Taylor Swift Desperate To Add Curves Like Selena Gomez for Calvin Harris: T-Swift Hits The Gym

Taylor Swift Desperate To Add Curves Like Selena Gomez for Calvin Harris: T-Swift Hits The Gym

Wouldn’t Taylor Swift love to be as curvy as the gals – like Selena Gomez – in the Swift Squad? Is Taylor desperate to get the perfect body after Calvin Harris reportedly demanded T-Swift add some bounce to that booty or the work-out fiend will call it quits with the “Shake it Off” singer?

Apparently Calvin would take up residency at the gym if that were allowed. Harris reportedly likes his women toned and bootylicious an insider recently divulged to National Enquirer. It may take a lot effort to get for Taylor to achieve a well-rounded backside bump on her stick thin figure.

The source says that so far Taylor is really into the intensive training routine. T-Swift has discussed “getting a decent booty for a long time” according to the insider. In the past Taylor Swift hasn’t been all that into exercising – allegedly Taylor just hasn’t been able to get motivated enough.

Now, it appears, Calvin has Taylor in the gym lifting weights and working the cross-trainer. The source revealed that Harris loves seeing Taylor “all sweaty and grunting on the cross-trainer.” Hey, different strokes for different folks!

We wonder if Taylor might be determined to look voluptuous in a wedding gown. There has certainly been a lot of talk about the possibility that Swift and Harris are talking marriage.

Taylor’s romance with Calvin is the longest one T-Swift has managed to maintain. Usually the guys Taylor dates are ushered out the door after about three months. As previously reported, Taylor Swift has declared that Calvin Harris is “the one” – and Calvin believes Taylor is the love of his life.

When it comes time for T-Swift to choose bridesmaids we’re guessing Selena Gomez would probably be asked. That’s if Taylor hasn’t kicked SelGo out of the Swift Squad. The bride’s body cannot be upstaged by the bridesmaids’!

How much booty does Calvin want Taylor to have? If Taylor Swift can’t get a beautiful behind, one that meets Calvin Harris’s standards, will America’s Sweetheart become a single lady once again?

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Singers Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were spotted at the gym in West Hollywood, California on January 18, 2016. Taylor appears to be going make up free for her workout. FameFlynet

10 responses to “Taylor Swift Desperate To Add Curves Like Selena Gomez for Calvin Harris: T-Swift Hits The Gym”

  1. TheTurquoiseCat says:

    I haven’t seen @taylorswift being grabbed by a boyfriend, but anyway that’s another story. I believe if @taylorswift need any change, that will be decided by herself only and no one else. No one has rights to change another person, especially lad like calvin harris with X legs,thigh gap, tight shoulders,long neck and without any lean mass and masculine silhouette at all. I would like any change that Taylor will make,especially if I witness that.

    • Omar Hashem says:

      What the hell are you talking about?? Calvin Harris has a PERFECT body!! I think the last time you saw him was two years ago or something; because now he is a really muscular guy. He is also a a Giorgio Armani model!!!! Google it!!

      • TheTurquoiseCat says:

        C’mon he has thigh gap, wearing thick ski outfit, so what are you talking about? Perfect for you doesn’t mean, it is perfect at all. That commercial is a bad example, I just can make the difference how he look in the real life. btw he still look skinny like young thin teenager in that add. I don’t know about Taylor, but I’ll pass. Thanks.

        • Omar Hashem says:

          You clearly haven’t had a good look at him….he’s not skinny at all…he’s perfectly fit and in an awesome shape.

  2. Omar Hashem says:

    Another lame, false, and cheesy report from Celeb dirty laundry…….like WHAT THE HELL??!?!?! Taylor swift goes to the gym all the time!!!! Not because she went with Selena doesn’t mean she wants to have curves like her!!!! I’m completely done with your site and with its lies!!!!

  3. Jade Wong says:

    YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHI you do not need to make up stories about Taylor

  4. carla says:

    we all know ur a fat chick who is sooo jealous of tswift cuz guys perfer her body and ur ashamed of ur beer belly. fat girls are threatened by slim LOL. guys like deer over fat cow any day

  5. Georgia Brisco says:

    This is the most disgusting, false, embarrassing, bullying, body-shaming, sexist, shameful, piece of trash I have ever read. I’m not going to even call it an article.

    This is worse than something written by an eleven-year-old girl. I’m so sad I even clicked on this. I will NEVER enter your site again.

    I hope you get deleted, shut down and that the person who wrote this utter garbage has a serious look at their life, because this is a waste of words and time and everything else.

    You should be ashamed.

  6. Mia says:

    This is insulting. Taylor goes to the gym to be healthy, not to get more curvy. Maybe you guys just feel sorry for yourselves because you never go to the gym. Also, don’t use National Enquirer as a source, it’s the least trustworthy source out there. I just don’t understand what the point is in writing fake articles. It’s so dumb. This is ridiculous.

  7. Omar Hashem says:

    You’re so pathetic ???? your fitness scales are messed up or reversed ???? Anyways, Calvin is a good guy for Taylor and that’s what’s important and this article is pure nonsense.