Sean Spicer In Talks To Join Dancing With The Stars Cast

Sean Spicer In Talks To Join Dancing With The Stars Cast

Dancing with the Stars has made some bold hiring choices in the past, but according to a new report, it’s about to make its boldest yet – by hiring Sean Spicer.

Sean Spicer officially resigned from his role as the White House press secretary on Friday, reportedly over the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci as the new communications director. And in an ironic twist, Anthony Scaramucci himself said – after the news hit – “I wish him well and I hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money.” And what better way of making money than starring in the new season of Dancing with the Stars, a la former Texas governor and current energy secretary Rick Perry?

It’s easy to dismiss Dancing with the Stars as a reality competition show that politicians and A-list celebrities wouldn’t normally partake in, but the world is changing. We have major stars developing and headlining these reality shows themselves, the president of the United States is a former reality show host, and Rick Perry – a high profile government figure – starred on Dancing with the Stars already, paving the way for many others from the administration to do so.

Page Six reported that while Sean Spicer is considering other offers, he’s also being ‘courted’ by Dancing with the Stars. Spicer was seen taking meetings with all the major networks recently – including ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox News – sparking rumors that they have been trying desperately to bring Spicer on given his unusually high ratings appeal. And among those wooing him? Well, ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Actor Zach Braff even tweeted after Sean’s resignation (as a joke), “Can’t wait to see Sean Spicer waltz on Dancing With the Stars.”

And what do you know? Within days, Page Six’s sources confirmed that the show had actually reached out to Sean Spicer to star on its next season. But will Sean take the gig? If this was ten years ago, we could have confidently said no and known that we would have been right. But in this day and age? Dancing with the Stars might serve as a jumping off point to Sean Spicer, Movie Star or Sean Spicer, Future President.

What do you guys think? Will Sean Spicer end up on the next season of Dancing with the Stars, or will he end up with a more predictable host gig on one of the major news networks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  Check back with CDL for more Dancing With The Stars news and updates.

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