Hawaii Five-0 Fall Finale Recap 12/13/19: Season 10 Episode 10 “To Return Evil For Evil”

Hawaii Five-0 Fall Finale Recap 12/13/19: Season 10 Episode 10 "To Return Evil For Evil"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 air with an all-new Friday, December 13, 2019, episode and we have your Hawaii Five-0 recap below.  On tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 season 10 episode 10 Fall Finale called, “ka i ka ‘ino, no ka ‘ino (to return evil for evil)” as per the CBS synopsis, “When Five-0 investigates a tourist helicopter that was shot down by a missile, they trace the stolen artillery to a ghost from McGarrett’s past – Wo Fat. Also, after Adam’s ordeal in rescuing Tamiko and reconnecting with the Yakuza, he makes a bold decision about his future with Five-0.”

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Adam can lose his job over this. His watch, as well as his DNA, was connected to a crime scene and so Adam had two options. He could either tell the truth or lie yet somehow Adam managed to find a third option. The one in which he quits his job at Five-0. He chose to quit because he didn’t want to lie to McGarrett and he couldn’t exactly tell the truth because that would implicate him in a murder. Adam then walked away. He quit and McGarrett just knows that HPD was going to go after him. He wanted the chance to help his friend so he turned to Danny.

Danny was the one that offered Adam the badge. McGarrett was hoping Danny’s relationship with Adam will hopefully get Adam to open up to Danny and so the men were going to keep what happened to themselves. They weren’t going to tell the rest of the team. The team was busy anyways with a new case and so McGarrett gave that his attention. His team investigated a small aircraft explosion. The aircraft belonged to Oahu Sunrise Tours and it was in the middle of one of those tours that it exploded.

Tani had initially believed it was a bomb because the recording of the flight showed there was no warning of an engine failure. The plane had also been inspected a week ago and so it couldn’t have failed without an explanation, but Junior later found the real cause of the explosion. He found a piece of the flight that had been hit by a rocket launcher. It seems someone shot the plane out of the air and so it was up to Five-0 to find out who was behind it. They were investigating their case while Adam was with Tamiko.

Tamiko had just lost her father. She needed to inform her other relatives and grieve the last parent she had left. Tamiko had wondered about Adam’s job. She asked him how his team was going to respond to her father’s death and so Adam had to tell her the truth. He told her he quit his job and why. Adam was explaining himself to his very confused girlfriend. He was doing that while his team was looking for someone callously murdered seven individuals. The team figured one of the victims was the real target so they investigated everyone and they came back with Ellison Jones.

Ellison was in Hawaii on vacation. He was unmarried and yet he was occupying two rooms. Another odd thing had been the fact he withdrew fifty thousand out of the bank the first chance he got. It was odd and it seemed as if Ellison came to the island with his own motives. The tour trip was probably the only thing that fit. He clearly wanted to see the island and he was enjoying himself when, out of nowhere, his plane was hit by a rocket launcher. And so the team went to the hotel as a means of meeting his guest.

His guest stayed at the penthouse. Ellison, however, was staying near the boiling room and so something was odd about the whole arrangement. The team later met the woman. She was a “money mistress” and that meant she spent Ellison money just to torture him. Which is what he liked, apparently. The woman was also the one that was supposed to be on the tour. She said the pilot called and canceled her flight three days ago because the plane had needed work. And that he called back by saying his tour was only available that day, except she was planning something and so she sent Ellison on the tour instead.

Right away that story made the pilot look bad. He didn’t usually call people personally and his plane had been checked over a week before the attack. He therefore lied to this woman and the question was why. Why did he lie about his plane? His place also proved he was into something shady because HPD had a hard time getting in with how it was locked up and guarded. This in turn gave them more questions about Jordan Natua. Natua had lived his life under the radar and then he canceled his trip with a bunch of passengers over a lame excuse. And it costed him almost seven thousand dollars.

There’s no way he would have left so much money on the line if there wasn’t a good excuse or perhaps a better offer. The team tracked his movements while his plane was supposedly in the shop and it had turns he had flown that day. He flew into a non-fly zone. He also turned off his tracker as he did so and that meant he was covering up his motives. The team had needed to know what he was doing out there and they therefore flew close to the location to see if they could find anything. And while McGarrett and Danny were doing that, the rocket launcher that took out the plane was being investigated as well.

The rocket launcher was traced back to a much larger shipment of weapons that was stolen from Russia years ago. The person behind the theft and later sale of the items was identified as Wo Fat. Wo Fat has been dead for years. He couldn’t be behind this attack. The team believed he merely sold the weapon that was later used and so they focused on tracing Natua’s movements. They followed his plane route until they found a house. The house was quiet as a mouse and that’s because everyone that had been there had been killed.

The men at the house had been ambushed. None of them fired a single shot in their defense and, well, they were all dead. It seems they were guarding Wo Fat’s arsenal. The arsenal was inherited by another baddie and that he had been his house that was robbed. But Junior recognized one of the faces from the security footage. He said he passed the guy at the gas station that looked like him and he had been right. Footage from the gas station showed that it was the same man even if they didn’t know how to identified him. He did identified the woman the suspect was with. Her name is Daiyu Mei. She escaped a Chinese prison for trafficking weapons and was currently wanted by Interpol.

The team searched Daiyu’s aliases. She had a place in Florida that was used as the location for a shell company and the shell company owned a warehouse on the island. The team later hit the warehouse, but there were no weapons and no Daiyu. She had been one step ahead of them the whole time. She let Junior see her face and she wanted them to find the empty warehouse because she led them to it.

Daiyu did all of this because elsewhere she killed a bunch of people and left one of them alive to carry out a message. She told the witness to tell McGarrett that Wo Fat’s wife sends her regards.

And meanwhile Adam found himself slowly returning to the Yakuza all without realizing it, but at this point, he’ll do anything to protect Tamiko and her life was threatened by his many enemies.