90 Day Fiance Recap 12/09/18: Season 6 Episode 9 “No Way Out”

90 Day Fiance Recap 12/09/18: Season 6 Episode 9 "No Way Out"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance airs with an all-new Sunday, December 9, 2018 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you.  On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 6 episode 9 “No Way Out,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Leida kicks Tasha out of the house. Jonathan’s past catches up with him. Ashley and Jay worry about their safety. Kalani confronts Asuelu about their issues. Steven and Olga’s plan gets derailed. Larissa and John have an explosive fight.”

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Leida was willing to cancel the wedding because she wasn’t getting what she wanted. She told Eric that she didn’t like that his daughter lived with them and that she hated the fact he paid child support. Leida apparently found out that he spent thousands of dollars on child support and she didn’t see why he should spend so much money on other people when he could have been spending it on her. She told Eric what she felt and he asked her right out if she believed he should give up his parental rights. When Leida didn’t try to argue for his kids or even advocate for him maintaining a relationship with them, that’s when Eric lashed out. He accused Leida of only wanting a green card and said that there was no way they could get married now.

Larissa in the meantime went wedding dress shopping. She had wanted to be able to spend however much she needed to on her dream dress and she knew that she wasn’t going to get that if she brought Debbie along, but Colt made sure that Debbie was invited. He wanted his mother and fiancée to get along and he thought wedding dress shopping would bond them. Except it didn’t! Larissa tried on a dress she loved and it was over two thousand dollars while her actual budget was a thousand dollars. A mere thousand dollars in the wedding industry didn’t amount to much. It would have been unreasonable for Larissa to find a dress in that budget knowing that it wouldn’t be as half as good as she wanted it to be. And that’s why Debbie shouldn’t have said anything.

Debbie was just a little too controlling. She liked to have a say in her son’s life and what was good for him when he was single wasn’t quite true now that he was getting married. Colt needed to be able to talk things out with Larissa without his mom butting in and Debbie shouldn’t have butted in on the dress. She said that it was too much money and that Colt shouldn’t spend so much. Debbie also added that Colt could either spend his money on Larissa’s green card or he could get the dress that Larissa wanted. Which wasn’t rational at all. Larissa wanted to become a US citizen one day and she didn’t think she would have to pick that over her wedding day dreams. Not when Colt could do both if Debbie wasn’t in his ear about him saving money.

Jonathan had a very different problem with his mother. His mom didn’t want him to get married because she thought Fernanda was too young and she had talked to him about rushing into things. Jonathan was left upset by that. He thought that his mother was interfering in his life and that made him push her away. He didn’t care if she showed up or not and so it had been Fernanda that fought for him repairing that relationship. Fernanda was taught how a man treated his mother was how he was going to treat his wife and so she didn’t want him to bet at odds with his mom. Jonathan used to be very close to his mother and Fernanda wanted to get them both back to that place. She went out of her way to invite Ceci to participate in wedding things and she ignored the older woman’s comments during her dress fitting. And so it was now Jonathan’s turn to make an effort.

Jay and Ashley weren’t like the other couples. They found themselves dealing with racial abuse online and somehow this person behind it had made it onto their wedding page as well as their wedding registry. It got so bad that people were dropping out of the wedding. These friends that were dropping out had been worried about their personal safety and so that had disappointed Ashley. She thought that her friends would support her no matter what and it turns out a lot of them were willing to jump on a convenient excuse. And so Ashley made a choice. She realized that she didn’t need a big wedding because she had tried planting them in the past and it never worked ou

Ashley then told Jay what they were feeling and they were in an agreement. They both realized they didn’t need a wedding when all they wanted to do was get married and so they chose to go to Las Vegas. They decided on eloping and the people that were very much involved in the wedding had understood. All of Ashley’s real friends had seen the elopement just as Ashley wanting to be married and they weren’t worried this was another way for her to run. Ashley has backed out of engagements and canceled wedding before, only this time is different. This time it wasn’t Ashley or cheating fiancés that were causing all the drama. It was racist with nothing better to do and so these people weren’t going to be given the opportunity to run the couple’s wedding day.

Asuelu and Kalani had had problems in the past with Kalani’s family hating Asuelu and not wanting her to have anything to do with him, but Kalani said one of the reasons she wasn’t sure about marrying Asuelu was because he was immature. Asuelu tends to get up and walk away when they were in a fight. He didn’t get into argument and he wasn’t acting as an American would act. Kalani, for instance, thought that Asuelu was cuddling her at night because he was trying to use sex to get past an argument and that wasn’t the case. Asuelu liked cuddling Kalani because he was affectionate. He always dreamed of being able to cuddle with his wife one day and he thought that now he was in America that could happen. And so more often than not, Kalani was simply choosing to believe the worst of him without giving him a chance.

Over in Russia, Steven was struggling with the visa process. It was taking too long and eventual Steven was going to have to go back home to the states. He said he didn’t want to go without his son and so he thought about taking Richie to the states. The baby was an American because he was a father was an American and could apply for citizenship for him. So it was just Olga that had to wait for a visa. She could be waiting months and possibly even years because the current relationship between the United States and Russia wasn’t as good as others. And so Steven had a right to be upset though he didn’t have the right to take Richie away from his mother or even think of separating them.

Steven didn’t tell Olga what he was thinking when they flew to the American Embassy in Moscow. He just told her what they needed to do to get Richie’s citizenship and on they went. Olga didn’t mind going to Moscow because of her best friends lived there and she wanted to introduce Steven to her. Her friend had been concerned about Olga because she heard about the arguments between the couple. Olga and Steven were fighting all the time because he was generally insensitive. He demanded that Olga thank him for going to do the grocery shopping and picking up medication for their son. Like he was doing something special! Steven also reacted very jealousy towards his son because he thought he should be Olga’s first priority and he wasn’t. And so one of the things her friend asked was if Steven was in Russia for Olga or if he came for the baby.

Steven didn’t really know the answer to that one.

Then things became explosive between Larissa and Colt’s family. His family took one look at Larissa and thought she was marrying Colt for a green card. They thought this because why else would a young attractive woman be interested in the nerdy momma’s boy. Colt was cheap, on the chunky side, and lived with his mother as well as a bunch of cats. He didn’t have a lot going for him and so his cousin quickly wrote off Larissa. Larissa was called an opportunist and she was basically painted to be the devil because she didn’t want to live with Debbie. Debbie called the shots with Colt and she still wanted to do that with her son. She was never going to like whoever he brought home and so it wasn’t surprising when she complained about Larissa to her nephew.

This cousin of Colt’s came to the house and tried to tell Larissa she was being unfair to Debbie. Debbie was the elderly woman that needed to be taken care of and John accused Larissa of wanting to push Debbie out on the streets. No one said that they wanted Debbie to live without support. It just wasn’t fair for a newly married couple to live with an in-law when that in-law was being especially controlling. Debbie would rearrange the table that Larissa put out and she would tell Larissa that she couldn’t get a new coach or car or wedding dress. She was simply too involved and Larissa didn’t want her around. And when Larissa tried to tell John this, John called her a bitch and called her a gold-digger that was only with Colt for the money. And so Larissa disinvited him from the wedding while her loving fiancé said nothing.

Colt thought Larissa had been rude. He talked to her about how she came across and said that she wasn’t giving anyone a reason to believe she was a good person when she acts like she didn’t care about people. Larissa tried to defend herself by saying that Debbie had poisoned John against her and Colt said it didn’t matter. Colt said that both Larissa and Debbie thought the worst of each other. He thought that if Larissa tried more that they would get along and so she snapped at him. His relatives were accusing her of being horrible and trying to defend herself had made her look like a bitch – at least according to Colt. Colt could be very condescending to his fiancée and so it was no surprise when she threw his ring at him or said that she could just go home. Larissa was getting tired of Colt not defending her and it didn’t look like he was ever going to change.

Back with Eric and Leida, the two talked. Eric explained how it was the law that he pay child support and how he wanted to take care of his kids because it wasn’t a burden to him. He also apologized for accusing her of merely wanting a green card and so Leida decided to stay. She said she needed to feel like she was his first priority and he promised to make her that. He added that to his promises of buying her a house and getting Tasha to move out but Tasha didn’t move out. Weeks went by without anything changing until Leida just snapped. She saw Tasha’s room was a mess and said it was a sign that Tasha enjoyed living like a slob. So Leida used that as an excuse to kick out of Tasha.

Leida and Tasha never got on because Leida has been trying to kick her out since they met. Leida always wanted to use Tasha’s room as a room for her own son Allessandro. Allessandro should be the only one that Eric apparently takes care of and so Leida basically called up Eric with the intention of making him choose. Eric had to choose between his selfish fiancée and his daughter. He ultimately chose Leida. Leida used that to kick out Tasha and so Tasha left. Tasha was done with Leida and she wasn’t going to go to the wedding or come around. When she said she was done, she meant it.


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