3 responses to “Taylor Swift Losing Twitter Battle to Katy Perry: T-Swift Followers Fleeing?”

  1. […] Taylor Swift prefers glamorous and gorgeous friends on the Swift Squad. Not beautiful and thin? Don’t bother trying to get into T-Swift’s inner circle if you’re merely average-looking. Ever notice that Swift’s Squad buddies are drop-dead gorgeous? Not merely pretty – the gals either are supermodels, on their way to becoming supermodels, or look like supermodels. […]

  2. […] Taylor Swift and Katy Perry may have kept their feud on the down low for the last few months – but don’t get it twisted, the two divas can barely stand to share the same air with each other. At one point, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were actually pals – but their tense friendship went sour when Taylor accused Katy Perry of poaching some of her back-up dancers for her own tour. […]

  3. […] guys think? Will Katy Perry ever offer an olive branch to Taylor Swift? Can you see Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry on a girls night out someday? Could off in the comments […]