Kate Gosselin Avoids Addressing Controversies, Tweets About Dog Instead

Kate Gosselin Avoids Addressing Controversies, Tweets About Dog Instead

There’s been quite a lot of news items and controversies regarding Kate Gosselin recently. Her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, has been trying his best to ruin her name to the public, and it’s gotten to such a point that even her children are speaking to the tabloids.

However, instead of addressing any of these controversies, Kate has continued using her Twitter as her message board to the public. Although she did re-tweet a comment about her People magazine cover [where her kids are quoted in regards to her], she instead spent most of her Twitter comments focusing on her regular family life.

She did tweet about the polar vortex taking over the country. Considering that she and her kids live in Pennsylvania, they were probably freezing thanks to the record cold temperatures that were sweeping the nation. She tweeted about taking care of her dog, Shoka, writing, “Shoka’s not happy staying indoors d/t extreme cold temps! Prob solved : Got heated dog bed 4 pampered pup so he can patrol his land a lil more!” 

Surprisingly, she didn’t tweet about her eight children’s reactions to the weather, although she probably figured that the People Magazine cover was probably enough publicity for her kids. Even then, she’s already been criticized for allowing her children to be exposed to the tabloids at such a young age, which is a valid concern. The kids may not feel that they’ve been affected by the media storm and attention, but letting them interact with the media world at their age is never a smart move.

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3 responses to “Kate Gosselin Avoids Addressing Controversies, Tweets About Dog Instead”

  1. teresa darienzo says:

    Not a smart move and therein lies the problem. Kate is not a smart woman. What mother with any working brain cells would allow their children (that’s right, at 13 still children) speak to the media concerning subjects such as their parents divorce, daddy’s dating habits and if they fell they are normal. Giving an interview to a tabloid magazine to profess how normal you are IS NOT NORMAL by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. jo says:

    Kate needs to find a better way to pay the bills, no one is interested in her kids anymore, she sticks them out there for the money,. and has them say they want another reality show when they’ve already said they want a normal like , well at least that’s what Cara has said , Maddy is a mini Kate..

  3. Nancy says:

    Jon should just shut up already! Everyone knows she’s a pain in the ass and desperate to stay on tv but, your kids are going to remember you bad mouthing their mother constantly. If he is such an IT specialist like I keep reading about, why does he keep getting crap jobs. Both he and Kate need real jobs to pay for the therapy bills those kids will be facing.