The Originals Recap 6/2/17: Season 4 Episode 10 “Phantomesque”

The Originals Recap 6/2/17: Season 4 Episode 10 "Phantomesque"

On the CW their drama, The Originals premieres with an all new Friday, June 2, 2017, season 4 episode 10 called “”Phantomesque,” and we have your weekly The Originals recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Klaus requests that his estranged siblings Rebekah and Kol return home to stand by their family against the Hollow. Meanwhile, Freya (Riley Voelkel) recruits Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) for a dangerous journey; and Marcel leads a hunt for the Hollow that puts him on a collision course with the person he is least prepared to face.”

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The Originals begins at a nightclub where Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) walks in as her younger brother, Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) is thoroughly enjoying biting people and taking some of their blood; just as she is about to join him when all the people he has bitten fall and turn gray on the floor. Rebekah says she hasn’t seen vampires die like this since Kol was killed. He stands and says that his entire sire line died with him; Rebekah immediately calls out Elijah (Daniel Gillies).

Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) enters the compound informing both Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) and his sister, Freya (Riley Voelkel) that Rebekah and Kol have just landed assuring them they are mere moments from returning Elijah to life and tells Freya to not make him a liar.

She says until she knows Elijah’s mind is whole she will not bring him back reminding him that when the pendant shattered, so did his mind and he has probably retreated far back in his consciousness. She says if she repairs the pendant before she fixes his mind, he will remain permanently fractured like a bone not properly set. Klaus tells her to stop talking, and get into his mind to fix him; Hayley tells him to take a walk and let Freya work. Freya promises Hayley that Elijah is her brother and she will not stop until he is safe.

Josh (Steven Krueger) meets with Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) that the good news is Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) thinks he can cure Sofya (Taylor Cole) but all Marcel has to do is bring him the Hollow’s (Blu Hunt) blood. He said Vincent said something about abstracting the magic from the Hollow’s blood and then reverse engineering what she did to Sofya; admitting that it seems she isn’t Vincent’s top priority.

Marcel says he isn’t going to sit around while Sofya is dying and Josh suggests since he is fighting an ancient evil maybe he should consider reaching out to people more powerful than him, like Mikaelson people. Marcel says he works better alone and is working with Josh because he is the only one he trusts; he leaves in search of the Hollow. As the Hollow walks the French Quarters, all plants die as she walks past them.

Klaus stands by Elijah’s coffin telling him how much he meant to him, even when they were rivals. He apologizes for the state his brother is in, leans in promising this is not his end and he will not rest until Elijah is brought back, no matter how many he needs to kill to do it; Rebekah comes in the room saying that sounds like fun and could do with some mayhem.

Klaus rushes into her arms suggesting she maybe shouldn’t have come but she says she never should have left. Kol says the chit chat is over asking if they can kill someone now. Klaus says they need to destroy the weapons that could kill them first; Rebekah and Klaus immediately leave when he shows them where the weapons are located on the map; Kol says, “Lethal thorns, resurrected witches… what could possibly go wrong?”

Freya truly feels when she goes to Elijah’s mind he will recognize her if she can find the core of his being of what memory he is clinging to; she lays within her circle and begins the ritual. She quickly finds herself in a white hall filled with hundreds of white doors.

The Hollow has managed to stockpile all the dead witches where Marcel finds her, saying how messed up it is that she massacred all the witches who have been following her crazy ass. She tells him glory awaits those who sacrifice their blood to her but wonders how Marcel will serve her?

She admits that Sofya served her well but her magic has infected her body and will destroy her; but she will save her if he pledges his loyalty to her. Marcel rushes towards her and bites her, but as he drinks her blood his mouth begins to burn like he drank acid. She screams like a siren knocking him unconscious.

Rebekah, Klaus and Kol manage to take 3 of the weapons immediately from 3 unsuspecting witches. His eyes turn yellow as he says they are in a rush. Back at the compound, Hayley watches over Freya as she journeys through her ritual in search of Elijah. Freya follows voices and witnesses some of Elijah’s worst memories, but when she calls for him, he walks right past her as if she isn’t even there.

Rebekah jokes that its like taking candy from a baby but Kol wants more time with his victim; she says there is no point to the interrogation. His victim says the Mikaelsons are animals and the city needs to be rid of them. Kol says he is the worst of the worst and asks him if his master is going to save him from Kol?

He laughs and says his death is for the greater cause as the Hollow has risen and nothing can stop her, not them nor the Ancestors. Kol looks to Klaus when he said “Ancestors” but Klaus stakes him before he can say anything more. Kol slams Klaus in the wall because he denied him the chance to see Davina (Danielle Campbell); but Klaus says she isn’t the same as he remembers especially after Elijah killed 4 Harvest girls in cold blood. Kol runs out as Rebekah stops Klaus saying they have more work to do.

Freya continues down the hallway, now seeing the family enjoying a family dinner, the first time in centuries without one of them being daggered, arguing nor a grievance to be found. Freya attempts to reach him again, he walks towards her, looks right into her eyes and vanishes in front of her.

She says she can’t do the spell and go into Elijah’s mind at the same time but when Hayley offers to do it, Freya says Hope is the only one who can do it. Hayley protests that her daughter is too young to do it. Freya says Hope is very strong and she would never hurt her niece.

Rebekah finds Marcel unconscious, sarcastically saying its a weird spot for a nap; right away Klaus and Marcel bicker about helping each other. Klaus picks up the dagger with the thorns but Marcel demands it back from him saying he needs it; Rebekah stops them from getting physical as Marcel promises he isn’t going to give the thorns to the Hollow; he needs them for something else but won’t reveal what for.

Rebekah asks Marcel if he really wants to fight her and Klaus or are they going to find all the thorns so they can end this threat for once and for all. Rebekah reveals there is one more dagger out there and Marcel speeds away; Klaus tells her well done and perhaps less carrot and more stick next time.

In the Mikaelson’s home, Hayley removes Hope’s bracelet and tells her, she doesn’t need to do this if she doesn’t want to; Hope says she isn’t afraid. Freya takes Hope aside while Hayley takes her place in the circle. She gives Freya some of her blood who tells her to think about where Elijah would seek refuge, something that represents the fundamental base of who he is. As Hayley prepares to lay down, Hope tells her to be careful and she promises to be right back.

Hayley arrives in the same all white hallway, she hears screaming coming from a red door but chooses to ignore it and move forward. She arrives at the moment they reunited after the years Klaus was held captive and all his siblings were in their coffins. She calls him and he looks around for her, she tells him she is there but vanishes, just like with Freya.
Klaus chastises Rebekah about her feelings for Marcel allowing her to compromise what they need to do. She says she is just as hurt and afraid that Elijah is gone. Klaus suggests she should leave saying he will butcher through the whole city if that is what it takes and he will deal with Marcel if he took them too.

Rebekah says it’s lovely that he is sounding like his old self and he uses the excuse that all he is doing is to protect the family; Rebekah calls him out on that excuse. She tells him if he chooses to be this way, everything Elijah has done, including his death has been for nothing.

Hayley returns to the red door and enters into the olden days, and finds an old house filled with people who have been killed. She sees Elijah in the corner as she says she is there to help him. He throws down his latest victim and approaches her. She tells him to wake up btu he begins to chase her out of the home as she yells for him to stop.

Kol comes to the graveyard, thanks 2 Harvest girls for meeting with him, offering them dark trinkets that will help them control New Orleans. They know what dark objects are and he requests to see Davina Clarke, insisting he isn’t his brother and even helped make some of those objects.

They aren’t interested as he is a vampire, until he mentions that the Hollow is the real enemy and they are in this together but he is a better friend than foe. He attempts to get past them to see Davina but they use their magic to subdue him, leaving him unconscious on the ground.

Marcel finds the last dagger but Rebekah snatches it from him, thanking him for all his hard work. He demands her to let it go, but she refuses; Klaus arrives and says if he desires weapons that could kill them, he is an enemy. Marcel reveals the magic in those thorns could save someone he cares about; suggesting they burn them all but give him that one. Rebekah wants to know her name, Klaus gives them space to talk about it. She hands it to Marcel as she knows he is fighting for love; he promises to burn it the second he saves Sofya.

Hayley runs through the woods, screaming for Freya. She falls at a fire where several dead people lay; as she turns around she sees Elijah. She screams for him to stop but he becomes physical. Hope runs to her mother’s side but Freya urges her to concentrate on the spell. Hayley tells him she isn’t there to fight him but he throws her against a tree.

Hope attempts to control her mother’s body as it appears she is having a seizure in the circle. Hope screams for her mom to come back; Freya asks Hope to trust her, that they need to continue the spell. She says she is going to put Hope inside the pendant and she needs to call out to her mom. She orders her not to open any doors in the hallway; Hope lays beside her mother as Freya sends her inside.

Hope walks the white hallway calling out for her mother; Hayley can hear her but orders her to stay where she is. Hope knows she is behind the red door and can hear Elijah hurting her. Hayley begs Elijah not to do this and Hope puts out both arms and scream, “Mommy” as light shines through.

Elijah stops hurting her and Hayley orders Hope again to stay where she is. Elijah stands back and calls out Hayley’s name; she runs out to her daughter as Hope sees Elijah come from the older days to the present. Hayley holds Hope reminding her she said it wasn’t safe. Elijah assures them it is really him and Hayley tells her to go home and tell Aunt Freya to fix the pendant.

Once Hope is gone, Elijah approaches Hayley who backs away; he begs for her to forgive him. Freya and Hope bring Hayley back and they see the shining pendant with Freya saying Hayley saved him as Elijah stands alone in the white hallway.

Rebekah joins Freya at Elijah’s coffin telling her she did good work; she wonders if Freya could drop him into another body but she says she can’t risk it and he needs to return to his original body but she needs a large enough sacrifice; meaning they need to kill the Hollow to save their brother, assuming its even possible. Freya says they may need to choose between Marcel and Elijah, but it really isn’t a choice. Rebekah stays behind with Elijah’s body.

Josh meets with Marcel who says if Vincent can siphon the power off the dagger they’d be lucky if he can rescue Sofya, then it will be a win. Josh sits down with him asking if his lack of optimism has to do with Sofya or Rebekah?
Marcel tells him Klaus told him having power makes you a target, having allies made you vulnerable and you need to choose, one or the other: Power or friends! Josh tells him that is psychotic but Marcel believes there could be some truth to that too.

Josh tells him for what it’s worth, he is glad Marcel is his friend and whatever the city is about to face, the Hollow, the Mikaelsons, Josh knows he will do the right thing and he’s never doubted that. Marcel reminds him this is something they have never faced before and with her power, they are going to need all the allies they can get including the Mikaelsons, or else the fight is over before it even starts.

Klaus talks to Hayley about her walk through Elijah’s mind, the things she saw, the innocent people slaughtered; she felt she would find him in a good place but he chose to be in the darkest part of himself. Klaus reminds her they are all monsters and committed countless atrocities over the years but Elijah has only ever done those things for family and that is why he is the very best of them.

Hayley smiles as Klaus says Elijah always has been. He puts his hand on her shoulder in reassurance. Kol is in the graveyard, on the phone with Rebekah. He is glad that everyone got what they wanted and Rebekah informs him she is staying in New Orleans to see this through and would like to convince him of the same.

As he places roses on Davina’s tomb, he feels he can’t but the rose wilts before his eyes and he turns to see the Hollow, unaware of who she is. He says he is not here for games, witch! She asks what if she told him she could bring Davina back to life, for a price? The Hollow slices her hand open with a dagger and Kol rushes when he hears Davina’s scream.

She is found within a protective circle, he tells the Hollow to let her go or he will rip her apart. She tells him he shouldn’t do that, since they are now linked and if he wants to keep Davina safe he now belongs to her.