Susan Schneider, Robin Williams’ Widow, Rushed Cremation Due to Marriage Trouble – Disrespectful Decision (PHOTOS)

Susan Schneider, Robin Williams' Widow, Rushed Cremation Due to Marriage Trouble - Disrespectful Decision (PHOTOS)

While Susan Schneider, widow of Robin Williams, hosted the obligatory gathering for a very small group of family and friends of the actor after a private memorial where she and his family scattered the ashes of the late actor in the San Francisco Bay, it was his second wife, Marsha Garces who held an event to honor the Williams, allowing friends and relatives of the family to join them.

Within ONE DAY of Williams’ tragic and surprising death by suicide, Schneider had his body cremated and ashes strewn across the bay, while the family was still trying to digest what happened. It all happened so fast, and given his family and closest friends were completely shocked by the suicide, it didn’t help that within 24 hours, they were already participating in his memorial service planned by his widow. Not only did Schneider take away from Williams’ children the chance to absorb the news of their father’s suicide, she also took away the chance for fans and friends of the actor to participate in a memorial or funeral for the beloved actor. It’s almost as if she had put thought into the planning of his funeral before he tragically hung himself because everything was executed within mere hours of his death.

Close friends, some family, and fans have all lost the opportunity to mourn the actor at his funeral because it happened so quickly and had been open to only those invited by Schneider. Garces, who has two adult children with the late actor, held her own gathering with relatives and friends of Williams’ and his children. His children were able to grieve, as well as celebrate the life of their father among their closes family members and friends. It was a nice event that allowed for more closure for the former couple’s two children Zelda and Cody Williams. Cody was seen surrounded by his closest friends in front of his mother’s home. The world still awaits the toxicology report which will likely be very telling as Schneider has remained steadfast in her statement that Williams’ sobriety was intact at the time of his death.

What do you think CDLers? Should Schneider have given friends and fans a chance to participant in a memorial for her late husband? Why do you think everything happened so quickly?

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29 responses to “Susan Schneider, Robin Williams’ Widow, Rushed Cremation Due to Marriage Trouble – Disrespectful Decision (PHOTOS)”

  1. Mellie says:

    No…it was her right and probably the best decision. Marcia should have stayed out of it. She was divorced from him. It was going to be private anyway. This is just a way to stir up unnecessary controversy in an already painful situation for the family.

  2. Greta Lott says:

    Considering that most funerals are for the living. I think what she did was ok. Gave little time for the media to start a shit storm. If word would have leaked out about the date of the service it would have been a circus. I’m sorry that she felt the need to rush. Fame seems to make things harder on those who are. I’m so so sorry for the whole family and the hole that this loss has left in their family. It will never be filled. They will have to grieve and remember the great times they shared with him. I know how they feel. I am deeply saddened by the loss of my fav comic but more so for the family he left behind. GodSpeed and may your hearts heal knowing he wanted you all to be happy. <3

  3. nothing says:

    your post is stupid

  4. tijdeling says:

    Such an unfair article. I stumbled across it by accident and really wish I hadn’t. Everybody deals with grief in their own way. While it is fast, it is a very sound decision. Who says it was just his wife. I could actually understand if this was decided with the children to mourn in peace in stead of being dogged by raunchy media such as this site. There are many ways to pay your respects without being at the funeral. Have a little heart for a widow, especially when you don’t know her heart and mind. I feel for her and his children. Texts like these won’t help.

  5. Stanley Clark says:

    Yes she should have let the kids and other family members have a few more days unless that was robins wish. What a lost. The closest comic to him maybe Jerry Lewis. But i don’t think there ever was or will be another Robin Williams. That void in our lives will never be filled. Rest in Peace we miss you

  6. joe says:

    I think she killed him

  7. mimiUSA says:

    As much as he seems to belong to all of us for having shared his public persona with us, in death however he belonged to his wife and children and I am sure she made the decision together with the kids. The second wife had her own celebration probably because she was not invited and since she was married to him the longest they had lots of common friends. It would have been a circus if it was made public.

    • Keli Woods says:

      true that… it would have been a circus, but I wish they could have had it televised or something…
      When is that comedy benefit?

  8. SKB says:

    Why would she want to wait and have his children have to deal with the horrible westboro baptist church standing outside his funeral?

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  10. Cally Trask says:

    Susan Schneider according to another person posting on here has two sons. She also according another person posting wanted children with Robin (at 43-47?). She has about $20 million+ coming her way–that’s a solid motive for homicide for any evil person. Her statements have seemed almost too perfect to me. When I first saw her picture years ago I didn’t like her—she just was not my type. But with a discerning eye ‘back then’ I was trying to understand if she might have another agenda marrying a famous celebrity–I always like knowing some background of people that are complete unknowns—what’s her story??! Robin hasn’t had the greatest luck with women. The first suspicious thing that caught my eye was that a pocket knife was found near his arm. Why would someone choose a pocketknife???!!! Robin was an intelligent man. Maybe Susan was a bit squeamish around blood??! She didn’t check on him the day after—which may have been their common routine. But the funeral the day after???? That only increases my suspicions. Historically, Northern Cal has proven astonishing incompetence in criminal investigations. Think Zodiak and the Original Night Stalker (probably ‘the’ most prolific burglar, rapist, and murderer in the history of the United States—–never apprehended)—don’t expect too much. Especially if Susan had sufficient time to plan the perfect murder. Married just three years and Robin’s depression only becomes compounded to the point of suicide. His career was troubling him and his diagnosis with pd—that’s where a wife is supposed to help—maybe she killed him indirectly through ‘inaction’—passively watching him fall to pieces. Than again, I could be completely wrong. Either way, all that money is soon to be shared between her and her sons.

    • Lithe Lassie says:

      Who knows, but not ONE article from a reputable news source has even broached suspicion of the wife. still no toxicology report and it is October 6

  11. Nanette Jauregui says:

    I gree completely

  12. Nanette Jauregui says:

    Mr Robin Williams influenced me so,
    I’m in deitful to how I Voice the person I’m
    today’ …. Rest, Your Shared Lv’ will
    Quide me a life time …. Nanette from home town ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA …

  13. Renee Marie Hernandez says:

    I have said from day one she killed him.i emailed the sheriff’s office too and asked them to please investigate this many odd facts!!

  14. Bren says:

    I watched an interview on Youtube and when Robin Williams was asked if they would be having kids together he said no. They both had children and were fine. She was in a big hurry to have everything over and done with. If it had been my ex husband I wouldve still wanted my kids to mourn and get used to everything then make arrangements. And who thinks of putting the house up for sale just hours after there spouse is found dead
    . I hope a very thorough and lengthy investigation is done.

  15. cecilia says:

    Very sad.I neaver knew Robin personally but would have wished to have sat with him at a park bench for just one was very disrespectful I feel for the way his wife handeled his death. It was not fair to all who loved him.No matter what differences the couple had his wife will have to live with her decision and all catches up on you.The home will always have memories and im sure will not be a happy home to live in.I can see media making up a story or some reality show about how the house is haunted with his ghost.neaver ending even with him gone.His wife will neaver be with a peace of mind and I would not want to be in her shoes no matter how much money is involved

  16. Keli Woods says:

    I think there’s more to it… but there’s so much that only she will know. Wish someone could look into it properly, but as it is, people won’t.

  17. lg says:

    I was totally shocked at how fast it was done, it’s got to be the quickest funeral iv ever came across, very suspicious. I really hope he wasn’t a victim of anyone and did choose to go the way he wanted. R.I.P Robin, you were a great and kind sole xxx

  18. indigo tigress says:

    Susan is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    Dear Susan,
    Karma is a bitch and if you don’t believe in it the better it will be the rest of us who truly know you did kill Robin Williams. Enjoy the money while it lasts and fast recovery from his so called suicide. There is a place in hell for people like you.

  19. indigo tigress says:


  20. MistyMarie says:

    I believe there was something to hide, which is why she had him cremated so quickly. I do not believe the hype that media has said in regards to Robin’s death. I do believe that this was done to him. Why? Hollywood has a way of sacrificing people who start to speak up or out about behind the scene agendas. If they start falling away from their programming, they are dismissed, literally. Questions are looming, answers will likely be lies.

  21. Lithe Lassie says:

    It is now early October and NO toxicology reports are back, the media has totally forgotten about Robin Williams.

  22. Lithe Lassie says:

    I totally agree with you. Where is the inquiry? Real investigative journalism as we once knew it (Watergate reporting) is gone. Media is over the Robin Wiliams story. The only reason that Michael Jackson’s death received so much coverage was because the doctor was involved in enabling it.

  23. Lithe Lassie says:

    you could be right.

  24. Lithe Lassie says:

    YES indeed. The only way we are to get answers is to write the media and Marin Sheriff’s dept to demand answers. I did email the press contact at the Marin Sheriff’s dept and got no reply. Not even a cursory boilerplate response.

  25. sal says:

    We now know he had Lewy Body disease. Parkinson’s was a probable misdiagnosis. RIP.