The Royals Recap 5/17/15: Season 1 Finale “Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run”

The Royals Recap 5/17/15: Season 1 Finale "Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run"

The Royals continues tonight an all new Sunday, May 17 season 1 finale, called “Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run” On tonight’s episode, the first season of the royals come to an end.

On the last episode, Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor confronted their inner demons when someone from Prince Robert’s past arrived for a visit. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode after lots of scandal and intrigue the first season of The Royals comes to the end.   We are expecting lots of twists and story changes the E! synopsis “the season 1 finale,” is not giving much away.

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “The Royals” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about The Royals.

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#TheRoyals starts with Helena writing a letter saying she hopes he can understand and forgive her. Eleanor calls Liam but gets voice mail. He wakes near a phone looking worse for wear. He looks around and Ophelia is there. She asks if he’s okay. He says he had a dream he was declared illegitimate and got in a fight. He says he’s sorry for going dark and asks about his dad.

Ophelia says Simon is still hanging in. Liam says he’s hung over but okay and for the first time in his life, he’s free. Ophelia sits and he says his life can be lived, not destined. He asks if she wants to get out of there and she agrees. She says they can go to her place but he says he means somewhere else in the world. He tells her to pick a place and she says Rio – she always wanted to go.

She says they can’t but he says for the first time, they can and he never imagined what that would be like. Ophelia says she always wanted him, but not his world and he says they can make their own starting today. She says she can’t tell her dad and he agrees and says if they tell, they’ll never go. He says he won’t go without her then kisses and hugs her.

Cyrus tells the royal doctor that he has to leave the country to go work in Gibraltar. The man is upset since he did what Cyrus asked and declared the twins illegitimate. Cyrus says he can’t trust him not to change the results but the doctor says they never even ran tests to check them and says he has to be there to take care of King Simon. Cyrus tells the doc to get on the plane and threatens him bodily harm.

The doctor leaves. Liam goes to check on Simon before he leaves. He’s asked to leave by Lucius who says only family can be there and says he’s also been stripped of his title. Liam says he’s not leaving and says if Cyrus doesn’t like it, he can come tell him in person. He tells Lucius to leave. Eleanor sits outside the jail waiting for Jasper. He asks if she missed the sex.

She says she dropped the charges and he asks for an apology. She tells him to get into the car. He says the king is supposedly no longer his father and says she only has him since she can’t find Liam and Cyrus is gunning for her. She says he’s the only person who may keep her from waking up dead. Helena writes her letter about protecting the throne and says this is not the end.

She seals it with her royal seal and says this is our beginning. Helena opens a letter and reads through it. Cyrus comes in and asks if she’s comfortable at his desk and he says he’s the royal monarch. Helena calls Rachel in and says to have the desk burned and the ashes inserted into something that will fit up Cyrus’ ass. Rachel is pleased to help.

Cyrus tries to forge an alliance with her and he asks about their loose end. She says she’s taking care of it. Cyrus walks out and Rachel comes back in with a lighter and fuel. Helena says she was joking and Rachel takes it in stride and walks back out. Liam sits waiting when Cyrus comes in and calls him a halfy. He says it wasn’t personal and calls Liam common blood.

Liam says he has a proposition for him. Liam says he wants him gone and he’ll leave today. He says he needs the plane. Cyrus asks if he’ll leave and not return and Liam says yes and Cyrus agrees. Cyrus asks for a hug goodbye in a mocking tone as Liam walks out. Eleanor and Jasper asks what murderer she’s meeting under the bridge and she says he’s there because he’s a blackmailer, mother licker and to protect her from a psychotic murderer under a bridge.

Jasper says they need to go to the palace first. She says they don’t have time for him to shag his mum. He says there was never a video tape and she says she knows it. Ophelia’s packing when her dad Ted comes in – he thinks she’s headed to New York to pursue her career in dance. She thanks him and tells him she loves him. He says he loves her more than anything. He says he’s proud of her. She leaves. Ted looks around her room thoughtfully.

Helena sits at her desk when Lucius comes in. She asks him to deliver the letter and says he’s the only one she can trust. He asks if he’s ready for her interview and she says she is and asks that he makes sure the interviewer sticks to script. Eleanor goes inside to her room and Jasper calls and says to reach under her vanity where she used to keep her drugs. She reaches under and finds he taped a gun there.

He tells her to go above her fake armoire and she asks if her mother’s vagina is up there. It’s another gun and he says to let it go. He tells her to reach in and up her fireplace and there’s a bag. He says to put the guns in the bag and leave through the tunnels. He says there were in a relationship. As she goes to leave, Liam comes in and she asks what happened.

He says he’s leaving with Ophelia right now and wants her to come. She says she can’t but he says they can come back when dad is okay. She tells him to go on without her and says she’s happy he’s getting out with her but will miss him. Eleanor says she has to make some things right before she can leave. She hugs him and goes. She runs away from Ted when he spots her.

Cyrus asks if Ted has found an actual suspect. Ted sasses him. Cyrus goes to see brother Simon and finds the Queen mother is there. She says if he dies, Cyrus will be on the throne and says she knows he’ll handle it with grace and humility. She says she’s proud of him then says she has something to tell him. She says he has to be careful and says he has to watch Cyrus.

She calls him Simon and says he’ll never be like Cyrus. She says his time is now. She’s senile and mistook them and tries to warn his brother against him. She thinks she’s talking to Simon and is bad mouthing Cyrus. He plays along and says he’ll do his best. He goes and hugs her then leaves. He says dad loved her and he loves her too and so does Cyrus. His mum says of course he does – very much.

Liam and Ophelia are going. They say goodbye to Marcus then leave. Liam looks at the castle as they drive away. Gemma comes out and tells Marcus that Ophelia isn’t going to New York. She asks what happens when Liam gets tired of her and says by then, Ophelia’s dreams will be dashed. She leaves Marcus with that unhappy thought.

On the plane, Ophelia asks Liam what they’ll do for money. He says he brought a little money, meaning a lot of money. She says they have to do something and he says maybe he’ll be a fisherman like his father always dreamed. She says she wants a flower cart on a pretty corner somewhere. He asks if she’ll miss dancing but she says they can dance. She asks why he changed his St Christopher medal and he takes it off to look at it.

He’s stunned – the same symbol on the back of his necklace is the one on the back of the envelope that Helena had. It’s an etching of a line of dominoes with one tilted ready to take down the others. He asks what time she found him in the alley but Ophelia says she found him in the park. Liam is told there’s a call for him. He goes to take it.

Helena is sitting for her interview. She’s asked about the illegitimate twins. Helena says they’re not and says before she was queen, she was not an aristocrat, not royalty and was just a girl. She says she met a young prince who would one day become king. Liam comes back to sit with Ophelia and he asks if that’s her phone. She says no. He sees a photo on it and asks the steward when the doctor was on the plan.

The man says they took him to Gibraltar this morning for a service mission. He takes the phone from Liam who looks thoughtful. Helena says she decided to live with the lie and says the truth was before she met the king, she was in love with a boy who worked for her father. She says he was her first love and she thought he was her future then she met Simon. Alistair watches the interview.

She says that boy was in the Army and she thought they both moved on then he came home on leave shaken by what he saw in combat. She says her heart went out to him and she spent a mistaken night with him and says it was her mistake. The reporter asks for that man’s name but Helena says as a gesture to the British people, who’s faith she wants to restore, she’ll reveal it.

She says his name was Henry, he died in battle and she loved him very much. The plane is about to land and Ophelia wants to look out the window but Liam says not yet. He talks about destiny and says he’s always been selfish with her. She asks what he did. She opens the window and sees they’re in New York and asks why they’re there. He says she has her own destiny and dreams and he can’t ask her to give them up. She says she would have been happy not dancing.

Ophelia says they can be happy there then realizes he’s not staying. She says he’s not heir anymore then asks what the phone call was about. He says the pendant isn’t here and he doesn’t know what it means. He says it’s also strange that the doctor is sent away the day after a paternity scandal. He says he has to go back and avenge his father and says that’s his destiny. Ophelia cries. Liam says – there’s our duty and our someday. He says she’s his some day. He says it will be easier this way.

Ophelia says the last time she heard that, her mom dropped her off in the states then nothing – wasted time then she was gone. Ophelia says she doesn’t believe in some day. Liam says he does and always will. He promises her and kisses her. Lucius takes the letter from Helena to Alistair. He tells Lucius she lied and he thought she was going to tell the truth. Lucius says she was protecting him but Alistair says she was protecting herself.

Alistair asks if the kids are his and Lucius hands him the letter and says it’s all in there. Lucius reveals the contents of the letter and says Helena says she loves him and will see him in a year or so when this dies down. Alistair says he knows she won’t see him again now she’s made such a public confession. Lucius throws the letter in the fire and says Helena is a radiant queen but has a blind spot when it comes to him. He says he’s sorry and to tell Henry the same.

Two men with guns go in and Lucius comes out and they kill Alistair. Lucius holds a grim face and leaves. Eleanor and Jasper wait for the crazy killer guy. He says he should have had Marcus back them up but Eleanor says the guy told her to trust no one. Jasper says the queen knew who he was and threatened to expose him and he didn’t want to be away from Eleanor. He says his life is mostly about the odds and he thought he’d already lost her so he took a shot and hopes she wouldn’t find out.

He says they all have shit to live with. The guy shows up and she says he’s the only one she can trust. The guy says he killed her brother for money. He says he didn’t know who it was. He says the question is who they are. He says he used to operate UAVs – drones. He says that’s what he used to. Eleanor asks what this has to do with her brother.

He says her brother was the pilot and he took control of his plane. He says the Major he worked for is missing and he likely will be next. He goes to walk away and Jasper asks if that’s all. He says the Major used to get calls from the palace. She asks why he told her and he says they left a note and called it a suicide and says that’s not fair to anyone left behind. He asks what kind of psychopath does that. He walks away.

Back at the castle, Cyrus tells Helena her public ratings are going well. Lucius comes back and tells Helena he delivered her message. She thanks him. She leaves. Cyrus asks Lucius if he did as he asked and he says that message was delivered as well. Cyrus says it was in her best interest and had to be done and Lucius says he couldn’t agree more. Ophelia goes for her dance audition. Liam waits in Eleanor’s room when she and Jasper return.

Ophelia dances and one texts Gemma (I think) who tells her to hire her and keep her there. Eleanor fills Liam in on the intrigue and he says he thinks it was Cyrus. He goes to confront his uncle. Cyrus says he thought they had a deal and Liam says he changed his mind. He pulls a sword and asks if Cyrus thinks he’s going to stab him like he stabbed his father. He uses the sword to block the doors then punches Cyrus in the face. Cyrus says he can’t do that but Liam bashes him around.

He says he killed his brother and tried to kill his father and it’s time to confess. He beats him. Lucius says abolition is a cowardly choice when he stands with Simon. Ted is there and asks if it is then tells him the queen wants to see him. Cyrus tells Liam he didn’t kill Simon and says he’s his brother. Liam relents then Cyrus tries to hit him with a fireplace poker when his back is turned. Liam dodges then goes after Cyrus again.

Liam beats him ruthlessly as Simon breathes his last. He flatlines. The medical team rushes in with a crash cart. He tells Cyrus to admit it then beats him more. Marcus comes in and says he has to get his hands off the king. Liam walks out and Marcus looks at Cyrus on the floor and then walks out after him. Cyrus looks battered and bad lying on the carpet. Liam runs to his father’s bedside. The tubes are all out and he looks at rest. Liam breaks down crying.

He says – God speed, my King and know that I’ll avenge you. Helena wakes to a buzzing phone and is given the news. She thanks them for calling. She opens her nightstand drawer and looks at her face then starts applying makeup. Liam stands by his father, still crying when Cyrus is admitted to the room. He grabs Simon’s hand and pulls the royal ring off. He glares at Liam. No one will meet Liam’s eyes as he walks out.

Eleanor shows up sobbing and Liam holds her while she sobs. He whispers that it’s okay and he’s here now. Outside the gates, a crowd assembles. Helena comes out to see the well wishers and shake hands with the grieving citizens. She turns to walk back inside then looks back and sees someone is holding up a red and black domino sign. Prudence watches the news on TV and pats her large belly and says – don’t worry baby, daddy is king now.

Cyrus sits on the throne, cleaned up now but still looking battered and slides the king’s ring onto his own finger. He smiles.