Clay Aiken Reminds Us Why We Forgot He Existed With Pathetic Twitter Rant on American Idol Premiere

Clay Aiken Reminds Us Why We Forgot He Existed With Pathetic Twitter Rant on American Idol Premiere

Clay Aiken used his Twitter account to make an a** out of himself when he ripped on American Idol and specifically the judges panel. Last night was the highly anticipated premiere of the final (15th) season of American Idol.

A ton of Idol Alum came out for bits and pieces of the final season….. including the one and only Clay Aiken. Yeah… remember him? I apologize if you had successfully forgotten that he existed as he has all but vanished from the spotlight since his time on American Idol.

But yeah, he surfaced last night, behind the shield of his Twitter account and ripped on the show as well as Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban. Wow, what a classy guy that Clay Aiken is…..

As the schmuck watched the show, he ran his mouth saying,

“Watching @americanidol for the first time in a decade. You never know what you’ve got til it’s gone.”

Oh… so you haven’t even watched the show that gave you your five minutes of fame in 10 years? Way to be grateful…… what a tool!

He continues with,

“Well… now I know why the ratings are down.”

What a guy, right? Now is the part when he goes after the judges, JLo, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.,

“Oh good Lord… those boring ass responses from the judges!? Where is Simon when you need him!? That guy need a hook to pull him off stage.”

Of course I also miss Simon Cowell, but come on man. How can you be so dang arrogant? If clay Aiken was a judge on American Idol, that would have been as wise as Nicki Minaj (worst choice ever) being a judge. Give. Me. A. Break……Clay….. no one cares what you think.

But no, he didn’t stop there…. there is more!

“It’s VERY clear now that @SimonCowell was the reason @AmericanIdol was a hit. I’ve watched root canals more entertaining than these judges.”

I’ve heard nails on a chalkboard more pleasant than the sound of Clay Aiken’s voice, and that my friends is why I choose to change stations on the rare occasion that the DJ is lame enough to play his song.

Clay, have you heard of turning the channel? If you’ve gone for 10 years without the show, why stop now??

Clay Aiken by FameFlynet