The Carbonaro Effect Recap 6/12/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “The Lizard Law”


Tonight on TruTV is the return of The Carbonaro Effect with a new episode called, “The Lizard Law.” On tonight’s episode Michael Carbanaro is at it again to surprise & delight unsuspecting folks on camera. The newest Mexican restaurant craze is fresh tortilla chips made to order.

On last week’s episode of The Carbonaro Effect, Michael posed as a cashier at a sporting goods store and asked an unsuspecting customer to pick up a small lightweight box off the ground for him. Thinking nothing of it, the customer placed the box on the counter, only to be completely stunned when Michael defied the laws of physics and miraculously pulled both a heavy bowling ball and basketball out of the tiny box- resulting in one hilarious reaction you won’t want to miss!  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode in a Mexican restaurant, Michael treats incredulous diners to a good luck serpent with their tableside guacamole, and makes salsa so spicy it melts metal. Then, he confuses office coworkers with a never-ending brown bag lunch and a frozen meal that turns out to be alarmingly fresh. Plus, he confounds his new assistant with some tricks of the trade as a real estate agent, including freshening dead flowers right before her eyes.

Tonight’s episode of The Carbonaro Effect is going to be hilarious and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the new episode of The Carbonaro Effect — tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how know how you like the show.


Tonight’s episode begins with Michael working at a bar. He offers a patron fresh corn chips…the bar’s “new thing.” They make it fresh. He allows her to pick the kernels she wants and he throws them into a bag, seconds later offering her fresh hot corn chips.

Next, he goes over to a table to serve a couple by making them fresh guacamole. When he cuts the avocado open and places the pit onto the table, it begins to move on its own. When Michael notices it and the couple is freaked out by the movement, Michael cuts open the pit to uncover a baby snake! He explains to the couple that this is common as many baby snakes feed off the seeds from the pit and get into the avocado before it’s fully grown. They believe it!

Next, Michael is stirring some hot chili. As the customer watches him stirring and talking about the hot chili, the customer cannot believe his eyes when he sees a spoon melt in front of his eyes just from stirring this hot chili. He is left shaking his head in disbelief.

Next, Michael stuns a patron as he takes the petal off of a flower that it sitting on the bar on a small container. He explains that they are experimenting with growing organic products, and the small petal is actually an egg. She cannot believe it. Michael, of course, has his hilarious way of sharing the “process” involved which is always just a series of explanations that don’t make sense. The customer is buying into the fact that this petal can turn into an egg once it hits some liquid and is rolled around. So, he puts it into a wine glass and continues to swirl it around and she sees it growing in front of her eye, eventually forming the shape of an egg. He then pull sit out, cracks the egg open, and out drops the yoke into the glass. Wow!

In the next scene, Michael acts as a co-worker as he brings his lunch into the lunchroom. It is a piece of fish that is frozen solid and she helps him work the microwave as he hasn’t really used it until now. He wants to start eating healthy. She gives him some advice on how long to cook it. He cooks it only a couple seconds and open the microwave to find a live fish that he has to quickly get into the water. As Michael leaves to go wash his hands, she is seen looking up flash cooking fish!

In the lunchroom again with a different coworker, Michael shares the newest craze…Rejuva-Foil. He raps rotten food into foil, starting with a lime, puts a little heat on it, and it magically refreshes the food. He tells her it works great…all the restaurants are using it. She cannot believe it and asks him where to buy it. He tells her his boss gave it to him as she’s left wondering where to get her hands on some.

In the next scene, Michael is a friendly coworker again, this time chatting it up with another male employee. He makes small talk and fishes through his lunch. He has a tiny lunch sack and as he is talking, he continues to pull item after item out of the bag. He even pulls out a vase! Michael excuses himself for a moment and the coworker is reviewing the table full of items wondering how all of that came out of the little lunch bag.

Next, Michael is a realtor and a woman has been hired to be his assistant for an open house. Apparently, the office forgot to tell her to pick up flowers to spruce up the table. He tells her that it is not a problem because they had an open house there last week and still have flowers there.

He asks her to pull them out of the trash, but they are dead. He tells her it is no problem as he wraps them in the special paper, puts them in water, then under the kitchen light, then in a vase with carrots, cheese, crackers, etc. He tells her they need real food. Even Swiss cheese is great for them. He brings the dead flowers back to life. As he excises himself for a moment, he tells her to make sure she is checking on them to be sure they are eating their food. As he takes off, she is staring at the bottom of the vase!

Next scene…Michael is still a realtor. His newest assistant comes in as he is trying to work in the sink that seems to be having plumbing issues. He asks for her help with using the plunger in the kitchen sink as he tries to clear the clog. Once she helps him plunge the kitchen sink, out pops a baby alligator! The woman screams. He takes the critter outside to set him free but tells her that if anyone asks, they must disclose that they have seen it in the drain. He tells her “It’s the law. It’s called the Lizard Law.”

He then finds another alligator in the sink! He tells the woman they must keep it contained in a small area because if he is in a larger area, he will grow larger. When he asks if she’s heard of this alligator phenomenon, she says she has. He explains, “It’s the Carbonaro Effect,” and then lets her in on the joke.

He plays the part so well in every scene! We’re loving this show. How about you, CDLers?