Nicole Kidman Betrays Keith Urban: Breaks Marriage Agreement – Future Together Uncertain

Nicole Kidman Betrays Keith Urban: Breaks Marriage Agreement - Future Together Uncertain

A few months ago Nicole Kidman was worried that her career was dead in the water. She had signed on to play the lead in Grace of Monaco and instead of it being an Oscar-worthy performance the film tanked so badly that producers have blocked distribution in the states. They are hoping that you and I never get a chance to actually see the mess that unravels onscreen. Nicole went through a patch of frustration as she dealt with the fallout while watching her husband, Keith Urban’s career explode in a good way. The couple was basically apart for the last 18 months due to work commitments – divorce, separation and marriage trouble rumors were all over the Internet and Nicole begged Keith for family time.

According to the Aug. 4th print edition of GLOBE Magazine the couple had made an agreement to make family time a priority in their Nashville home in order to save their marriage but apparently it’s Nicole who has nixed the idea. Instead she has signed on for not one but two London stage productions! The shows will play back to back and she intends to move to London with the couples’ two daughters for several months. Needless to say, Keith is beyond pissed. After his wife through a fit about being away he had purposely scaled back his schedule in order to put the family first. Sources say the couple’s marriage has been on shaky ground for awhile and Keith believed family time was necessary in order to save their marriage.

Is there a chance that Keith will agree to move to London for several months with his family? Or is the anger towards Nicole’s decision instead going to be a catalyst that sends him in the opposite direction and back to focusing on his own career? Is there any chance that these two are going to put their marriage at the top of the priority list or is divorce looking more likely than ever? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Jules

    Cate Meighan is a desperate psycho, completely obsessed with Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s marriage. Everything you write about them, dear psychotic Cate, is a big pile of LIES. You are sick and should get mental help very, very quickly. FYI Keith and Nicole are currently together in New York, before that, they were together in Nashville, and before that they spent a month together in Australia. And next Kidman has a movie called “Queen of the Desert” directed by Werner Herzog for which she’s getting Oscar buzz because she’s apparently extraordinary in it. Nobody gives a sh*t about “Grace of Monaco” anymore except you (the movie was just a total bore, just like Grace Kelly herself). Oh and the only place on the internet where you hear about a possible divorce between Keith and Nicole is here. Your ridiculous website is NOT “all over the internet”, sicko…

    • D Goley

      This article is ALL bullshit !!! Agree with you 100 percent Jules. I have never seen so much hate handed out about Nicole and Keith. Some people cannot stand to see people that are happy in their marriage like Nicole and Keith are. Do you actually get paid for writing lies Cate ????????

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  • Lily

    “Intrude into their private lives”? Cate Meighan and her ilk aren’t intruding into anyone’s life, they just make up fictional stories.

  • Lily

    I agree. Cate Meighan is an idiot.

  • Zack

    they’re DUNZO !

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