Shameless Recap 12/29/19: Season 10 Episode 8 “Debbie Might Be A Prostitute”

Shameless Recap 12/29/19: Season 10 Episode 8 "Debbie Might Be A Prostitute"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, December 29, 2019, season 10 episode 8 called, “Debbie Might Be A Prostitute,” and we have your weekly Shameless recap below. On tonight’s Shameless episode, as per the Showtime synopsis, “Debbie weighs the pros and cons of a new career path; Frank uncovers the truth about Faye’s living situation, and miscommunication between Ian and Mickey has disastrous consequences.

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Paula wakes up, notices someone in her bedroom, the person is wearing black gloves, and pushes her out the window where she falls to her death on the concrete outside.

Tami is kissing Lip to wake him up. Lip worries about Fred being sick when Tami tells him that they need to go buy diaper cream. Lip says they have to get him checked out, it is his first day at daycare and they said not to bring him if he is sick. Fred wakes up, their kissing ends.

A police officer arrives at the Gallagher’s house, Ian is there, so is Mickey, but he runs off. The officer tells Ian that Paula was found dead and it is suspicious, he asks him to go down to the station, and to be Mickey.

V is getting the kids ready for school, Kev tells her they have a letter from the IRS. V tells him to open it, they have to face it head-on. The envelope contains a cheque for over $800, not what either of them was expecting.

Ian finds Mickey, tells him that Paula is dead, Mickey asks if it is Christmas. Ian says they have to go down to the station.

Tami and Lip are making breakfast, Liam is there, he gets a call and leads. Debbie walks in and tells Lip that she met a woman the night before, she slept with her, and she left her an envelope filled with a thousand dollars. Lip says the woman thought she was a prostitute. Debbie leaves. Ian walks in and asks to speak to Lip, he tells him that he thinks Mickey killed their parole officer. Ian says he doesn’t know what to do, Lip reminds him that he is a Gallagher, always lie.

Kev and V are at the bar, talking about the money they received from the IRS. Frank walks in with Faye, tells everyone it is a beautiful morning. Faye goes to the bathroom, Frank tells everyone that she lives in a Rolls Royce. Faye comes out of the bathroom, Kev asks her if she has a house, she says yes.

Carl is at work, he says his fate is serving fish and taters. His boss says it wasn’t her fate either, but she loved cocaine. She tells him to get a fake ID and go be a cop.

Ian finds out that if he is married, he and his spouse can’t testify against each other.

Tami is filling out paperwork for the daycare.

Debbie goes back to see the woman she slept with the night before. She tells her that she is not a prostitute, she just met her and liked her. They agree to meet for dinner late that evening, and Claudia tells her to keep the money as a gift, it is the least she can do for insulting her. Furthermore, Claudia tells her to keep the room for the day, order room service and get a spa treatment while she is at work.

Frank is sitting with Faye, she tells him that she is terrified to be in her house alone, it is haunted. The house has 22,000 plus square feet on the lake; her father had hundreds of bottles of scotch, he was a collector. Frank tells her that he likes ghosts and he can help get rid of them for good for her.

Lip is at work, asks Brad for advice on who to make a guardian for Fred. Tami calls, Fred has a fever, the daycare wouldn’t accept him – she is leaving him with her aunt.

Faye and Frank are in the car driving to her house. When they arrive, she tells him she can’t do it. Frank encourages her to get out of the car, helps her into the house. Inside, Frank tells her they can start with the scotch collection room. Faye follows Frank leads Faye up the stairs.

Mickey goes to his father for advice, he tells him that he is pretty sure that Ian pushed the parole officer out the window. Mickey asks for options, his father tells him that he is a Milkovich, they are going to pin this on him. Mickey finds out the same thing as Ian, if they get married, they cannot testify against each other. Mickey’s father tells him that if he marries a man he is going to kill him in his sleep.

Carl heads to the police station, gives a fake ID and tries to join, he is told to leave. After a short discussion, he gets an offer to join a youth program.

Lip arrives home, finds Tami’s aunt taking care of Fred. As well, she did two loads of laundry, sweet rolls and a chicken for dinner.

Frank and Faye are in the scotch room, Frank can’t believe it, he is giddy like a schoolboy. Faye hands him a drink, she tells him that the bed is haunted. Frank puts himself on the bed, she gives him a second drink and then handcuffs him to the bed.

Liam is at a basketball game, he gives one of the players a pair of running shoes, although he is reluctant to wear them, he does.

V and Kev invest in a marketing product, patches that cover the circles under the eyes. They give them to the bar patrons, and they all have a bad reaction, end up with burn marks under the eyes.

Tami arrives home and is happy to see her aunt, who tells her that she loves Fred and Lip, who she insists on calling Phillip. She tells the two that she is going to teach Fred and the little colored boy about the Gettysburg address after supper, and they should go on a date. Tami is thrilled to have time alone with Lip, but Lip wants to address the fact that the aunt called Carl the little colored boy. Tami rushes Lip out the door.

Mickey and Ian meet at the diner, Ian tells him that they should get married, then they can’t testify against each other. Mickey says that staying out of jail is a crap reason for getting married. Ian puts out his hand, asks Mickey if he loves and trusts him too. Mickey says I do.

The sales rep arrives back at the bar, thinking she is bringing V and Kev more product, they demand their money back. She tells them no refunds and they should be inventive with the product.

Carl is at his youth program and not impressed with the other teenagers who are there.

Mickey and Ian are at the courthouse to get married and find out on the news that someone was arrested for Paula’s murder.

V and Kev try to find another use for their eye patches.

Mickey and Ian are arguing, they both find out that the other thought each other killed Paula. Mickey signs the marriage contract, Ian doesn’t sign it. Mickey walks out.

Debbie arrives at the bar, she tries to tell Claudia that she can’t accept any more gifts because she feels like a prostitute. Debbie tries to give her a luggage tag and tells her that they are going on a girl’s weekend to the beach. Then, Claudia apologies, tells Debbie that she is much more than a prostitute and sorry about the gifts, it is the only way she knows how to show affection. Debbie says sorry too. Claudia tells her that they should have a true do-over.

Frank is handcuffed to the bed, Faye walks in and asks him if he remembers Kyle Holmes. She says that Kyle Holmes was her fiancé and they were going to get married until Frank ruined everything. In summer 1995, she plays a video. Her fiancé has been in prison for 24 years now because of Frank who sold him drugs. Frank doesn’t remember anything and says that he was on drugs at the time.

Carl takes control of his youth program.

Kev and V recycle their eye patches for hemorrhoid patches.

Ian catches up to Mickey, he tells him that he hadn’t thought out this whole marriage thing. Mickey storms off, Ian shouts that he loves him, it is just the whole marriage thing that he is not sure of. Mickey punches Ian, who falls down the stairs.

Tami is outside drinking a beer, Lip tells her that her aunt can’t be Fred’s guardian. They make a deal that they won’t have a guardian and nothing will happen to either of them.

Carl and his youth program apprehend a man for jaywalking.


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