Homeland Recap 11/1/15: Season 5 Episode 5 “Better Call Saul”

Homeland Recap 11/1/15: Season 5 Episode 5 "Better Call Saul"

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland airs with an all new Sunday November 1, season 5 episode 5 called, “Better Call Saul,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. Tonight, the hacktivists rise up.

On the last episode, answers eluded Carrie; Laura asked Jonas for help; Saul and Allison ran an operation. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it, we have your full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per Showtime’s synopsis, “the hacktivists rise up; Quinn covers for Carrie; Dar and Allison assess the damage.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 5 Episode 5– tonight at 9PM EST.

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#Homeland begins with Saul and Allison still at the airstrip. Dar is there as well. Allison says the Swiss police are 10 minutes out and they don’t yet know who was on the plane. Saul says they kept them in the loop somewhat and Allison says she thinks someone betrayed them. Allison says she has the medical team in interrogation and they worry who else it might be. Dar sends her away while he talks to Saul. Astrid comes out and finds her bike tire flat. She takes it to her car where Carrie lurks nearby.

Astrid says the CIA is looking for her and Carrie says Quinn trusts Astrid so she has to. They get into the car. Carrie says she needs her help and Astrid slashing her tire wasn’t a good way to start. Carrie shows her the photo of the assassin she killed. Carrie says no one can know about this and she’s literally putting her life on the line. Carrie says she was the intended target in Lebanon, not Otto During and says whoever it is after her think she’s dead.

Astrid says she doesn’t know the man then Carrie says the man also tried to kill Quinn. Astrid asks if Peter is okay and Carrie says he’ll live. Astrid wants to see him and Carrie says it’s not a good time. Carrie goes to get out of the car. Astrid asks for the photo and says she’ll try but she’s not doing it for Carrie. She tells Astrid that no one can know she saw her. Peter takes the bandage off to check his wound. He’s still hurting badly. He hears the door and grabs a gun, but it’s just Carrie.

He says she was gone a long time and she says she had to wait for Astrid to wake. She says Astrid didn’t know the guy on sight. Carrie notes that Quinn has a fever and helps him to the cot. She checks the wound and says it doesn’t look good. He says it’s going septic. He says there’s an ER a mile down the street then asks how she feels about armed robbery. She calls Jonas and tells Quinn that his sister is a doctor. Gabe is at a strip club. He nods to a girl who looks nervous.

She comes to sit by him then asks where he’s been. He says Katja is dead and she says cops were there to talk to Korzy. She says he hasn’t been in today. He curses and she asks if Korzy killed Katja. He asks her about Katja’s regular Russian customer. She says Boris but that wasn’t his real name and says she’d recognize him. Gabe tells her to come with him. He takes her to the video room then into the tech room. He asks when he was last here. She says four days ago maybe. He pulls up video.

They watch it on fast forward. The girl points him out. Gabe gets a face shot and asks if she’s sure. She says she is. He plugs in a flash drive and copies the file. He has her drape a sheet over the lockers while he puts on a mask. He says everything must be covered so there is no hint of who they are. He says he owes this to Katja and Korzy. He puts on a mask and she starts the camera. He says he’s Gabe H Coud and says this video shows a pig who works at the Russian Embassy.

He says this man murdered an innocent girl and disappeared her partner. He says it’s a call to arms. He says show up at the Russian Embassy at noon so their voices will be too loud to ignore. Jonas shows up to the safe house and tells him to get inside because it’s not safe. She lied and says she was hurt so he’s surprised to see her safe. He is furious and she says they need to get an IV into a friend of hers or he’ll die. She promises to explain and Jonas asks why he should do anything for her.

Carrie says she doesn’t know then asks if he has the antibiotics. Jonas looks at Quinn who’s out cold. Carrie tells Jonas to wash his hands to she can help. Allison tells Saul he hasn’t spoken since they left Geneva. Saul says he had convinced himself they were going to change the world. He says it wasn’t the Syrians. He says they wouldn’t have let the plane get off the ground in Damascus. She says maybe it’s someone who wanted to keep Youssef out of it and suggest Mossad and Etai.

He says he doesn’t buy it and says nothing is simple about Israel sabotaging their operation and the simple answer is usually correct. Allison drops Saul off and says she won’t be able to sleep tonight so she’s going to go into work. He kisses her then goes. She tells him not to forget his bag. He grabs it and goes. Allison watches as he goes inside. Jonas asks what if he doesn’t get better but she says he will. He asks if she’ll take him to the hospital. She asks if his sister would come check him.

Jonas refuses to involve his family further and Carrie says she gets it. Jonas says he won’t be involved any further either. He strips off his gloves as Carrie thanks him and says he’s done more than enough. Jonas says no one should have to live like this. Carrie says she has no choice. He says she does. Jonas says it’s insane and says assassination attempts and gun battles in the streets. He says she needs to find a way to stop it. He says he doesn’t want to lose her and thought he had.

Carrie looks away. Later, Allison is met by Ivan, the Russian, who says all went as planned. She says she got a call from Vasily but it wasn’t Vasily. He says he was afraid of that then says it’s not her problem. He says he thinks it was Saul’s hit man. Allison says they will find out she put Carrie’s name in the hit box. He says it might lead to the SVR but not to her. He tells her to f-ing relax. Ivan says – this was your problem then hands her a cell phone showing the photo of a dead Carrie. Allison curses.

Allison says her nerves are shot. Ivan touches her hand and holds it for a moment. He says just a little farther now. He says they’re almost there and she says – easy for you to say. He says don’t be scared of Dar then says he’s a pussycat. She says it will take more to turn him against Saul. The man says Saul’s weakness is Israel and says when Dar comes to her play hard to get then go to Saul with a passenger manifest. Allison agrees. He winks at her and says ciao. Allison asks him to stay with her a bit longer.

He says sure and turns off his car then lights a cigarette and passes it to her. They sit swapping it back and forth. Allison’s hands are shaking. At the CIA station in Berlin, Allison works the next day. Dar knocks and comes in and tells her something came up. He asks if Saul is in the building. She says he is. Then he asks about their dinner at Etai’s. She says they went to Passover. He says she reported it was friendly. He says the bomb was magnetic and set to go off at 20,000 feet but malfunctioned.

He says the techs told him it was like what Israel has been using against the nuclear scientists. He says Etai and Saul go back a long way. He says they can’t ignore the possibilities then tells her to put a team on this. She asks if he means Etai but he says Saul and says he wants to know who he meets and what he’s saying to them. Allison broods on this development as she prints out something. She grabs up the printed papers then goes to see Saul.

She finds him working and he says he’s looking at people at Langley. Allison says she has something he needs to see and shows him the passenger manifest of people on a Saturday flight to Geneva. She tells him to look at the highlighted name – Michael Petrich – a professor of applied sciences. Saul asks who that is and she shows him the photo. It’s Etai. Saul says his name and Allison says he was there in Switzerland the day Youssef’s plane went down. Saul sighs.

Saul asks if they know who Etai met and what he did. She says she hasn’t told Dar and came to him first. Saul says to keep it between them for now. He leaves. Allison shakes her head – it went off just as Ivan said. Astrid looks for a match for the photo. She’s startled by her boss who says there’s a crowd at the embassy. He asks what she was looking for and she says an identification. He asks to see and she shows him the photo. He says this is a paid assassin and they do counter-terrorism.

He recognizes the man and she asks who it is. He asks who’s asking and she says Annabel, a pal from the LKA. He pulls up the profile of Vasily Kovas. She thanks him. He says do it on your own time next time and she says yes. She sighs once he’s gone. The news reports on the protest outside the embassy. Jonas tells Carrie that she should see this. A reporter says the hacker reported that the SVR killed a young woman named Katja Keller to get to CIA documents.

Jonas asks what this means. Carrie calls Astrid and asks what’s up with the Embassy. She asks if these are the same documents Laura was writing about. Astrid says that’s what the hacker said. Carrie asks about the photos and Astrid says it’s Vasily Kovas, a Chechen who used to kill for Russian organized crime who’s now working freelance. Astrid says he has done a bunch of freelance work for the SVR lately. Astrid says he’s a real tough guy. Carrie ends the call.

Carrie says it’s been right in her face. She goes to Quinn and says the guy who tried to kill him worked for SVR. She says Saul didn’t put her name in the killbox, the Russians did. She says there’s more on the CIA hack. Quinn tries to get up and says he has to go. Carrie says no one is after her now. Carrie asks Jonas where Laura is and says she needs to see the documents. Jonas goes to call her. Quinn says Carrie needs to get out of town. She refuses. Jonas ends the call and says Laura is at the Embassy.

Carrie asks Jonas to please look after Quinn for a few hours. She says it’s the last thing she’ll ask. He agrees and they embrace. Carrie leaves. Quinn checks his bandage and sees he’s still bleeding. Saul goes to see Etai then asks if he heard about a plane that went down in Geneva. Saul asks about Etai’s intel source. Etai asks if he thinks Israel brought down the plane then tells Saul to f-k himself. He asks where Etai was on Saturday and why he was in Switzerland. He says he was recruiting an asset.

He says it was a waste of time because they never showed. Saul says this is troubling and Etai says these are coincidences. He says they did not murder the general and Saul says someone did. The CIA tail snaps photo of Etai and Saul talking. Laura interviews people at the protest. She asks if they think Gabe is dangerous and then asks if he’s there. He says he’s Gabe and they all say – me too. They start chanting that they are Gabe H Coud. Carrie shows up in her brown wig and tries to avoid cameras.

She buys a mask from a protestor and slips it on. She pulls up her hood and works her way through the crowd. She drops a phone in Laura’s pocket then moves on. Soldiers put on riot gear nearby. Carrie calls the phone and Laura answers. She tells her to get out of there before the cops move in and says she’s watching the cops get ready to raid and tells her to lose her cameraman and meet her at the closest train station. The cops start with tear gas and move into the crowd of protesters.

Allison shows Dar the photos of Saul and Etai and says they have no audio. She says it’s probably unrelated. Dar sighs and looks at the photos some more. Laura is in the bahnhof and comes up an escalator. Carrie sits on a bench waiting and tells her to sit and take out her phone and pretend like she’s talking on it. She does. Carrie acts like she’s talking on an earbud mic. Carrie says she needs to see the CIA files and Laura says she doesn’t have the files. She says the hacker doesn’t have them either.

She says the guy’s buddy sold them to someone at the Russian embassy. Carrie curses and stands like she’s looking for a train. Laura says Gabe didn’t have the only copy and says he downloaded it and didn’t delete it from the server. She says maybe Carrie can get a CIA friend to get them. Carrie says they are not her friends and Laura says she has few options. Quinn is doing poorly and tells Jonas he’s cold. Jonas sees the wound is bleeding freely.

Quinn says if he calls an ambulance, Carrie will be killed. Jonas says they’re out of their f-ing minds. Jonas says he would never put himself in that situation. Quinn laughs and says he’s already in it. Carrie calls and tells Jonas she’s going to be a little longer. He says Quinn has lost a lot of blood. She asks him to call his sister and he says the guy is dying. Carrie says call an ambulance then. He sighs and dials but then has to hang up when he comes back and sees Quinn is gone.

Jonas runs outside and doesn’t see him. He calls for Quinn. Quinn was hiding inside from him. He’s in the garage and makes his way to a case. He gets out a gun and then puts it down and grabs some zip ties. Carrie is at a hotel and sees Saul come in. She goes to approach him then lets him walk by. A tail gets on the elevator before Saul. The man gets off and goes one way and Saul goes the other. He goes into his room and sees a note on the floor.

He opens it and it’s a stick of Black Jack gum. Quinn sits on the docks panting and quivering from his fever. He tries to zip tie his wrists together around a concrete block. A man approaches him and speaks to him. Quinn says go away. The man says God sent him to help him. Quinn curses. The man kneels and says he’s injured and says he will take him to a hospital. Quinn says no hospital. The man takes the zip tie from him and Quinn says leave me alone.

Quinn struggles to stand and walks away from the guy. The man follows him. Saul leaves his room and presses the elevator button then heads down the stairs and into the kitchen. He jogs now and goes out the loading bay by the catering vans and onto the street. A taxi pulls up and the door opens. He sees her and gets inside. She asks since when is he a runner and he says since Mira filed for divorce. Quinn struggles on whimpering and the man follows.

Quinn staggers and coughs and then tries to open a dumpster to climb into. He can’t get into it. The guy walks up on him and stares at him. Quinn falls unconscious.