The Real Housewives of New York Recap 5/26/15: Season 7 Episode 8 “The Cavi-Art of War”


The Real Housewives of New York returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday May 26, season 7 episode 8 called, “The Cavi-Art of War,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, after reuniting with her stepfather, Bethenny Frankel  visits her therapist, Dr. Amadour, who pushes her to tap into her feelings, so she can move forward with her current relationships. Meanwhile, Ramona Singer reveals that Mario wants to get his family back, but she’s unsure of what she wants.

On the last episode, back from Atlantic City, Ramona kept her birthday festivities rolling with a party for herself and her gal pals. When some of the women attended a boxing match, Carole and Luann headed to their respective corners when Luann mentioned Carole’s young beau, Adam. After admitting to having a hard time opening up to the ladies, Bethenny headed to Miami to connect with her closest friend and to mend fences with her estranged stepfather. Luann was also in Miami for her daughter’s appearance in the art festival, Art Basel. When Bethenny met with her stepfather, John, for the first time in 20 years, they attempted to hash out her troubled past, and Bethenny was forced to reckon with a new revelation. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “after reuniting with her stepfather, Bethenny visits her therapist, Dr. Amadour, who pushes her to tap into her feelings, so she can move forward with her current relationships. Meanwhile, Ramona reveals that Mario wants to get his family back, but she’s unsure of what she wants. While shopping for furniture for her new apartment, Bethenny meets up with Carole and gets emotional about not being able to attend Dorinda’s birthday weekend in the Berkshires, because she needs to spend time with her daughter. Later, things come to a standstill when Luann and Ramona face off at a dinner and both call each other out for talking about John, leaving Dorinda to question if she really wants to invite everyone to her Berkshires home.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives ofNew York!”

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Dorinda and Ramona get dinner together at a restaurant. Dorinda’s birthday is coming up, so she thinks it’s a good idea to take everyone to her home in the Berkshires.  Ramona tells Dorinda that Mario is trying to reconnect with her for the last couple of weeks. Dorinda asks her how she feels when she hears from him, and she says she doesn’t know. Ramona says that a positive of the situation is that Mario has now made up with Avery after taking ownership of his harmful actions.

Carole is running for the board of the building where she lives. She has Heather, Heather’s husband Jonathan and Ramona helping her with her campaign as well as some people from ABC News, where she used to work for 15 years. She meets with her team and discusses the concerns with her campaign.

Bethenny meets with her therapist and tells him about her trip to Miami, where she met with old friends and her estranged stepfather, John. She tells the therapist that John apologized that she had to go through the things she did in her childhood, and the therapist asks her what specific things he addressed. When the therapist asks Bethenny how it felt to go through the things she did, she gets angry with him, sarcastically asking him what he thinks it was like considering he has been a therapist for years.

She ends up discussing about how bad she felt when her father would call her mother the c-word and drag her down the steps, beating her with the phone. She starts crying, saying there’s nothing she can do about it. Her therapists says she can do something about how what happened affected her ability to feel and trust, which impacts how she feels about everybody, including her daughter.  The therapist addresses some of the roots of Bethenny’s trust issues.

Sonja is on the cover of Latino Show Magazine. She attends the release party wearing a red dress from her own collection.
She says in confessional that she knows from her social media interns that she has a “huge Latin following.”

In confessional, Bethenny compares Sonja being on the cover of Latino Show Magazine to her being on the cover of Equine Magazine. She also says the magazine looked great, and she regretted all of the snarky comments she made.

Ramona tells Dorinda and Bethenny about cooking salmon for Mario and giving it to him, causing Bethenny to wonder if the two are getting back together.

Sonja’s fashion team describes Sonja’s clothing line to Heather. When they say it will be in chains, Heather asks if it will be in chains “Like Kmart,” to which Sonja and her team take offense. They defend themselves profusely, calling it a “high end line.”

Carole is holding a party where she and her friends will find out the results of her election.

Heather tells a horrified Bethenny that she wants to get Maleficent’s head tattooed on her hip because she was obsessed with the movie.

LuAnn says in confessional that she doesn’t see Carole as the type of person to go to a board meeting because she doesn’t get up before noon, she can’t water her plants and she has no kitchen.

Kristen pulls Sonja aside and apologizes for being mean to Sonja about her businesses, and tells her it’s amazing what she has accomplished.

Carole finds out that she won the election. Bethenny then leaves the party.

Carole and Bethenny go to a home decor store. They talk about Adam, who is still in Nicaragua. She says she’s only known him for a short while, but feels like she has for a long time. Bethenny says she can’t go to Dorinda’s birthday weekend in the Berkshires because she is supposed to spend that weekend with her daughter and doesn’t want to take her daughter up there for their weekend. She starts crying, saying she doesn’t want to miss anything with her. Carole awkwardly goes and gets Bethenny a couple pieces of tissue paper, which apparently cost money.

LuAnn reserves a private room in Petrossian to celebrate Dorinda’s birthday.

Ramona brings the guy she has been seeing, and tells them the enthralling story of how they hooked up.

John arrives at the dinner. Ramona says in confessional that John doesn’t respect women’s boundaries.

Everyone enjoys champagne and caviar. How, I do not know.

The women discuss Ramona’s growth. Ramona points out Heather and LuAnn as having walls up and insincerity toward her, saying Dorinda is open and allows her to be herself. Heather says they did not get off on the right foot, and that she has seen a lot of change and growth in Ramona as a person. Ramona says she has always been this way. LuAnn says Ramona has had a preconceived notion of Heather. Ramona gets up and sits next to Dorinda.

LuAnn says Dorinda called her saying Ramona wasn’t nice to her. Dorinda says that the complaint was actually about her not being nice to John. Ramona says she gets in trouble because she doesn’t lie, but LuAnn does lie. She says that LuAnn told her negative things about John. LuAnn says that the two of them discussed their individual concerns about John.
Ramona criticizes Dorinda for revealing what she has told her about LuAnn. Ramona goes up to John, saying that Dorinda is happy, she’s happy.

Andy Cohen:

Bethenny turns the tables on the host by interviewing him. She asks if he feels he had a lot to do with the creation of the Housewives.

He says that in season 2 (Orange County), when it came to light that Gina and her husband were having marital problems, he realized the show was like a soap opera and that he cared about the people on the show.

Bethenny asks Cohen if he thinks the reality shows have caused the destruction of the romantic relationships of some of the people involved.

He thinks it has accelerated the demises of marriages that weren’t working. He says if they were in a relationship that wasn’t working, they would see that play out on TV.

Bethenny asks him who he was the most right about and who he was the most wrong about on the show. He says he was initially wrong about Bethenny. He says that when he saw Bethenny’s audition tape for the show, he was reticent about her because she had been on The Apprentice, which he thought was weird at the time. He says he’s been wrong many times. He says that he was hesitant about Kim Richards.

(Bethenny says they need a black woman on New York, and he agrees, saying he had great candidates but they have fallen through.)

Cohen says he thinks that a natural, real connection with other cast members as a point of entry is a key to success for casting.

They discuss people the viewers hate to hate and people they love to hate. He says that people they hate to hate are not fun to watch because they just want them to go away. They talk about Bethenny being polarizing. He says she can be a real bitch, but also funny and emotional. Bethenny asks Cohen what was the biggest conflict he’s ever had during the making of the shows.Cohen says it was Jersey, with situations such as people saying they won’t go on if another person does. He says the things people say about the drama between Teresa and Melissa are often untrue, that the two have wildly different stories, and that between the two is the truth.

Bethenny says Cohen has to choose one husband and one wife, who don’t have to be with eachother, that he would have sex with if he had to choose. For men, he chooses Apollo. For a housewife, he chooses Joanna Krupa.

She asks him which housewife has e-mailed him the most. He says Bethenny and the other New York women e-mail the most.

Bethenny brings up the fact that Cohen has recently gotten ballsier with his remarks, especially on the reunion specials. She says he is likeable without kissing anyone’s ass like a typical host.

He says he will get texts from people if they think he has misconstrued them. He says he doesn’t want to slam anyone on the air, but he pokes at everyone. He says he respects them because they take so much crap from hosts and viewers.

Cohen says he confesses the things he says or does on his show. He talks about the show where he had the Botched surgeons on and asked them which housewife they would take on Botched. One of them says he would take Bethenny and make her gain some weight, which led to people tweeting Bethenny. Cohen then told her everything that happened on the show.

Bethenny says that she is surprised at the way some people on Twitter will defend her, comparing them to the mafia.

Cohen says the New Jersey fans are the most intense about him and about the show. He talks about Teresa’s fans, called TreHuggers, who think Cohen is against her.

He also says he had people complaining about him being too mean or too nice to Brandi during the Beverly Hills reunion.

He says that a moment that defined the show for him was when he asked KIm Zolciak about her cancer. She said she remembered waiting in a Chili’s for her cancer results, and then found out that she did not have cancer at all.