Blue Bloods Recap – A Real Lady Killer: Season 6 episode 2 “Absolute Power”

Blue Bloods Recap - A Real Lady Killer: Season 6 episode 2 "Absolute Power"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday October 2, season 6 episode 2 called, “Absolute Power.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a possible serial-killer case is assigned to Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Baez. (Marisa Ramirez)

On the last episode, Frank goes on high alert when a threat to New York City was imminent following a terrorist attack in the Middle East. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a possible serial-killer case is assigned to Danny and Baez. Meanwhile, Erin considers becoming a judge; a mayoral candidate claims that Frank has been secretly investigating her spouse; and Eddie confronts her dad when he turns up in the hospital.”

Blue Bloods “Absolute Power” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!



On #BlueBloods, Danny and Maria are at a murder scene in the woods. It’s a teen girl with her arms crossed across her chest – she’s posed and likely has a broken neck plus blood on her head. She’s dressed up nice. They start an area search and Danny spots a much older corpse that looks to be the same pose but much more weathered. Danny then finds another. Danny says it’s a killing field. Jamie and Eddy come to see Linda at work. A prisoner was asking for Eddie.

It’s Eddie’s dad and he’s been horribly beaten. The ME tells them that at a glance, they were killed in the same way. The first was killed 12 hours away and the others a few weeks or months. Danny gets short with press at the scene when asked if it’s a serial killer. Frank and Moore try to avoid hangers on at an event and the Mayor tells Erin she should go for a judgeship. Katherine Tucker is the Mayor’s opponent in the next race and she introduces herself to Frank then pulls him aside to talk.

She asks how the investigation into her husband is going and he says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She doesn’t believe him but he assures her it’s the truth. He promises to look into it and she threatens his job if she’s elected. He says she doesn’t control his job anyway but says he’ll still look into it. Frank gets the info on the three females. Frank asks Gormley about the investigation. He says John Larkin, assigned to the Mayor’s detail, is investigating Tucker’s husband and the investigation was done at the request of the Mayor. All they found was evidence of her hubby cheating.

Frank says he wants all the files before the Mayor gets any results. Eddie talks to a prison guard to ask about how beat up her dad. The guard tells Eddie that her father is a crook and doesn’t care that he was hurt. Jamie tries to calm Eddie down then says he’ll help her look into it even though it will ruffle some feathers. They listen to a call the recent victim made. They found another went missing in April and one in June and they were in their late teens. Maria can’t find anything the girls had in common.

Maria says maybe the guy was someone they know and Danny says maybe someone they trusted. Abigail tells Frank the Mayor is in his office and insisted on waiting. The Mayor asks why he held up the investigation he ordered. Frank says any requests like that should come through his office. The Mayor gets pissy with him. The Mayor demands the file and Frank says he will review it and let him know any criminal findings. The Mayor says to take his side this time then threatens to replace him.

Frank says he knows the Mayor will do what he wants to do anyway and asks him to leave. Eddie’s dad tells her and Jamie he was hit from behind and then says she looks great in her uniform and says he’s proud of her. He swears he can’t see who did it and Jamie says none of the stories match up. He says someone is hiding something. Danny comes to see the doc who says the guy who killed the girls knew what he was doing. She says there are signs of sexual assault after death but no DNA.

They all had skull fractures caused by a hammer then he strangled them after bludgeoning them. He ties them hand and feet. Maria comes in and says there’s another body. They head to the woods and find a fresh kill. There’s a note on her body addressed to Danny that says – now let’s see who’s the smart one. They start a crime board and Maria says the latest victim is Carmen Sanchez who’s 19. There was no DNA or fingerprints on the note.

Danny asks about local sex offenders. There are almost 1,500 in Queens. Danny is frustrated he spoke to the reporter. Maria says there was a hammer assault on a college co-ed named Danielle Levine. Danny goes to talk to the girl who lived. Eddie and Jamie find Jeffrey Stark, a guy who’s out on parole. Eddie asks him about being cell mates with her dad. Jeffrey says Armin kept a photo of her on his cell wall. They ask about Armin’s beating and Jeffrey says he made it out because he kept his mouth shut.

Eddie says no one deserves to get beat like that. Jeffrey says the laundry room is the black market of the prison – that’s where he was attacked. Eddie thinks her dad was dealing drugs. Danielle says the guy attacked her then she was in his car. She says the guy laughed but didn’t talk. She says there was music playing – classical. She says it was like he was setting a mood and was into it. She says she doesn’t feel lucky she survived and says she’s afraid he’s going to come back for her.

Danny tells her the slightest details can help. She says his eyes were blank. She says the more she cried the more he enjoyed it and says he dumped her off the side of the highway and left her for dead. They think Danielle was his first attempt and he messed up. They think he’s accelerating. The killer calls and tells Danny his comments weren’t nice and says he’s not a coward. He says he’s helping women free their souls. He has a woman tied up there with him.

The killer says he’s smarter than Danny. He tells Danny he wants him to meet Ashley and she screams into the phone and begs him to please help her.

Gormley comes to see Frank and finds him staring out the window. He tells Frank he thought about his situation with the Mayor’s investigation. He says Katherine’s husband did nothing criminal – he just cheated. Gormley says he’s alienating both candidates and says he shouldn’t be in the middle of it. Gormley says to let him handle it. Frank tells him to set up a meeting with Katherine. Eddie confronts her dad and accuses him of dealing drugs. She says she’s sick of his lies and storms out.

Jamie tells Armin he has a chance to fix things with Eddie but her dad says he can’t fix what he did. Jamie says he can repair what he has left. Armin says he got beat up for refusing to smuggle drugs. At the family dinner, Frank asks Erin about her judgeship chances and they kid her about being judgmental. She says they kept bringing up her family and says the Mayor is hot on them. Frank says she could just run for election as a judge instead of trying to get an appointment with strings attached. Jamie says he won’t call her your honor either way. Danny shows up late.

Henry asks about the case and he says fine. Later, Henry talks to Frank about the thing with the Mayor and says to think collaterally about all those tied to him including Erin, Gormley and Moore. Henry says pissing off the Mayor could impact Erin and Frank says he can’t let that be a factor. Danny meats Mrs Juliano at the church and says he’s working Ashley’s case but has no news yet. He asks where Ashley was before she went missing. She says she got a haircut and went to look at an apartment in Forrest Hills.

He asks where or a realtor’s name. He tells her that helps. She gives him a rosary and says to bring both that and her daughter back. He calls Maria and tells her about the apartment hunting angle. They wonder if their guy is involved in real estate. They find Thomas Wilder among the sex offenders and he’s a realtor. He asks for the address and heads out even though Maria asked him to wait. He heads to Wilder’s house and breaks in a side door.

He creeps around gun drawn then hears classical music playing in the basement. He goes downstairs and finds a plastic surrounded chamber with photos of the women and trophies including their bras. He finds Ashley taped up and crying. He calls for backup but Thomas is there and knocks him out. Thomas tells her to shut up then he drags Danny away from her. He binds his hands and feet but Danny strikes back and goes for his gun. The guy chokes him.

He comes at Danny with a hammer. They grapple. It’s violent and takes them all over the basement. Danny gets a chain around the guy’s neck and then beats him in the face. Thomas gets loose and runs upstairs as sirens sound in the neighborhood. Garrett brings in Katherine Tucker to see Frank. He says if she wants to talk to him about anything he would appreciate an appointment in his office and not accost him in public. He says her husband was being investigated for real estate development.

He says nothing criminal was found but they found out he’s having an affair with a woman in his office. She asks if the Mayor ordered it. Frank won’t say. He says she knew about her husband’s affair and says she’s a strong woman and that’s a compliment. She tells him if she wins, and then he stops her and says he’ll send congratulations. Eddie is told that her dad was the only one willing to testify against the guards and she should be proud of him.

Eddie comes to tell her dad that he’s being transferred to Federal and may get a lowered sentence. She apologizes to Armin and he says she’s right, he was a crook. He says he stole because he thought being a good father meant she never went without anything. He says he didn’t want her to grow up like him – nothing. He tells Jamie to keep an eye on Eddie for him. She hugs her dad. Frank comes to check on Danny at the hospital and says Thomas took a boat and harbor patrol is on it.

He says Ashley will be okay. Danny poo poos his injuries but it’s 28 stitches and broken ribs. Linda is not happy at all then leaves to go call the boys. Danny is back at work and Maria asks why he’s there. He grabs the rosary and says he had to return it. She says he did good. Thomas calls Danny and Maria listens in. He tells Danny he’s somewhere that there are lots of young women dying to meet him. He tells him he won and hangs up on Danny. He tosses the phone. Thomas checks out a girl nearby.