Teen Mom OG Recap 2/22/16: Season 2 Finale “Taking Chances – Walk Away”

Teen Mom OG Recap 2/22/16: Season 2 Finale "Taking Chances - Walk Away"

Tonight on MTV their series Teen Mom OG continues with an all new Monday February 22, season 2 finale called “Taking Chances; Walk Away” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the season finale, Farrah Abraham and Simon take their relationship to the next level.

On the last episode, Simon re-entered Farrah’s life; Catelynn and Tyler worry when Butch started dating; Maci, who’s overwhelmed with life, needed Taylor to step it up; and Amber wanted to take Leah on a trip. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the MTV synopsis, “in the season finale, Farrah and Simon take their relationship to the next level; Maci is upset that she does all the work for Taylor’s T-shirt business; Ryan plans a big move; and Cate learns that she has postpartum depression.”

It sounds like Teen Mom had another amazing season. What kind of crazy drama are you expecting from the season 2 finale? What has been most exciting so far in Teen Mom so far? Sound off in the comments down below and let us know! Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Teen Mom at 8PM ET!

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This week on the season finale of Teen Mom Maci is still feeling overwhelmed and not getting any help from Taylor. Her friend is hanging out and asks Maci if they are going to do the Black Friday sale. After Taylor puts the baby down to bed Maci talks to him about how overwhelmed she is. She tells him that “I can’t continue to stay up until 4 A.M and work and get up at 8 AM to continue to work and take care of the kids.” Taylor tells her that he feels like she is backing out on helping him with the clothing line. Maci says that she is doing the best she can.

Farrah and Simon go to dinner to discuss the move to LA. Farrah tells him that she is excited to be closer to him and he tells her that he is happy that she is back in his life. Farrah also tells Simon that they need to make a deeper commitment to each other because she is “not going to have babies with someone she is just dating.” Much to Farrah’s surprise Simon agrees.

Amber and Matt are still awaiting word on whether Gary will allow them to take Leah to Florida. They finish their first flipped house and put it on the market. At dinner that night they talk to Sandy about the situation and Amber says that she can’t imagine not being with Leah on Christmas day.

Tyler meets with his mother to talk about the issues with Catelynn. He tells her that he has been doing some reading about depression and Catelynn is exhibiting signs of depression. He worries that he is not doing enough to help his wife, but his mom is quick to reassure him that they both will be fine and that their relationship will survive. Tyler is afraid that he will lose her if he tries to talk to her about the situation. Dawn reassures him that they love each other and are strong enough to survive this.

Maci still feels that Taylor is not pulling his weight when it comes to preparing for the Black Friday sale and her frustration is palpable. Meanwhile Ryan and his dad are cleaning out the garage and his dad asks him whether or not he and Maci are communicating better. Ryan says no and his dad asks if he has a girlfriend and Ryan says no. His dad then asks where he goes when he leaves at 11 o’clock at night and Ryan tells him he is just out riding around. Then Ryan meets with a woman and he is talking to her about the situation with his parents, Bentley and Maci. Ryan says that “his parents are so into Bentley that they feel like they have to be in the middle of everything.”

Farrah and Simon meet with Michael to talk about the state of their relationship. Michael is curious about the state of their relationship and Farrah tells her dad that they are “datingish.” She then tells Michael that she wants Simon to buy her a ring. Michael reminds him that Farrah and Sophia are “his girls and that if they marry he wants to give her away.” Simon says that he is ok with that and they all laugh.

Amber and Matt are riding in the car. Gary’s wife Christina sends Amber pictures of Leah and this frustrates Amber because she still can’t get an answer as to whether they can take Leah to Florida. Amber and Matt are upset over the way they feel they are being mistreated by Gary and how unfair they are being about Leah. Matt says that “they have the problems, not him and Amber.”

Catelynn is still struggling with her depression issues. Catelynn talks to her friend about it and she tells Cate that she worries about Tyler because she knows how easily he gets frustrated. She also tells Catelynn to call her if she ever needs to talk because she is feeling down.

Farrah and Simon are heading out to eat and are laughing and joking in the car on their way to go ring shopping. Farrah is excited and sad at the same time because Simon is leaving that day. They find a ring and when the lady behind the counter tells her it is 17,00 she tells her that she is used to looking at rings that are 60,000 or more. Farrah then asks the lady to show her the most expensive possibility. The lady brings out a 3 carat diamond that is priced at 32,000. Farrah is still not impressed.

Maci and Taylor are trying to make a chore list around the house and Bentley laughs at Maci every time she tells him to do something. This makes Maci angry and she tells Bentley to “take his mic off and go upstairs.” She also tells him that when she comes up to talk to him later he needs to be able to tell her why he was laughing at her.

Amber is showing off her engagement rings. When the producer asks why she got it early Amber tells them that it was because Matt was in the dog house. J.C, one of the producers on the show comes in and congratulates Gary and Kristina on being married. Gary tells Kristina that when Leah asked about going to Florida he was inclined to say no because it was Christmas.

Catelynn goes to see her therapist to try and help her sort out what is going on and why she is in such a bad mood. The therapist explains the difference between Post Partum Depression and anxiety. The therapist asks Catelynn what they need to do to help her get over this hump. Catelynn says she isn’t sure and thinks that maybe giving Nova to her mother for awhile might help, but she also worries that this will become the theme for the rest of her life.

Maci is upset that she lost her temper with Bentley, but Taylor steps up to help out more. Taylor and Maci are working together to get ready for the Black Friday sale. Taylor is worried about all the work there is to do and Maci tells him “I am saving your butt and you are being so dramatic.” They both laugh.

Farrah and Sophia are taking Simon to the airport. Farrah says that she can’t wait until she moves to California and they are close again and they say goodbye at the airport entrance.

Amber finally hears from Gary about Christmas in Florida. Gary worries about the issue of time on Christmas. Kristina wonders what it means for their Christmas and Gary tells her that they would just celebrate earlier. After a discussion with Kristina Gary decides to let her go and texts Amber to tell her. Amber and Matt are happy that the whole family will be together for Christmas.

Tyler asks Catelynn how her therapy appointment went and Cate tells him that the therapist thinks she has post partum depression, but she is still figuring it out. Tyler then asks her what he can do to help her when she gets like this. She tells him that she needs encouragement on those days when she can’t get up the energy to get out of bed.”

Catelynn and Tyler are planning Nova’s first birthday party and Butch is frustrated because he and April won’t be able to attend the party together. Tyler says that they have Butch really constrained and Butch tells his son that “I will do whatever I have to do to stay out of prison.”

Maci calls Ryan and asks if he wants to pick Bentley up from school and after leaving the baby with Maci’s mom the couple go out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Maci worries that Ryan will forget to take Bentley to basketball practice. Maci tells Taylor that she doesn’t know how she manages to pull off the whole parenting thing with Ryan. Taylor says that “He doesn’t think he could pull it off with anyone but her.” and Maci laughs.

Farrah, Debra and Sophia go house shopping together in LA. Sophia gets upset when Debra is rude to the real estate agent. She tells her grandmother that “She hurt her feelings.” Debra tells her that real estate people work for them. Sophia tells her that it doesn’t matter.

Amber and Matt had a great time with Leah in Florida. When they come back Amber is determined to take Gary to court to get partial custody of Leah. She talks to her cousin Crystal about the situation and tells her that she hopes she and Gary can reach an agreement out of court because she doesn’t want to upset Leah.

Ryan and his friend Hamilton are talking and he asks Ryan about Maci. Ryan says that things are better and he and Maci are starting to text more. His friend asks about Ryan’s plans to move and Ryan tells him that as of right now things will stay the same.

Catelynn and Tyler are trying to plan Nova’s birthday party because Butch and Apryl can’t be there together. Catelynn is frustrated and calls her mom to try and work it out. They both agree that the whole thing is stupid but Catelynn decides to get two cakes so that Butch can see Nova blow out her candles.

Farrah goes back to Austin and while she didn’t like any of the houses she saw in LA, Simon found a great one. She meets with the realtors to discuss the offer she wants to put on the house and the fact that she wants an elevator in the house. She decides that she wants to move in two weeks.

Leah is spending time with Gary and Amber texts Gary to see if he will allow her to pay child support and allow her to see Leah more. Gary says he has no issues with Amber seeing Leah more and if they can come to an agreement out of court it will save them money. Later, at Amber’s cousins house she gets upset and tells the producers that she doesn’t want to talk about the situation with Gary anymore. She tells them that she is tired of talking about it every day and when the producer tries again Amber blows up and threatens to stop filming.

On the day of Nova’s party everyone heads over to Cate’s dad’s house. Apryl is upset because they asked her to leave due to the no contact order with Butch. Apryl tells them that she is not leaving. Tyler heads over to Butch’s to tell him the plan and Butch says that he is not trying to push her out, but she needs to understand that he wants to be there too.

Ryan drops Bentley off after basketball practice and the two talk about their ability to communicate with each other. Maci asks Ryan what changed in the last month. He tells her that he decided that he doesn’t want to communicate through his parents anymore. Maci says that she loves Ryan’s parents, but thinks that they need to respect that she and Ryan are Bentley’s parents and they will raise him the way they want to. Ryan tells Maci that he appreciates her communicating with him more and Maci tells him that she appreciates him helping out more.

Amber is having a tough time. Gary has not responded to her text and one of the cats was lost. Gary tells her that he is ok with her spending more time with Leah. When the contract goes to her lawyer it states that Amber still gets minimum parenting time and in addition she has to pay him child support. Amber is upset by the disrespect she feels coming from Gary and Kristina. Gary decides to reword the contract.

Farrah is upset because MTV will not allow her to do a show on another network. Farrah talks to the producer very rudely and tells them that she is refusing to film and she tells them to call her lawyer. She goes off and kicks them all out of her house after calling Larry, the producer, white trash.

Ryan talks to his parents and he tells them that Maci told him that she was proud of him. Ryan’s mom tells her that Maci never kept Bentley from her and he tells them that he knows what he needs to do now. Maci is hanging out with her friend and she tells her that things are going good with Ryan and that he calls and texts her back. She asks Maci about her and Taylor getting married and Maci tells her she is asking the wrong person.

At Nova’s birthday party everyone is having a good time. Tyler’s mom Dawn asks if his dad is going to come by later and he tells her that he will come by later. They go to pick him up and redo the cake ceremony so that he can see it. Burch has a great time at the party and Tyler tells him that he finally got to be a part of his grandchild’s birthday. Butch says he’ll be around until the good Lord takes him.

Amber and Matt are spending time with Leah. Matt and Amber are discussing the co parenting situation. Amber tells Matt that Gary apologized, but he knows what he did. Matt asks her if she is happy that they didn’t have to go to court. Amber says yes, but that she would’ve walked out with her head held high. She also tells him that the judge who would’ve heard the case was the same one who sent her to prison.

Farrah and Larry have another confrontation and she shoves him. Farrah tells him that the show she wanted to do was about mothers and daughters who need therapy and that it has nothing to do with the story being told on MTV. Larry disagrees and Farrah storms off and slams her door.