90 Day Fiance Recap 11/11/18: Season 6 Episode 4 “I Know What You Did”

90 Day Fiance Recap 11/11/18: Season 6 Episode 4 "I Know What You Did"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance airs with an all-new Sunday, November 11, 2018 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you.  On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 6 episode 4 “I Know What You Did,” as per the TLC synopsis,“Leida’s family arrives in New York City; Ashley’s friends throw a party for Jay; Asuelu tells his side of the story to Kolini; Larissa clashes with Debbie over a big decision; Fernanda and Jonathan fight at the club; Olga feels contractions and gets unexpected news.”

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Some of the fiancées were in an awkward position because they didn’t have a visa to work on tonight’s all-new episode of “90 Day Fiancée”.

Larissa couldn’t work. She had to stay home all day while Colt went out to work and so she found herself alone with Debbie for the most part. Debbie was Colt’s mother and she and Larissa hadn’t gotten along when Larissa first came. Luckily, things changed when Larissa’s attitude changed. She started being more pleasant to the elderly woman and had even suggested that they got out shopping together. The family had held off on buying a new sofa until Larissa came and so that was the first thing she wanted to shop for. She wanted a new sofa that was on the modern side and Debbie was a little more traditional. The two women tried to work together to find a sofa they both liked and once they did Larissa had wanted to buy it.

Larissa was told by her fiancée that he would get her whatever she wanted if she went shopping with Debbie and so she did that, but it turns out Debbie was holding the purse strings. Debbie and Colt still share a joint bank account and it was Colt that had the job, so his mother hadn’t wanted to spend anything he earned until she talked about it with her son. Debbie told Larissa that she wanted Colt’s okay before they bought anything with his money and that hadn’t sat well with Larissa. Larissa thought Colt should have left her a credit card because she didn’t like his stipulations and she didn’t like Debbie turning her down. The two of them took one step forward and two steps back thanks to this shopping trip. And Colt was the one stuck in the middle.

Over in Russia, Olga went into labor. She started feeling contractions and so it had been a mad rush to the hospital. There Olga was examined and she was told that there was a room available for her. As in just her and no Steven. Steven needed the permission of the Chief Doctor in order to be in the delivery room and the doctor wasn’t going to be in until the next morning. He had to wait to see him and in the meantime, he hoped that Olga wouldn’t have the baby until then. Steven also said that if he missed the birth of the son that he would raise hell and he didn’t appear to be kidding. He was mistrustful of the hospital because he said it looked small and dirty. And so he really didn’t want to live either Olga or their son on their own at such a hospital.

Back in the States, Eric finally brought the rest of Leida’s family to the cabin. He had wanted to stay at the cabin in Pennsylvania as a way to introduce Leida to his lifestyle and, while she hadn’t been happy with the cabin, Eric had hoped her family wouldn’t a problem. They were used to bigger homes than Eric could afford and they didn’t know that he wasn’t rich. He sort of withheld that from them and Leida hadn’t said anything either because she knew her family would demand she’d go back to Indonesia. So Eric’s finances were a big secret though the family had their suspicions when they went to the cabin because they said it was really small and they didn’t like that they were so close to the forest or the animals that lived in the forest.

Jay had had an easier time of it fitting in. He and Ashley were doing their best as they learned to live together and they had been in for a nice surprise when Ashley’s friends threw a surprise party for Jay. It was a welcome party for him. He had loved it and he loved the people that threw it. Jay had fun at the party and he was enjoying his first experience in the states when Ashley’s best friend Natalie asked to speak to him. Jay had gone outside with her to hear what she had to say and it seems they had some bad blood between them that Natalie didn’t want to work past. She believed that Jay cheated on Ashley and she told Ashley this. Ashley had been really upset by it and she confronted Jay.

Jay denied the cheating and he had been upset with Natalie for what she did. He even told her this and said that he could have held what she did against her forever though he didn’t want to do that because she was Ashley’s friend and so he tried to put the past behind them. Jay said that they should leave the past in the past and Natalie wasn’t feeling it. She told him to his face that he cheated on Ashley with two women and, while she didn’t know how he supposedly cheated with other women or who these women were, she still says it happened. Natalie also said that she believed Jay would cheat again and that only when it happens will Ashley finally realized how much a child Jay is.

Fernanda meanwhile was struggling with her boredom. She hung out with Jonathan’s friends when they were available and she enjoyed herself. It just couldn’t happen all the time because the others worked. Fernanda, therefore, was on her own a lot. She missed hanging out with people and doing things. She couldn’t do that where they lived because it was apparently boring over there and so Jonathan decided to take her to Myrtle Beach. He took her there because he figured it would be like they were on vacation again. Jonathan also thought everything would be solved with this one trip and it wasn’t because Fernanda wanted to meet his family. She thought that if she meets his family she would feel less alone in the States and so she pushed him.

Jonathan kept saying that she would meet his family when they went to Chicago to get married and Fernanda knew that wasn’t right. She said how could his family get to know her if they didn’t meet until the day of the wedding. Fernanda suspected that there was something else going on and that’s why she pushed. She demanded to meet his family and so Jonathan eventually agreed to go to see them. Only he left out the part where his mother learned he was engaged through social media and how she called it a mid-life crisis. His mother had already set herself against this wedding and so Fernanda needed to be told. The longer she didn’t know, the worse this secret became.

Kalani had been very upfront with her fiancée. She said that her sister had a problem with him and Asuelu had tried to fix it. When he met the whole family, he told them that he wanted to support Kalani and their son. He also said that he would try to win over their trust and that was something only time could tell. Kalani in the meantime missed her sister and she needed someone in her life that would have told her not to quit her job. She said she quit her job because she wanted to spend as much time as possible with Asuelu when he came over and while sweet that didn’t make much sense. They have a young baby and Asuelu won’t get the visa to work for quite some time. And so the responsibility to keep their family afloat now relies on Kalani’s family.

Kalani’s parents gave them their second house in Utah to use. Kalani had been running out of money and couldn’t afford the Airbnb anymore, so her parents’ house had been perfect. It had five bedrooms and the only condition on it was that Kalani shares the house with her brother. The brother was already staying at the house and he would keep an eye on Kalani while she was there. Kalani admitted that her brother being around would make their parents feel more comfortable with her being so far away and so sharing one house could either be very good or go very bad for her relationship with Asuelu. Things will depend on what happens at the house and so neither Kalani nor Asuelu were that concerned because they were still in the early stages of their relationship. And though nothing was going to happen.

Eric, on the other hand, had been scared about the trip to Wisconsin. He wanted Leida and her family to enjoy his hometown, but he went about things all wrong. Eric brought his family together to welcome Leida’s family and Leida hadn’t been prepared when she met his ex-wife. She actually thought it was weird that the ex would still be around and that Eric would invite her. Leida didn’t think she would be around the ex or that they would ever have to meet and so Eric had to explain himself. He said that the divorce hadn’t been contentious and that he was still good friends with his ex-wife, so in all honesty that was good for their kids and Leida was the one that had to get used to it. She eventually said that she wouldn’t be best friends with the ex and so she’ll just be nice to her.

Jay had tried being nice to Natalie and Natalie had been rude to him. That more than anything turned him off of her and he no longer wanted anything to do with Natalie. Jay talked to Ashley about it afterward and he told her what happened. He said that Natalie was too involved in their relationship and he asked Ashley what she was going to do. Ashley had heard him out and she decided to distance herself from her former best friend. She threw Natalie out of the wedding party and explained to her other friends what happened. They had been shocked when they learned Ashley had to disinvite Natalie and despite that, no one had argued against it because they were Ashley friends as well and they still wanted to support her.

Ashley told them how she suspected Natalie was full of it. Natalie was intent on hating Jay because she heard rumors of his cheating and wasn’t even in the same country as him when this instances allegedly happened. So Ashley thought Natalie was just hating. Natalie was creating drama where there was none and she had gotten too involved. Ashley said she couldn’t handle it and it seems like Natalie may have caused drama in the past. And that might even explain how the others had all understood where Ashley was coming. Ashley has always wanted to get married and she wanted her day to go by perfectly. Now, did that mean the others didn’t have doubts? No, it does not because they all questioned why Jay had really proposed and they chose to ignore it for Ashley.

Larissa, as it turns out, had gone too far with wanting to buy the sofa. She had gone with Debbie to pick up Colt from work and Debbie later explained to her son what happened. Colt thought he should be there when they buy a sofa because it was his money and so he agreed with his mother. Debbie was the one person he knew he would always have in his corner and he trusted her judgment over Larissa. Larissa wanted to use his credit card and he turned that down because he knew she would max out his card. Colt knew that Larissa couldn’t be trusted with his finances because she has expensive tastes and so he ignored her pushing even if it didn’t stop her. Larissa still wanted Debbie to be less involved in their lives and she wasn’t hiding how she felt.

Before Kalani went to Utah with her family, she had her sister come over to help clear the air. Her sister Kolini was holding onto a lot of resentment that Kalani thought should be directed at her and so she just wanted to get a better footing with her sister before she left. Kolini came over and she spoke with Asuelu. Asuelu didn’t know why Kolini didn’t like him and so Kolini said that she believed he cheated on her sister. She also asked Asuelu if it was true and it wasn’t. Asuelu and Kalani had been together for a short time before she left to go back to the states and so they didn’t think they would ever see each again. He for one thought that was is until Kalani came back and was pregnant. And technically he didn’t cheat.

Kalani had said she didn’t like brown boys. She told him how she preferred dating white guys and so Asuelu thought should go back to dating a white guy however their pregnancy was something no one could have seen coming and so that changed everything. They decided to be together for their family and so Kolini got over some of her anger. She still didn’t quite trust him and she said she had to wait to see how he treated her sister before she could let her guard down. Kolini did tell Asuelu that she would treat him better and go forward their relationship should be better as well. But a relationship that wasn’t going to improve was Leida’s and her future stepdaughter. The daughter had stayed by her dad while he was away and she was supposed to clean up after herself.

Only she didn’t do that. She instead left the place disgusting and it turned Leida so off that she wanted to go home. Even Eric had been disgusted. He said that he taught his daughter how to wash the dishes and run the vacuum, except she left the apartment looking like a tornado hit. There were things on each and every surface and there was also dirty dishes in the sink as well as dust everywhere. Eric had not wanted to bring Leida back to a place looking like that and that’s why he specifically asked his daughter to clean up the place. The fact she ignored his wishes meant she didn’t want a new stepmother and that she wanted to drive Leida asway. And, well, the plan was working.

Larissa was soon introduced to Colt’s extended family. He was close to his cousin John and John had expressed some misgivings about Larissa because he didn’t think Colt should marry someone he’s only known for five days. He thought the whole thing was laughable. John was even more against the marriage when he met Larissa and learned that she needed her own “space”. Larissa didn’t believe people in a relationship should stick together like glue and so Colt had tried to be understanding of it. He said she needs her space and he needed his. His cousin didn’t think that would work out because he knew his cousin and he suspected his cousin was being naive in this situation. And so John made no secret that he suspected Larissa was marrying him for a green card.

The trip to Myrtle Beach worked for a while. Fernanda and Jonathan had laughed in the beginning and they had enjoyed themselves at the beach. Then everything changed when they went to the club. They love going to the club together because that’s what they mostly did in Mexico and so going to the club in the states proved to be a different experienced. Fernanda was underage and she couldn’t drink. She simply had to watch as Jonathan started drinking and kept drinking. He was getting sloppily drunk when Fernanda asked him to stop. She said she didn’t like it when he got that way and so he stopped while she went to the bathroom. Fernanda had been gone a few minutes when she came back and saw another woman all over Jonathan.

Jonathan had tried to explain to the woman that came to dance all over him that he couldn’t dance with her and what he should have done was create distance between them. That would have told the brazen young woman to back off and it wouldn’t have upset Fernanda. Fernanda came back and threw her drink all over the girl. She was also going to fight her when Jonathan came between them and so Fernanda chose to storm off. She was still angry when they got back to the car and a police car had come by to check them.

Over in Russia, Steven did get around to gaining permission to be in the delivery room. Olga had been in labor for hours by then and there was no real progress. The doctor decided, in the end, to go ahead with a C-section and so things didn’t go as planned.


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