “can’t let it go” that would be Pitt & Jolie who have continued to dredge up negative comments about Aniston in interviews well after they (Brangelina) had been together and J.A. was trying to move ON with her life.

    Of COURSE Brad is going to stay with his wife who DOES have psych disorders STILL, because she laid 3 golden eggs and adopted 3 more. He’s not going to leave those kids so unless she starts to torture them (like she used to do with her own pets), he’s going to stay with that mess until he loses HIS mind.