Talking Dead Recap 10/30/16: Season 7 Episode 2

Talking Dead Recap 10/30/16: Season 7 Episode 2

Tonight on AMC their highly anticipated series Talking Dead featuring Chris Hardwick premieres for an all-new Sunday, October 30, 2016, episode and we have your Talking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s Talking Dead premiere, The Walking Dead, “The Well” is discussed with Khary Payton, Chloe Bennet and Dana Gould.

Did you watch last week’s premiere of The Walking dead where, Executive Producer Robert Kirkman, Showrunner/Executive Producer Scott M. Gimple, Superfan Yvette Nicole Brown and The Walking Dead cast discussed the Season 7 premiere episode?  If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Talking Dead recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Talking Dead “The Walking Dead is followed by the live after-show “Talking Dead” hosted Chris Hardwick with “The Walking Dead” star Khary Payton, joined y Chloe Bennett of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” and comedian and writer, Dana Gould.” 

So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 10PM – 11PM ET for our Talking Dead recap!  While you wait for the recap make sure to head over and check out all our The Walking Dead recaps, spoilers, news & so much more, right here!

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#TalkingDead starts with Chris introducing tonight’s guests Dana Gould, Chloe Bennet and Khary Payton. Khary says he’s been hiding for months waiting on the casting reveal of King Ezekiel. He says he shaved his head to make room for the wig and not burn up in Atlanta’s humidity.

He says he feels weird talking to people and still things they’re going to hide him in a van like they did when shooting. Chris jokes about him not being British. Khary says he’s never been British. Chris says the first part of the show, you’re like what is with the guy?

Khary says the audition was four pages long and was mostly a monologue and the scene with Carol was what he auditioned with and had to dive in and pretend there was a lion – they were trying to throw him off. He says he has a great uncle in Savannah who was a big guy who was very articulate.

The king cometh

He says that’s the base. Chris says Khary has done a ton of voice over work with Teen Titans and Transformers. He says the voice helps bring him to life. Khary says Ezekiel is a nicer Black Manta. Chloe, from Agents of SHIELD, says she loved how they dropped you into the Kingdom.

She says Khary killed it and Carol’s reaction when she was laughing. Chris says Carol laughing at that, it’s like she was rolled into a Renaissance fair. Chloe says it was crazy and great. Dana says it was like a fair without ill-advised bustiers and thought it was a fever dream.

Dana says he thought Carol was going to wake up and it’s not real. Dana calls it brilliant after last week to add light and hope. He says it was literally knights in shining armor from the Sports Authority. Chris says people were calling him a beautiful man with a tiger and a diva.

Tigers and sad goodbyes

Chris says the character in the comics is great and Khary added such dimension to it. Chris says he loves Jerry too. The In Memoriam is kingdom walkers, long face walker, spiderweb walker, double vision walkers, pig food walkers, walker stuffed pork, Carol’s new house walker, and more.

We see Lennie James talking about The Kingdom and says it doesn’t matter to him how you make it work as long as it works. He says all the leaders in this world are theatrical to an extent. He says Negan also puts on a show every time he comes out with Lucille.

He says Ezekiel just puts on a different show and says Rick is the town sheriff playing a role too. He says if you’ve got a pet tiger, you can be whatever you like. The audience cheers the interview then it’s back to the live show.

Jerry gets the love

Chris says let’s talk about Jerry and thinks it’ll be big cosplay and says the internet loves him. They call him the Ken Bone of The Walking Dead. Cooper Andrews plays Jerry and Khary says he’s so happy everyone loves Jerry as much as they love Cooper on set.

Chloe says her boyfriend is on the show (Austin Nichols, Spencer) and says Jerry is still her on-screen crush. Chris asks about the backstory Ezekiel is keeping from them. He asks if it’s willful ignorance. Khary says it would be crazy if everyone had no clue.

He says he’s not sure if he confided in anyone and his confidantes have died and so he’s looking for an inner circle with Carol and Morgan. Dana says people do this in real life too and says every President puts on a character like JFK.

Defending the Kingdom

Chloe says she’d be content to live in that world since the tiger is super-sexy. Khary says it’s not a fantasy world, it’s how he makes it work. He says you make your reality and says his dad beat leukemia and he focused on kicking its ass and that’s how you do.

Now the quiz.

#1 What number is on the mailbox of the creepy house? 18, 74 or 81. Answer is 81. Morgan also used symbols when heading to Terminus.

#2 Who was the first person to say “The Kingdom”? Ezekiel, Daniel or Morgan. Morgan is the answer. Morgan and Carol never met Ezekiel in the comics.

#3 What is the windchime made out of outside Carol’s window? Bowl and forks, colander and keys, or wrench and nails. Colander and keys is correct. Lennie James says Morgan left his rabbit’s foot on the bed to give Carol luck.

Melissa McBride and Greg Nicotero

Melissa McBride’s interview says Carol and Ezekiel both wear a mask and she loved that he saw through it. Greg Nicotero says Carol met someone else with an alter-ego and loves that she saw that Ezekiel was doing it to save people and recognized it.

Reaction to Carol tonight was wheelchair Carol is the 2nd deadliest. They talk about her facial expressions and says she’s a “runaway McBride.” Chloe says it felt like Ezekiel is smart to pull this off and that’s why he saw what Carol was up to and knew he would call her out.

Chris says you have to have emotional acuity to be a leader and manage people. Khary says Ezekiel spends a lot of time observing and standing back. He’s reading people. Dana says Carol was the bitter fruit among the sweet and he called her out from the start.

Carol’s life changes

Chris says Carol just needs her space to figure things out. The poll is, what will Carol do when she learns what Negan did. Grieve or attack? Most people say attack. Chloe says she’ll turn back to murder Carol. Chloe says Negan doesn’t know about her and she makes him some special cookies.

Dana says Negan will bring Negan down. A caller asks Khary where did Ezekiel learn to fight. He says he watched WWE. Khary says he probably played some sports and did stage combat.

Dana says Negan will bring Negan down. A caller asks Khary where did Ezekiel learn to fight. He says he watched WWE. Khary says he probably played some sports and did stage combat. We see Khary with a stuffed tiger by his side (Chris in a costume).

That takes us to Inside the Dead:

Five sets of twins were used for scenes where Carol was hallucinating.

The kingdom is an old military base owned by Tyler Perry.

Melissa McBride says Lennie James has a favorite horse on set he rides.

Pigs and peanut butter

Lennie James talks about working with the pigs and the animal kingdom. He says they used peanut butter to attract them. He says the animal trainer Tommy is the one they covered in peanut butter the pigs would eat and says the pigs started rolling on him and the peanut butter on them.

He says they loved having the peanut butter on them and were happy as pigs in shit. Lennie says he wishes he could be a pig. Chris asks Chloe about the pigs and walkers. Chloe says she thought it was smart since Ezekiel was being strategic and a way to defeat Negan.

Khary says it’s a nice way to give them fat pigs but if they get dysentery, that’s fine. Chris says it’s like a booger in your burger when you piss off the waiter. Ezekiel says the pigs were his first shot. He says they let the pigs go and his wife told him to take a moment and it was just like wow.

Pigs and monkeys

Dana asks if they didn’t call action so the pigs won’t act. Dana says he was on a sitcom with Fred Savage and his character was replaced by a chimp and no one noticed. He says he asked to hold it and says they break your jaw when they attack, chew your hands off, and tear off your genitals.

He says they think you might still try to have sex with them after you break their jaw and rip off your hands. The audience fan asks Khary about his backstory being revealed early on. Khary says in the context of the show, the audience is thinking like Carol “what the hell?”

He says you need to know what’s going on so you can get on board with him. Khary says he needed to give a piece of himself to Carol because he wants to bring down her walls. Chris says as a zookeeper, he was a caretaker. Chris gives the fan a bowl of fruit and the tiger suit he wore earlier.

Behind the scenes

We see behind the scenes of shooting the king and the tiger. They show how Shiva is done with animatronics and CGI. Greg Nicotero says it’s so hard to control real animals. Greg talks about merging practical with digital.

Chris has the fan in the costume sitting beside him holding the bowl of fruit. Chris is holding its chain. Chloe says she was excited about Shiva and says it was incredible. Chris pets the guy in costume. Chloe says it was so impactful.

Chris asked Khary about filming with Shiva. He says he had to pretend it was a labradoodle since Ezekiel’s not scared. He says it throws people off and that’s the genius of it. He says the genius of Ezekiel is he pretends it’s no big deal.

Carol and Ezekiel?

Poll – do you see Carol and Ezekiel in a romance? Yes, no or Daryl. Chloe says Daryl and Carol. Dana says Carol and Ezekiel will always know whose hair is in the shower drain. Khary says Ezekiel is trying to get laid dropping by with fruit and a clean shirt.

55% say they see Carol and Ezekiel getting romance. They’re calling it Cazekiel. We see some cool pumpkins carved as Ezekiel, Negan, Morgan and Rick. The next poll asks how are you handling the fallout from last week’s episode: Hysterical crying, stress eating, or total denial. 57% voted for stress eating.

Scenes from next week show Dwight eating watching walker baiting and some walkers on pikes outside Sanctuary. He stares at one walker, in particular. Chloe says she wants to know what the group is doing and whether Maggie is okay.