Catfish The TV Show Recap 8/12/15: Season 4 Episode 16 “Sydney & Ayissha”

Catfish The TV Show Recap 8/12/15: Season 4 Episode 16 "Sydney & Ayissha"

Tonight on MTV their series about online dating, CATFISH airs with an all new Wednesday August 12 season 4 episode 16 called “Sydney & Ayissha.” On tonight’s episode a woman seeks help with her online romance.

On the last episode a woman wanted to meet her online beau, with whom she’s been involved for 10 years. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “a woman seeks help with her online romance after learning that the other party lied about her identity.”

Tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show airs on MTV at 10 PM EST and is going to be exciting, don’t forget to come right back to this spot and watch the show with us.

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#Catfish begins with an email from Ayissha who lives in California. She says she met a girl named Sydney online. She says she grew to love her and they had a bond that was like something from the movies. She says she never asked to video chat because she doesn’t care for it. She says when Sydney moved back to LA she tried to meet up with her but she never showed up so she broke it off. She says recently Sydney is trying to get back with her so she wants to know what’s up.

They Skype with Ayissha in San Bernardino. She says she saw Syney’s profile on Twitter. She says they texted all day and talked on the phone each night. She says it was love and Sydney was in Texas back then but they tried to make it work. She says she tried to meet up with her constantly but she kept making excuses and she confronted her about it. She says they started arguing and then they broke up. She says she went to a party and kissed another girl. Max asks if she liked it.

She says she got a text from her that says she thought she was watching her and says she told her she was not who she thought she was and sent her a new photo and said her name was Whitney. She says she thinks she can’t trust anything Whitney/Sydney says. Nev says this could be one of their creepiest Catfish cases ever. They fly to LA and head to Ayissha’s place. They ask about Whitney. She says she made her comfortable enough to tell her everything.

She says she’s funny and she could call her any time of the night and she would always answer. She says they never argued until she moved back to LA. She says Syndey told her she had two jobs and was in school and told her she had a twin brother. She says the twin would tell her terrible things about Sydney’s ex hanging with Sydney. She says she was harassed by people that Sydney was allegedly dating and it was bizarre but Sydney stood up for her online.

She says she told her that she was getting surgery and she had midterms that day. She says Sydney told her she wanted her to be at the hospital and she called every hospital in LA but no one had her name. She says she missed her midterms and had to drop out and it messed her up. She says Sydney knew what to say to make it work. Then she shows them a photo of Whitney. She says she came clean and there was already a friend and family base for Whitney.

She says she reached out to the girl that was supposed to be Sydney. Nev asks her why not just run away from her and Ayissha says she hasn’t dated anyone great since then. Max asks if she could press a button and make her disappear from her life, would she. She says no and says she wants to get to know the person she was in love with. Nev says they have to catch the phantom menace. Nev says she needs to make peace with her to move on and Max says this person is dangerous and needs to be out of her life.

Ayissha gives them all the info she has on her and on Whitney Shanice. They find a guy who’s in common with both Whitney and Ayissha. They find some guys named James and Eric and message them. They find similar people commenting. Whitney’s profile was from 2010 and she wasn’t posting, just friending. Max says they need to find leads that point to her and they start with the phone number. They find Whitney Shanie and a last name.

They then search that out and see it’s in Fort Worth, Texas. Look like she’s had several fake profiles going at once. Nev says this person knows what they’re doing. Max says this has been going on longer than the Sydney profile. They wait to hear from the people they contacted. Nev tells Max he has info and says he got texts back. He heard from some of the guys. One says it’s James and he doesn’t know Whitney. Another says the same thing. They call Ayissha. She says she got a text from Whitney.

She says she heard Nev and Max were contacting her friends. Nev says they were worried she might find out. She says she has a bad temper and didn’t know what to say. The guys head over to meet her. Nev says Whitney knows they’re on to her and she’s freaking out. They roll out. Nev’s phone beeps and it’s Merkeith. He says he has no idea who she is. They wonder why they’re all sending the same message and Max says he thinks they are all her.

Nev says that Whitney also has a group of Facebook profiles she uses to like and comment on her fake profile activity. The guys go back to Ayissha’s house and she says she’s nervous. She shows them the text message. It says did you contact Catfish and that Nev and Max are sniffing around and says she’s pissed. They ask why she’s upset that Whitney is upset. Max says this is not her girlfriend and has done her wrong and has brainwashed her into thinking she doesn’t deserve something better,

Max says she’s caught in a vicious cycle. Ayissha says the text gave her an uneasy feeling. Nev tells her what they found. He says they sent a few messages to some friends. He says he got responses and they are almost identical. Max says they all commented on her profile not too long ago and says he’s sure that these people are likely here. They tell her that she and Merkeith have more than 60 people in common. Ayissha asks to see his profile and then asks if he’s real.

Max says that may be how she found out what she’s doing – she’s friending her friends and Max says it’s borderline stalking. Ayissha agrees it’s creepy. They tell her they got Whitney’s last name and they show her contact information in Houston. Nev says they think they have to contact her and ask if she’s willing to meet them. He says she knows they’re asking about her so it won’t be a surprise. Ayissha says she wants answers and won’t be able to move on until she has them.

She says she doesn’t know how she’ll react. Nev calls Whitney. She says she doesn’t know why Ayissha is doing this. Max sits with a nervous Ayissha who says this is like a mentally abusive relationship. Whitney says she doesn’t have time to do this and is starting a second job and isn’t going to meet with them. Nev says Ayissha deserves answers. She says she’s scared and Nev says Ayissha is too. Whitney tells Nev she’s ready and says she won’t change her mind. They agree to meet her tomorrow.

Nev goes in and tells them that Whitney knows what’s coming but agreed to do it. Ayissha says she wants to do this and she says she’s never been on an airplane. They head to the airport and get a text from Whitney with an address to meet at a park near where she lives. Ayissha is scared on the plane. She says she’ll never do it again. Next day they’re ready to go meet her. Nev texts Whitney to tell her they’re on the way. Ayissha says she thinks she’s coming face to face with the devil.

Nev says they don’t know what to look for or who to expect. They pull up in the park but don’t know who she is. They park and get out. Ayissha says she’s nervous to even look around. They spot someone random sitting at a gazebo. They see it’s a guy. Then they see someone else and Ayissha hides behind them. It’s Whitney. She looks nothing like any of the profile photos. They ask how old she is – she’s 26. Ayissha asks if she was doing this to anyone else.

Whitney says she never dated anyone else. She says she had 8 to 10 fake profiles and says she doesn’t have any going right now. Nev asks why she kept her identity secret from Ayissha. She says she feels like Ayissha is really attractive and didn’t know if she would accept her. Whitney says she’s dating someone else now. She says she and Ayissha keep reconnecting. Ayissha says she never knew anything about Whitney. She asks if she was dating anyone else when they were together.

Whitney says she wasn’t. Ayissha says it was like she didn’t know anything about and she felt helpless and says it affected her and it wasn’t okay. Whitney says she didn’t stalk her and wasn’t trying to make her scared. Nev asks about her using other profile to bully her. Whitney says she wanted to seem like a good GF when she threatened her then stood up for her. Whitney says she knows she did wrong but just couldn’t tell her who she really was.

Nev says the thing was she just wasn’t nice to Ayissha. Whitney says she doesn’t know what he means. Nev mentions the surgery thing and she says she has told her things that weren’t true but doesn’t remember that. Ayissha gets upset and says she’s a f-ing liar. She walks off. Whitney says she’s told her a lot of lies and made up things whenever she wanted to see her.

Nev says she missed finals because of this and says he’s inclined to believe Ayissha since Whitney has been lying so much and Whitney says she understands that. Max encourages Ayissha to get the answers she needs. Ayissha tells her she has no idea how horribly it affected her life – that lie. She says she screwed up a big chunk of her life. Whitney says she still has feelings for Ayissha and says she really does and didn’t mean to hurt her that way and says there was a lot going on with her too.

Whitney says she tried to come out and people weren’t accepting. She says she didn’t know anybody else like that – she says they tried to beat it out of her so she ened up going to the internet for acceptance to find someone to talk to. She says that’s how she found Ayissha. She says it took her a while to even accept herself. She says it was hard for her. She’s crying and upset.

She says she came to apologize because she knows she did Ayissha wrong. Max says she may not realize that she was so wrapped up in her tough times, she was passing a lot of negativity onto other people she was talking to because she was blind to it. Ayissha says she hurt her so bad and she wants her to know what she should be sorry for before she says she’s sorry.

Nev says maybe tomorrow they can meet again. Whitney agrees. They take off. Ayissha says that was horrible. Nev says they can see her attitude changed. Max says Whitney is a damaged person. Max says this chapter of her being controlled and her day ruined is over. Ayissha says she doesn’t really feel like Whitney is sorry but does feel like she’s free from her now. She says she wants a real apology.

They go back to meet Whitney again, this time at her house. Nev says he’s happy they can all sit down together. Max asks how long ago she started the fake profiles. She says in her sophomore year, she was beaten and bullied and forced to date guys so she went to the internet. Whitney says she felt an instant connection with Ayissha. She asks Whitney why she would build her up to tear her down.

Whitney says she was jealous that she was out and everyone loved her and she couldn’t be that way. She says she couldn’t tell Ayissha that because she cared about her. Whitney says she showed her love like she’s never had. Nev says she didn’t want to lose Ayissha. She says she was always there for her and it made her feel good that she actually cared.

Whitney is crying and says that’s why she couldn’t let her go. She says she’s sorry. Ayissha says she accepts her apology and says she wants her to be fully confident in herself and says she’s a great person. She says she always made her happy and did lots of things right and shouldn’t be too hard on herself. Nev says they need to figure out what’s next. Ayissha says she has no control over her now.

Ayissha says she will always be there for her. Whitney says the same but says she won’t contact her anymore and will let her contact her if she wants to. Nev thanks Whitney for sharing her story. Nev says he thought it was amazing that she could accept her. Two months later they talk to Ayissha who is back in school and isn’t dating. She says she hasn’t talked to Whitney.

She says she can’t be friends with her because she doesn’t trust her and says she won’t settle for less than she deserves. Then they call Whitney and she says things are good and she’s enlisting in the Navy. She says she learned a lot from this experience. She seems like she’s much happier and mentally healthier.