Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Premiere Recap – Rachel Evicted – Millennials Obliterate Gen X at Immunity Challenge- Season 33 Episode 1

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Premiere Recap - Rachel Evicted - Millennials Obliterate Gen X at Immunity Challenge- Season 33 Episode 1

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X premieres with an all-new Wednesday, September 21, 2016, episode and we have your Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X recap below.  On tonight’s Survivor Season 33 premiere called, “May the Best Generation Win,” A war of generations begins as Millennials battle on the new season!

Did you watch last year’s Survivor Kaoh Rong finale where Michele won the title of Ultimate Survivor?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X recap, right here for your enjoyment!

On tonight’s Survivor season 33 premiere episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Twenty castaways compete in Fiji and are divided into two tribes that are separated by generation as Season 33 begins. On Day 2, a cyclone hits the island and forces an evacuation. Later, one player snatches a powerful advantage in the game.”

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#Survivor starts on the island of Fiji and this season is Millennials vs Gen X players. They have pitched this season as a “culture war” between two tribes of 10. The Millennials are age 18-31. The Gen X are age 33 to 52. The two generations face off for a million-dollar prize.

The boats pull up and the 20 survivors climb out and Survivor Season 33 begins. Jeff hands out buffs and the teams divide up into two tribes. Jeff says it’s Millennials vs Gen X. They didn’t know the theme until that point. There’s even a high school student playing.

Jeff says it’s more than old vs young, it’s philosophical differences. He asks who’s born in 1997 and Will speaks up and they’re stunned to find out he left high school to play the game. Jeff says he’s their first high school student.

Youngest and oldest – 1963 vs 1997

Then they ask about the oldest and Paul speaks up – he was born in 1963. Paul says his generation you didn’t get a trophy for just showing up. He says milk didn’t come in a drone when he was a kid. CeCe says everything is handed to Millennials and that’s a problem.

Adam says that’s not true and says they’ll win the first immunity challenge and show them. Jeff tells them they have to go into the jungle to claim items that offer short or long-term value. They have two stations where they can only choose one of the two available items.

They take off running. They only have two minutes to get stuff back to their mat. Gen X chooses pots and utensils and leave the hammer behind. The Millennials make the decision together to take the utensils and pots too. One Gen X-er spots and grabs an envelope.

Choices reveal a lot about the tribes

Gen X takes the fishing gear and leaves behind the chicken. The Millennials take the chickens. They grab last items and that’s it. Jeff calls time and they’re done. Jeff points out that Gen X took fishing gear and Paul says fishing gear is the most important item.

Taylor says they chose chickens because they lay eggs. He tosses them each a map to their beach and then says it’s cyclone season in Fiji. He tells them to make their shelters right away. Mari, the professional gamer from Smosh Games, says it’s a war.

The teams head to their beaches and make introductions among themselves. Mari says they’re all over the map and no one has a normal job. They start working on a shelter that will get them up off the ground. Taylor likes Jay because he has gnarly hair and is a bro.

Making camp

Michelle talks about starting a fire and they look for pocket lint but everyone is wet. Zeke thinks they’re a youth parade and has never called himself a Millennial. He says he’s more like an 80-year old man on a tribe of children and thinks none of them have had a real job and can do nothing.

Over at Gen X, Paul says these should be hard working people with core values and strong opinions. Paul tells the others that splitting the tribes up, it bettered their odds dramatically. Another guy says not to underestimate those kids since they grew up working with their minds.

Ken, who’s a model, says he spent time off the grid in Maui and knows the jungle and how to set up shelters. Jessica creeps off to get more bamboo so she can look and see what’s in the envelope but doesn’t want to be found with it.

First Survivor advantage revealed

She reads and it’s called the #LegacyAdvantage that will give an advantage on day 36 of the game. It says if she’s evicted, she has to will it to someone else. Jessica is confident she’ll still be there by then and can use it for herself.

Vanua is the Millennials camp and they discuss naming their chickens. Figgy, the bartender, is flirty but says she has brains behind the face and is open to finding a husband in Survivor. They notice most of the tribe has run off looking for idols instead of building camp.

They talk about the shame of losing to old people. Jay, Figgy and Taylor are the only ones building. They head into the jungle together. Figgy talks about Michelle being with them in an alliance. Hannah, a barista, notices the hot people are hanging together and worries they’ll kick her out.

Alliances begin to gel

She talks to Michelle who talks about doing missionary work. Michelle talks about her faith and that it makes people trust her. Over at Gen X, the camp work continues. Sunday is annoyed with one of the chicks that’s being confrontational.

Some bickering breaks out when the shelter isn’t progressing fast enough. David, the writer, doesn’t like the outdoors, bugs or water, but loves the game of Survivor. He tells them to tell him what to do. Bret, the cop, laughs at Dave who’s covering his ears when they chop the bamboo.

David tells the guys he’s working with that he thinks Ken and Paul found an immunity idol and they should ambush them so they know the truth. Bret says he doesn’t think they have it. They stare at Ken and Paul and wonder at it. Chris, the lawyer, thinks Dave is paranoid.

The paranoia has begun

Chris thinks it’s too early to start strategizing like this and Bret says his paranoia is making him nervous The wind picks up over at the Millennial camp and their shelter has no roof yet. One of the guys is worried because it’s getting dark and cloudy and there is no work going on.

They go to swim and play and he’s worried because the other Millennials are all about dreaming big rather than doing. Mari tells them it’s time to get out of the water. Now it’s dark and they agree all their projects are half done. Will and the others rush back to work on the shelter.

They have no fire and no roof and it looks like rain is coming. Will says this is one of the worst shelter in Survivor. They get on it and the floor breaks. Hannah is worried and then the storm comes in and they have little protection. The whining begins. They huddle together.

Tarps and trouble

Over at the Gen X camp, it’s still raining when day 2 dawns. They agree the rain doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. The women are cold and fussing. CeCe says they had a night from hell because it never stopped raining. They get tree mail and a package.

Ken reads it and it says the storm is powerful so they’re offering a tarp for now but they must hand it back once the weather clears or else they’ll pay more dearly for it. Chris says there must be more trouble coming since Survivor has never given a tarp out ever.

The Millennials get their tarp and letter too and Michaela says that’s bad when Jeff just gives you a tarp. They agree they need to get to work on their shelter and they start working on it together. Zeke says their camp is awful but the rain doesn’t let up at all.

Jeff makes an appearance

Zeke says he doesn’t see how it could get worse. Then Jeff shows up on a boat and comes ashore to their camp. They are all excited to seem as they’re all knee deep in mud. They tell him no one slept and Jeff says the storm is getting worse but it’s now a cyclone.

Jeff says it’s going to be worse tonight. He says they’ve never done this, but they’re going to evacuate. The tribe is stunned. Jeff says they need to grab their personal items and their chickens and it’s an adventure on the move.

They grab up their stuff. Adam says this is the real deal and lives are at stake from this. They load into the boat and go. Over at Gen X, they are under their shelter and see Jeff on the boat and wonder what that’s about. Paul says something must be wrong.

Survivor evacuation is #unprecedented

Jeff gives them the same speech about the weather and tells them they’ll be evacuated to a safe spot to wait out the storm. He says grab just your personal items. They leave their food and other supplies in the shelter. Rachel says this weather is devastating.

The rain roars in as they leave the beach. The winds pick up and the trees are whipped all around. They struggle to make it to the boat and load up. They face massive waves as they leave the beach on the little boat.

We see the shelters collapse as the rain rages all night long. In the morning, the skies are clear and beautiful for day 3. The camp is a wreck. Gen X is back and see the devastation. CeCe says everything was knocked over and a giant tree fell on their shelter.

The aftermath

They get to work rebuilding their shelter right away. David is terrible at building and frustrated they have to do it twice. He says he knows since he’s not strong, they might not want to keep him and he’s paranoid. He talks to some of the women about how scared he is of dying.

Ken comes over with a walking stick bug on his arm and David freaks off. He lets him put it on his arm and David says there’s not much hope for him in this game and he wants to work hard to stick around. He decides to search for an immunity idol that could save him.

Chris, Paul and others notice Dave searching for an idol. Jessica is annoyed they’re working and he’s looking for an idol. She says if they lose, it’s on him. Over at the Millennials, Zeke talks about how to rebuild the shelter.

Camp chaos and fire!

Zeke is managing the shelter but has no clue since he’s from Brooklyn. He feels like he’s the leader now against all odds. Next he tries to make fire. They get smoke and work together. Millennials got fire before Gen X and Zeke can’t believe he made fire without flint.

Zeke says Survivor changes people and he already feels changed. The whole camp is excited. Hannah notices that there’s a division between the high school cool kids and the misfits. She worries they’ll be on the outs. She tells Mari that Figgy and the boys are a threat.

Mari says she sees cool vs weirdos definitely and they call it Freaks and Geeks. Mari says they need to tear apart the popular group so she says she’s going to play like it’s a video game. She then talks to Adam about the pretty people and then goes to Michaela too.

Immunity challenge

It’s day 4 and time for the first #ImmunityChallenge. Jeff greets the survivors as they come onto the playing field. Jeff says he’s happy that they brought their tarps back to him. He describes the challenge and reveals the new Season 33 immunity idol.

They will make choices at the front or back end of the challenge. They race under an obstacle to get a war club/ They can cross a tunnel or take a shortcut that makes it easier. The balance beam can also be done with a shortcut.

At the end they have to solve a puzzle. But anytime you use a shortcut, it adds 10 more pieces to the puzzle. Jeff says which group knows their strengths and weakness could win it. He says they also get flint for the winner and the losers face tribal and the first vote out.

Strategy sessions

The Millennials decide to take the shortcut on the balance beam. Both teams decide who will work the puzzle at the end. They start. They start to untie their clubs under the obstacle and the teams are fighting each other.

Chris is blocking Millennials from getting their last club. Gen X takes a bit of a lead thanks to Chris. Gen X moves to the shortcut course. They are all into the first obstacle. The smaller Millennials decide to go without it. Gen X is still in the lead.

Gen X decides to take the balance beam shortcut too. Millennials are still stuck and are falling behind. Gen X takes a bigger lead and they start the puzzle but with the most pieces. Millennials take the balance beam shortcut.

70 vs 60 piece puzzle

Gen X has 70 pieces and Millennials have 60. Figgy and Michelle work the puzzle for them. David and Rachel work is for the Gen X team but their lead is gone. David and Rachel swap out with Jessica and Sunday who try the puzzle.

The Millennial puzzle is coming together and Gen X finally make some progress. Millennials have just a few pieces left and they are done. They have won the first challenge and reward and Gen X will face tribal council.

The Gen Xers are stunned that they lost. Jeff tosses the flint to the Millennials too and they head off jubilant at their victory. Jeff tells Gen X that he’ll see them tonight at tribal council and someone is going home tonight.

David draws a target on himself

Gen X heads back to camp and Paul says he thought they’d beat the Millennials and is shocked. Paul says they got screwed on the puzzle. They’re annoyed that Rachel said she was good with puzzles. A bunch go down to the water to wash off and they talk.

David stews. Sunday says you shouldn’t say you’re good on puzzles if you’re not. Rachel knows all eyes are on her. Jessica says they should take Rachel out and the others agree. David says no one is including him in their talks and he’s scared he’s going home.

David talks to Jessica and says he doesn’t want to go home and will write down any name they say. She asks if he has an idol and he says he doesn’t have one. Jessica says people think that he has an idol. He tells the group he felt paranoid and searched but didn’t find it.

Tribal drama kicks off early

Bret thinks he has an idol and doesn’t believe him. Bret thinks it’s Rachel or David and Rachel is useless at a challenge but thinks David has an idol. CeCe, Rachel and David are out of the loop and the others agree to split the vote. Rachel is worried and talks to CeCe.

Rachel says alliances are forming and they’re being left out. Rachel says she feels like she and CeCe are on the block. Rachel talks to Paul and asks who they’re thinking and they tell her they don’t know. Jessica tells David to chill out.

David hopes he’s safe but is pretty sure that he’s not despite the assurances he gave them. They head out as night falls and Jeff welcomes them to Season 33’s first #TribalCouncil. They get their torches and light them up. Jeff says it’s been really rough this season.

Jeff chats to the tribe

Jessica says the sand got in her eye and gave her a bacterial infection that spread to the other. David says “oh crap” when Jeff calls on him and they laugh and tell Jeff that David is scared of everything. David says he’s stripped bare and it’s transparent that he’s scared.

He says it feels like he’s been out there for a year. David says he doesn’t want to go home but knows he might be. He says he’s his own worst enemy. CeCe says being first out is terrible and she wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Sunday says she loves David but they’re all there to stay. Jeff asks who worries it might be them and most raise their hands. Chris says it’s just paranoia and he thought he was on the outs on day 2 but decided to calm down and work hard and he feels better now.

Rachel tells the tribe she’s sorry

Rachel says everyone was not responsive today and were pairing off and it was unusual behavior so she thinks she might be going home. She says she’s been up front and speaks her mind and people might think it’s mean or it hurts their feelings.

Rachel says she’s sorry if she upset anyone. Then Jeff asks about idols. Jessica says David got paranoid because they were looking at him for going off to look for an idol. David says he wants to prove that he can be trusted so this is a test.

Jeff calls for the vote. Paul votes first and then the others in turn. We don’t see any names written down. Jeff goes to count the votes. He calls for a hidden idol. No one offers one. The votes are – Dave, Rachel, Sunday, CeCe, Rachel, CeCe, Rachel, CeCe, Rachel and Rachel.

Rachel is voted out of Survivor!

Jeff snuffs her torch and sends her on her way. Jeff says Gen X isn’t afraid to work hard but how can they recover against the Millennials. He reminds them they get flint back in camp. They grab their torches and head out.

Rachel says Survivor is brutal and it’s harder to survive the conditions than it looks like on TV. She says she’s glad she played the game. Come back to CDL for a LIVE recap of next week’s Survivor episode when someone may have a literal heart attack and be taken from the game.