NCIS: New Orleans Recap 5/3/16: Season 2 Episode 22 “Help Wanted”

NCIS: New Orleans Recap 5/3/16: Season 2 Episode 22 "Help Wanted"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all new Tuesday May 3, season 2 episode 22 called, “Help Wanted,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a Navy culinary specialist visiting her family’s 100-year-old restaurant in the French Quarter is the target of an explosion.

On the last episode the team was asked to breach standard protocol for an investigation after a Navy lieutenant was murdered during a covert visit to a general’s hotel room. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a Navy culinary specialist visiting her family’s 100-year-old restaurant in the French Quarter is the target of an explosion. Elsewhere, Brody tracks a lead in the general leak case in Washington, D.C.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season 2 episode 22.

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#NCISNOLA starts at a busy restaurant Zolfo’s. The kitchen is hopping and busy.  Danielle, the owner’s daughter, is the chef and she’s busy in the back and then the kitchen explodes as she prepares her signature dish. People go flying.

Pride is cooking short order at the bar when he gets a call from Brody in DC. She asks where he is and he says the bar. He asks about the Matthews leak and she says it came from an IP address in DC and it’s an office park near Arlington.

She says it’s some sort of server farm and Pride tells her to be careful. He reminds her the culprit could access their case files and that’s bad. He says call Gibbs or Vance if you need help. He gets a text from LaSalle and says he got a case.

He heads out of the kitchen. Sonja asks the band leader if he saw anyone rushing in or out and he says no. Sonja tells him 10 injuries, no fatalities, but Danielle took the brunt of it and she’s in the Navy but on shore leave. She says the explosion is suspect.

LaSalle and Pride look over the kitchen and he tells his boss the arson squad think it’s suspect. They find what looks like part of a pipe bomb. Sonja says there was a package near Danielle’s body. She’s got the shred of a label and she sends it to Sebastian.

Sonja gets prints for Anthony Flanders on the package. He’s outside ranting and Pride goes to take him away and he resists and hits him so Pride cuffs him. Flanders sits in interrogation and Pride asks why he was there after the explosion.

He says he took a walk and it was a nice night. He’s got a record of intimidation and extortion. The owner, Jarrett says he’s been harassing him and his wife. Flanders says he’s been trying to buy them out and they’re too dumb to accept. Pride asks him about the package with his prints on it.

Flanders says he didn’t make any explosion and if her family sold, maybe this wouldn’t happen. He says he doesn’t hurt people, he’s the Prince of Pies. Pride tells LaSalle and Sonja he’s not sure the guy did this. He says Sebastian needs to tell him what was in it.

Pride goes to the hospital to see the family. Danielle is having her burns treated to gather evidence and to keep her from an infection. Loretta is there helping and Danielle is in a lot of pain – she says get the guy who did this.

They show Blake, her dad, the part of the package but he doesn’t recognize it. He thinks Flanders did this and says he’s been harassing them non-stop. His wife says she didn’t want to tell it because it’s been in her family a century.

Loretta comes out and says they can see their daughter. Loretta says she found a partial number on something and they get it to Sebastian to check out. Pride comes back but they got no luck on traffic cams for the delivery.

LaSalle says there’s lots of photos of that place. They check the reservation list and checked the selfies to look for suspects. Pride points out a guy with the package. It’s a young guy with a backpack. They run facial recognition on him.

Sonja and LaSalle come to ask the guy about the package. He works for Flanders. JJ says he has nothing to say and Sonja says he has a record for drugs and he says he’s clean. LaSalle ask what was in the box. He takes them out back.

He shows them rats in a cage. He says it’s about the mites on the rats. He says Flanders had nothing to do with it. He says Flanders told him if he got Zolfo’s he’d be head chef so this was all his idea. Pride says the package had rat DNA and that’s it.

Pride talks to Brody while working on the electrical issues on the bar. Brody says the server farm was cleared out and once belonged to Channel Industries with no contact info. Pride has an idea about the bomb case and ends the call.

Agents Walker and Davis from the FBI show up and confiscate Brody’s computer and force her to come with them. Sebastian tells Pride that he looked at the shrapnel from her body had steel and propane on it. Pride talks about bourbon steak and demonstrates how to make it.

He says the cooking torch is what you need next. Sebastian finds the remnants and says it didn’t cause the blast. They wonder if it was sabotaged. Sebastian cracks the seal then lights it and it flames out. He says it had to be a more powerful torch.

They wonder if Danielle brought her own torch. Sebastian reads off the serial number and it’s a navy requisition number. They wonder if someone sabotaged her torch before she left the ship. Pride says Danielle was the target not the restaurant.

The team goes to her ship and talk to Captain Estes and ask him about the torch. Sonja says they have the serial number. Estes says Jarrett was the best culinary specialist they’ve ever had and says everyone loved her. They talk to Burke who worked with her.

They ask if he saw her take a torch. He says she pulled it out of her locker and she checked it then left. They check her locker and find a pamphlet about a counselor that they can speak too and Burke says she seemed worried and was making calls on the POTS line.

LaSalle calls Pride and updates him. He says Danielle never saw a DRC counselor. They wonder who had access to the torch and who could have tampered with it. Pride says he’s going to see Danielle at the hospital.

Brody is asked why she was at the server farm. Brody says she’s on an official NCIS investigation and says call Director Vance. John Russo from Homeland comes in and says he needs Brody back. The FBI is annoyed and he tosses down a folder and the FBI says Brody didn’t mention Homeland.

Brody walks out with him and he says Butler and Blake will take you back to your hotel and I’ll meet you later. Russo says you’re welcome and she’s shocked as she gets in the car. John Besh is there bringing Danielle some good eats to help her recuperate.

Pride is there and asks how she is and asks to talk to her alone. Pride asks if she always puts on a brave face then says her torch was sabotaged and asks who had access to it and who would hurt you. She says Estes is going to take her to captain’s mast for taking it.

Then he asks about DRC and mentions upsetting phone calls. She says none of your business. Danielle says she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore and he leaves a card with her. The nurse mentions her collapsed veins when she tries to give her a shot.

Pride asks Loretta about it and she says it may be IV drug use. Pride says she’s protecting someone as far as he can tell. Pride is annoyed that the electrician is screwing him over. Pride comes back and tells Sonja that Brody may have a lead.

Sonja says Danielle emptied her bank account and called a burner phone three times before she took liberty. Estes has recordings of the calls to the burner phones. She makes plans to meet a guy with cash under a bridge.

They go see JJ who works for Flanders. They find drugs in his bag and he runs out the back. They give chase. Sonja goes after him and LaSalle goes for the truck. JJ runs. La Salle picks her up and they catch up. He runs into an alley.

They look around for him and Sonja says they lost him. They hit a fence and LaSalle uses the truck camera on the back and says he’s here somewhere. She spots a foot under the dumpster. They stop and force him out and say gotcha.

LaSalle tells JJ they found out he and Danielle have known each other a long time and he’s her dealer. LaSalle asks about the $15k in cash and Sonja asks what happened. He asks if she’s safe and Sonja says no, she got hurt. He asks if there are guards on her.

He says he used to sell to Danielle but she’s clean now. He says she needed his help. He says it’s a time share in Boca Raton. He says Danielle wanted to disappear and came to him to find a place where no one could get to her. He says she was afraid of someone, but not him.

Brody asks Russo why he told the FBI they’re working together and he says General Matthews leak. He offers her Chinese. He asks what else she got besides Channel Industries. He flirts and asks what she knows about Channel. He says it’s NSA.

He gets a text and says his guys just got access to the proxies and uses her laptops. He asks for the original IP address she was working with and she puts it in. He shows her the guy – Glenn Franklin – part of the tech staff at Channel Industries.

He says let’s go get him. She agrees. They roll out sirens wailing. They find the guy but he’s hung himself. Sebastian tells Pride he’s got news and says a knife was used to tamper with the torch. Loretta says this was not about drugs.

She says she looked at her medical history for drug abuse and found ER visits for broken bones, cuts and more. She says it’s Danielle’s mother and Blake, her stepdad, filled out all the forms. Loretta thinks her mom Elaine was abused and she wanted to get her away.

Loretta says maybe they kept quiet because of the restaurant’s reputation. Danielle calls Pride and says she needs to talk to him but someone ends the call. Pride runs out and speeds over there. He finds her mom and stepdad outside and Elaine says the doctors thinks it’s an OD of her pain meds.

LaSalle meets Pride at the hospital and they look at the unconscious Danielle. Pride says Blake was in the room with Danielle. They wonder if they can get Elaine to turn. Pride says maybe she needs a little nudge and tells them to watch Blake.

Elaine talks to Pride and he says they need to talk. She says she’ll get Blake but he says it’s just you and me. Pride shows her the x-ray of her broken arm. Pride says he knows Blake did this to her and says he knows she wanted to protect Danielle.

Pride says he knows Danielle wanted her away from Blake and says he tampered with her torch but Elaine says he loves her. He says he might try and hurt Danielle again if you don’t help. He says Danielle needs you and Elaine says she can barely help herself and starts crying.

Pride says be as strong as she is and she starts crying. Blake is at the restaurant packing up cash when Elaine shows up. She says the restaurant was always sanctuary to her and he loved the place when she first brought him there.

Elaine says if these walls could talk. Blake says what’s going on and she says why did you hurt Danielle and says you asked her to cook that night. He says she sent her to the Navy. Elaine says it gave her the courage to help her get away then asks how he found out.

He says he overheard her talking about the condo and says she just needed to be taught a lesson. He says when he hurt her, they were accidents that were her fault. He goes to hit her and the team is there and they arrest him and LaSalle says double cuffs. They arrest him for attempted murder.

Elaine sighs and Pride says she did good for herself and her daughter. Brody talks to Pride as she packs. She asks if he electrocuted himself again and he says he’s hiring a manager for the bar. She says the guy left a note, admitted to the leak, then killed himself.

Russo comes to her door and says send away your cab and come with me. She says no thanks but he makes sure she has his number before she leaves. Pride sees a rebuild event at Zolfa’s and greets Elaine and Danielle.

A bunch of famous NO chefs are there and Pride greets them all. LaSalle and Pride tease Sonja about her picky eating.