The Walking Dead Spoilers Who Took Beth: Season 5 Episode 4 ‘Slabtown’ (Video)

k Beth: Season 5 Episode 4 'Slabtown' Will Beth Die Next? (VIDEO)

The Walking Dead season 5 spoilers for episode 4 “Slabtown” will tell us all about what is happening to Beth at the ‘hospital’ and whole lot more. Gear up Walking Dead fans, we have some new antagonists. This show has never tired of creating human villains for our heroes, especially since we can only take zombies for so long before they become monotonous and boring. Plus, a zombie apocalypse is a perfect opportunity to show the shades of grey that exist in human nature, in a way that most shows wouldn’t dare to explore. We had Shane in Season 2, we had the Governor in Season 3 and half of Season 4, and then we had Gareth and his merry band of cannibals at the beginning of this season. And now, it looks like we have some creepy unnamed hospital people in the next episode, ‘Slabtown’.

In Season 5 Episode 4 of The Walking Dead, spoilers indicate we’re going to pull away from the rest of the group and focus on Beth [Emily Kinney]. Based on what our insiders are telling us, we’ll be introduced to several major characters, including one [probably Noah] that will stick around for the rest of the season. However, we’ve also been hearing that Beth will meet her end sooner rather than later, and I’m guessing this episode will be the catalyst for that death.

As the fans of the show already know, Beth was kidnapped by strangers at the end of last season, after a pseudo romantic bonding episode with Daryl after the prison separation. However, happiness and romance is the anti-thesis of The Walking Dead’s goals, so the duo were immediately separated before anything could happen. Daryl soon reunited with the rest of the group, and it seemed like Beth was all but forgotten – even by her own sister, Maggie, which was more than a little strange. However, Daryl and Carol manage to catch a glimpse of the car that kidnapped Beth at the end of the last episode and quickly take off after it. We do see Daryl make a reappearance with someone at the end of the episode, but we’re pretty sure that someone ain’t Carol or Beth. From what we can tell, it’s probably a new character that Daryl introduces to the group, before they go launch a rescue mission to save Carol and/or Beth. Unfortunately, I’m guessing it’s going to be either Maggie or Daryl who find Beth’s walker corpse, but how does all that come about?

Well, Beth is being held in a hospital. We know that much based on the sneak peaks. We also know that Beth tries to escape, and the people holding her include a police officer and a doctor. Clearly, they aren’t ‘good’ characters, since Beth and others like her are being held sort-of-captive. Why would Beth try to escape if she was safe?

Anyway, we’ll undoubtedly find out more during the next episode, but for now, let’s all light a prayer circle for Beth and hope that she makes it through. I don’t particularly care about her as an individual character, but I have a feeling her death would deeply affect Maggie and Daryl, two of my favorite characters.

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