One Direction Feud: Liam Payne Insults Harry Styles And Zayn Malik

One Direction Feud: Liam Payne Insults Harry Styles And Zayn Malik

Liam Payne is not shy about his feelings on Harry Styles and Zayn Malik’s new music. The One Direction boys went in completely different directions when it comes to their musical aspirations. Zayn sent Directioners into a tailspin when he left the band on March 25, 2015. He later went on to have a modest yet successful pop career.

Harry Styles just dropped his new album. Now, Liam Payne is the next one who wants to make it on his own. The British singer dropped his new single “Strip That Down” with Quavo. He did not hold back when it came to criticizing Harry Styles’ solo debut album. In an interview with Music Choice, Payne was asked about Styles’ new music. He tried his best to stay polite.

Liam admitted that Harry’s new sound is not his “sort of music.” He said that Harry’s rock sound is not the type of music he listens to, but he praises the fellow musician for doing the music he wanted to do. Liam also admitted that Harry probably doesn’t listen to “hip-hop music.”

One Direction Feud: Liam Payne Insults Harry Styles And Zayn Malik

Don’t expect One Direction to reunite anytime soon. Payne revealed in another interview for the Bizarre Life podcast that Zayn Malik doesn’t “support” the idea of a One Direction union. It’s one of the reasons why Malik left the group anyway. He said that he doesn’t understand why Malik is against being in a boy band. Payne clearly enjoyed his time in 1D and says it was “like uni but on steroids,” which means it was a lot like being in college.

At the time, Zayn told fans that he needed to leave the spotlight. He wanted to live his life like a “normal 22-year-old.” Zayn wanted to be able to relax and enjoy his personal life out of the spotlight.

He didn’t like the busy lifestyle that he was thrown into during his time with the band, which also included members Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson.

One Direction Feud: Liam Payne Insults Harry Styles And Zayn Malik

Malik’s fans were not happy with what Payne said. On social media, they listed all the reasons why Malik left the group in the first place. According to Malik’s fans, the “Pillowtalk” singer left due to death threats, racism, anxiety, and islamophobia. Malik also previously revealed that he developed an eating disorder during his time with the band.

One Direction has obviously broken up even though they claim they’re on a “hiatus.” Since each of the guys been releasing solo music, it’s clear that 1D isn’t getting back together.

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