Switched At Birth RECAP 3/17/14: Season 3 Episode 10 “The Ambush”

Switched At Birth RECAP 3/17/14: Season 3 Episode 10 "The Ambush"

SWITCHED AT BIRTH returns to ABC Family tonight with a brand new episode called “The Ambush”. In it Toby gets an unexpected visit from Nikki. Meanwhile, Bay and Daphne get ready for a big field-hockey game, and the rivalry between their team and the opposition intensifies; and Regina’s connections to her old neighborhood prove beneficial.

On the last episode Daphne tried to help out Angelo at the clinic’s fundraiser, all while juggling the attention of Jorge and Campbell. Bay had to deal with MaryBeth’s feelings about Tank. Toby tutored Sharee to keep her eligible for the field hockey team. Meanwhile, John and Kathryn invited one of John’s old baseball colleagues over to get some dish for Kathryn’s book.  Did you tune in for last week’s episode? If not then we’ll hook you up with our full detailed recap of it right here.

Tonight’s episode of SWITCHED AT BIRTH will be as dramatic as ever. That’s what you get when you’re telling the story of two teenaged girls who find out that they went home with the wrong families at birth- lots of drama.

Tune in to ABC Family at 8PM EST to watch “The Ambush”. We’ll also be recapping it all live for you right here. In the meantime head to our comments section and tell us your thoughts on season two so far!

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Bay arrives at school; Emmett tells her that Mathew is back from suspension. Mathew appears and tells Emmett no hard feelings and asks if their cool, they give each other props and are now cool with each other. Emmett shows Bay a picture on her phone, she’s impressed and says he’s getting better; turns out it wasn’t him who took the picture, but Mandy who did. Bay leaves Emmett to talk to Daphne and Sharee; they’re excited for their upcoming game.

While walking they find a goat outside with a banner saying their team sucks. Toby gets a call about the goat; he finds it funny and is surprised by a visit from his wife. Bay is pissed off with how they’re calling their team garbage; Toby is in bed with his wife their happy to be seeing each other after so long. Toby tells her that he has to go to work because he’s training two new guys and has to help out with field hockey. He tells her that he’ll be back and to wait for him to come back, when he leaves his wife seems to have something on her mind.

Regina is given a bonus, a new car for all the work she’s done for the Riverside project by her boss; he tells her that she’s earned it. He then tells her to deliver the news to a taco restaurant, mainly because she speaks Spanish a language they speak more fluent. Daphne gives something to Jorge that was dropped off by his friend, it turns out its rock climbing gear; Daphne shows interest in trying, Jorge invites her.

Campbell appears behind them to say his into doing whatever their doing, Jorge tells him they were going to do rock climbing, he seems a bit upset and mentions how he used to do it. Toby talks to Sharee about how she’s not going to college because she doesn’t want to leave her mom alone and be in debt, Toby tells her to work hard with field hockey and she could get a scholarship. Bay walks in to talk to Tank, she wants to apologize about mentioning the dog fight in front of one of his fraternity brothers. Bay tells Tank that they need a distraction from everything; she mentions how her old high schools field hockey team pranked them with a goat and trash. Tank says he’s up to pulling a prank on the other school.

Daphne comes to visit Kathryn; she asks what she is working on and if it’s a project. Daphne tells her mom that she has two great guys who are interested in her and that she’s writing a list about them; Kathryn tells her that Campbell seems to be the obvious pick for her. Kathryn feels that Daphne might be nervous because Campbell is in a wheelchair; Daphne says that isn’t the problem and will see what he’s doing tonight. Regina is now talking to the owner of the Mexican restaurant, he doesn’t want to close up his shop; she asks if he will work for another twenty give years.

Regina is trying to talk him into giving up the shop, to get the reward that he deserves; he asks her if it’s a good deal and she tells him that she believes so. Toby arrives home to find his wife who set up the table for the two of them, she asks about how his day was. Toby tells her that he remembers when he was alone it didn’t feel right, that he would always imagine her here with him and that comforted him. Toby tells her that the table that she set up looks amazing, she tells him not to be impressed too much because it’s only a frozen lasagne and a salad. Daphne is out with Campbell, they reach a sidewalk that he can’t get up on, and she tells him that she can help him.

Campbell says she doesn’t need to, Daphne insists on doing it and tries, but she can’t get him up. Campbell tells her its okay, they’ll go somewhere else. Bay and Tank are sneaking into her old high school to set up their prank. Campbell and Daphne arrive at a sports bar, the bouncer at the front says they can’t get in; he uses it as an excuse because he doesn’t want Campbell who’s in a wheelchair to go in. Daphne asks Campbell why he’s letting everyone walk all over him, he tells her that maybe they should go out another time and leaves.

Toby tells his wife how he’s getting a scout to come to the game tomorrow to check Sharee out; he wants to help her get a chance. She tells him how in Peru she’s doing the same thing with people over there; Toby tells her that he’s enjoying what he’s doing now. Toby asks her what it’s about, it turns out that his wife has been offered a job in Africa now. Toby asks for how long and she’s not sure, she thought that the trip to Peru would be the only trip. She tells him that this work is what she’s supposed to be doing; Toby seems more surprised by it and plays it cool by complimenting the salad she made. Tank is painting the statue; Bay can’t wait to see their faces tomorrow.

Tank and Bay almost get caught by security, but they escape right in time. Regina arrives to visit Kathryn; she sees Regina’s new car is impressed by it. Kathryn tells her not to worry about the stuff, Regina offers her to take a ride in the car with her. Bay is trying to mend Tank’s hand, after injuring it while trying to escape from security. Tank and Bay begin to kiss, Tank wants to take it a step further, but Bay tells him that she’s not sure if she wants to go any further. Tank then asks if she’s a virgin feeling that she could be scared, she says no and mentions that she doesn’t really want to. Bay asks Tank what’s wrong with him, he tells her that he likes her and that their dating. Bay then says that she should go, Tank tells her that maybe she should; she leaves.

Regina hears the doorbell ring, she lets whoever is there in; turns out to be Bay. Bay is looking for Daphne for some girl talk; Regina tells her that they can talk about it. Bay tells her that Ty was her first and that Tank might have been her second, she felt like he was expecting it; she doesn’t want to do it again until she understands what it means to her. Regina tells her that she gets what she’s doing, that she needs tell him stop if she doesn’t want it. Bay is worried Tank won’t be the guy she wants him to be.

Toby has his family at the field hockey practice; John asks to make a motivational speech which he does. Toby’s team is working practicing, Bay notices Emmett with his camera at the game taking photos. Emmett shows Bay the picture of the statue painted that her and Tank did to prank her old high school, she plays it cool to make it seem like she didn’t do it. Buckner the school their up against are pissed off after the statue incident, Sharee talks to Daphne about where the scout is; they see her and Daphne tells Sharee to give it her all to be noticed. Toby tells his team to get ready to win, the field hockey game begins.

Regina walks in with the agreement for the Taco restaurant; her boss is impressed about how fast she did it. He gives her another assignment to do, he says that she’ll get it done after her daughter’s game and that she’ll have the mock ups done later tonight. He’s not impressed with that answer and tells her that sacrifices must be made for her work. Toby is talking to the scout about Sharee, she feels that she is solid and is pretty fast. During the game Sharee is pushed to the ground, because Buckner is angry about what happened to the statue. Daphne yells to Toby about what happened, he tells her to give him only one point. Buckner is leading six to nothing, Sharee is being pushed on the ground all the time, and Daphne is getting pissed off by the lack of sportsmanship Buckner is showing.

Sharee and Daphne begin to be putting a whole lot of effort, at the last second Sharee ends up scoring one goal making it six-one. Though they’ve lost, their entire team including Toby is happy that they at least scored one goal. Toby ends up getting drenched by Gatorade by the team, he then mentions how it’s the best shower he’s had in weeks. The scout asks to speak to Sharee after recognizing her talent.

Tank arrives at Bay’s place, he comes over to apologize and say he doesn’t expect her to sleep with him because their dating. Tank says if it’s too soon for her to move to the next step, to tell him and that he will wait for whenever she’s ready. He then asks her what she’s doing; she tells him she’s doing homework. Tank asks to hangout, she’s cool with it and then he asks about what Buckner thought of their statue. Regina talks to John, she wants to know about what happened at the game; he tells her that they were slaughtered, but got to a goal at the end of the game.

Regina wants to know about the deal, she found something that isn’t right that she lied about how much the owner’s business was actually worth. John tells her what happened isn’t illegal; he tells her that it was a good deal for her boss because he got the place for a steal.

Logan calls Bay, it turns out that the photo that she wanted framed for Emmett; it turns out that Mandy didn’t take the photo, that it’s actually copyrighted. Bay is worried about what if she mentions this to him, would he take offence by calling his girlfriend a liar. Daphne talks to Campbell about what happened when they were out together; she says she feels sorry for him sometimes. She says that she hates how he can’t go rock climbing; he tells her that she doesn’t expect her to get everything right.

Campbell and Daphne tell each other that they really like each other, but she’s not sure how it would work out between them. Campbell becomes one smooth guy and pulls her on his wheelchair and kisses her, saying it would be like this. Toby arrives home; his wife tells him that she’s sorry for missing the game. She wants to talk to Toby about her job in Peru and soon to go to Africa. She tells Toby that helping the people in Peru make her feel needed and she loves helping them; she tells Toby that she wants to be with Toby still, but that her work will have them being a part. She asks if there’s any way that Toby would want to go with her, he doesn’t feel like he’d want to. She tells him that she wants to help these people first hand, that she can’t move back.

Toby doesn’t know how they can stay married if they don’t live in the same continent, he take a deep breath and thinks things through. Toby gets up and walks away to do more thinking, he sits down in the dark alone contemplating on the situation at hand; knowing that he needs to make a decision.