The Voice Recap 04/06/20: Season 18 Episode 8 “The Battles Part 3”

The Voice Recap 04/06/20: Season 18 Episode 8 "The Battles Part 3"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Monday, April 6, 2020, season 18 episode 8 “The Battles Part 3,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 18 episode 8 “The Battles Part 3,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The “Battle Rounds” conclude as the coaches enlist music industry powerhouses Jonas Brothers (Team Nick), Dua Lipa (Team Kelly), Ella Mai (Team Legend) and Bebe Rexha (Team Blake) to prepare their artists to go head to head in the hopes of advancing to the “Knockout Rounds.” Each coach has one steal and in a new twist, one save, that will enter their saved artist into a Four-Way Knockout.

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The first battle tonight is from Team Nick between Samuel Wilco and Arei Moon, they are being mentored by the Jonas Brothers and singing, “Missing You.” It is Samuel’s birthday today, the Jonas brothers got him a cake and sing happy birthday to him. He has twins that are 18 years old, he says they are going to be pumped that they sang to him. Arei shares that she has a very supportive husband and was looking forward to being mentored by Nick.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “Oh my gosh that was so good, the chemistry, the whole vibe, I loved the song. I turned for both of you, this is a very even matched battle, you both have big cool voices. It was a really good time.” Blake: “I loved that performance, I loved that song. Samuel, you have this really big voice, you are very quick, its fun to listen to too. On the flip side, Arei fills that with different runs and just lets her voice come out. I think it is a pretty even match, I am not going to help you.” John: “I felt real joy come from both of you, even though it is a song about I’m not missing this person, but when Arei said it she did this little thing, it was like you were having fun. At this moment I would give a slight edge to Arei, I felt more power coming from your voice and I felt connected with it a little bit more.” Nick: “I made a mistake in pairing you both together because I love you so much. I loved working with you as vocalists you are inspiring to be around and makes the decision so much harder.”

Battle Winner: Arei

The next battle is from team Kelly between Megan Danielle and Samantha Howell, they are being mentored by Dua Lipa, and singing, “Top of The World.” Megan says she likes R&B and country, Samantha says she likes pop but she sings country. Samantha doesn’t think of herself as a country artist and she is happy to have gotten Kelly, she was her first choice as a coach. Megan is a senior in high school and sings on the side. Her mom is a single mother and she is doing this for her, she wants to give her family a better life.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “Kelly handed you guys a sacred piece of music there, it says a lot about the confidence that she had in the two of you. Megan you to me are the shocker, my God, your voice is just unbelievable. Kelly is the only person that turned around for you, clearly, I had gone to the bathroom or something, there is no way I would have not hit my button for you. You know when I hear a singer with that kind of tone is wow they probably can’t get up in there, but you do, and you do it well with a lot of strength and power. Samantha, I did hit my button for you and Kelly stole my dream, she used her block on me. I think I heard some moments in there where the pitch was a little bit under a couple of times, and really can’t say the same thing for Megan’s performance, I would go with Megan.”

John: “Samantha you have a really strong clear voice that really rang out especially in the higher notes. Megan, I think the thing that made you the most interesting is your tone, the grit in your voice, it just sounded unique to me.” Nick: “Samantha I turned my chair for you in the blinds, I think you are incredible you know that. Megan, I don’t know your story or your life, but it felt like your story and your life and that is a tough thing to do at your age.” Kelly: “I loved the battle. Samantha the roundness of your tone, the clarity it just sounds really pure and pretty. Megan sounds raw, it’s like a completely different tone. And, I will say, Megan, you are one of those people when push comes to shove and it counts, you fight, that is the best you have ever sounded.”

Battle Winner: Megan

Kelly Clarkson uses her SAVE on Samantha.

From team Blake this battle is between Todd Tilghman and Jon Mullins, they are being mentored by Bebe Rexha, and singing, “Ghost In This House.” Todd has eight children, right now he only performs at church, and to support his family and children through only music is a dream. Jon’s wife is his biggest supporter and fan. He lives in Nashville and plays shows wherever he can.

Coaches Comments: John: “I love the emotion you both put in the performance. I really feel a connection between the two of you and that is a nice thing for us to see here today. Todd, I loved you from the beginning and wanted you on my team, I thought your performance was fantastic in the blinds. John, you sound so good.” Nick: “I love the emotion, it was really a well-executed performance. John, you came out of nowhere with this and blew us all away, I am proud of you for that. If I was making a choice right now I would have to go with John.” Kelly: “I am a fan of both you and I thought it was a pretty even battle. Any of that nineties country Todd, I want you singing it. It really comes down to who you connect with more and you think will last in this competition.” Blake: “I made a huge monumental mistake pairing you two together, but it is in your favor, you are the one who stepped up and made this an impossible decision because it was an epic performance. I am going to go with my gut here.”

Battle Winner: Todd Tilghman

Nick steals Jon Mullins

From Team John this battle is between Zan Fiskum and Brittney Allen, they are being mentored by Ella Mai, and singing, “Closer To Fine.” Brittney is on cloud nine, being in the room with two Grammy artists. Zan’s family volunteered at a musical theatre during her life so she is used to being on stage. Now she writes and performs in an Indie Rock band.

Coaches Comments: Nick: “That was so unexpected, what a great song choice. I love the camaraderie in that, where you let each other shine. There was a moment in there where I thought Zan is going to take this whole thing, then you effortlessly gave the spotlight to Brittney. It was enjoyable to see you work together to create a great moment for everyone in this room. I can’t wait to see if both of you continue, hopefully, someone will use their steal.” Kelly: “It was so effortless and beautiful, I thought at first that Zan was taking the lead and poor Brittney, and Brittney opened her mouth and it was almost like you both seamlessly weaved this beautiful magical moment. I am so angry now that I don’t have a steal, but it’s ok, I’ll drink about it tonight. I don’t know where you are going to go with this one.”

Blake: “Brittney your voice is pointed and very clear, it’s almost rigid sometimes and I like that a lot. Zan had overall a better performance technically. If I were John, I would go with Zan.” John: “Everybody has been floored by this duet. Brittney, you took the song and you made it like, this is the way I am supposed to sing it in my voice and you have a very clear powerful voice. Zan has a very magical tone, you have all of it. Both of you were unique in your delivery of the song. Definitely the best performance today, but I am biased.”

Battle Winner: Zan Fiskum

From team Kelly, this battle is between Mandi Thomas and Sara Collins, they are being mentored by Dua Lipa and are singing, “My Baby Loves Me.” Sara has always loved Dua Lipa, her music has its own vibe. Growing up in Baton Rouge music was a culture for her, she spent the last couple of years opening for some big artists. Mandi has had years of classical training, Kelly was the only one who turned for her. She has a band back home in Memphis, they like to do different genres.

Coaches Comments: Blake: I will start with you Sara, there were a couple of notes towards the end of the song that you went for that you didn’t quite get up there, I don’t know if it were nerves, cause I think you have the talent and a cool voice, you just got figure out a way to reel that in a bit. Mandi country music is not your thing, but I’ll be damned if you don’t sound good on a country song. I would pick Mandi.” John: “Both of you sounded great and I also enjoyed just watching you. I like it when you harmonized, your voices are really different. Sara’s voice is a bit more piercing, Mandi you are very good at singing country but Sara sounded more like a country singer to me.” Nick: “I do agree with John, Sara you have a great voice it is just a little thinner than Mandi, but that is a voice that would be excellent to record, it cuts through in a great way. Mandi, I don’t know comfortable you were, but you killed it for me. I am curious to see where the song choices would go, you have so much variety in your voice.” Kelly: “First of all, I think your background Mandi makes you blend really well. Sara your voice cuts through.”

Battle Winner: Mandy Thomas

From Team Kelly, Tayler Green and Sara Collins also battled between each other singing, Water Under the Bridge.” Kelly’s Comments: “You both came in really strong, I think I am just going to go with who can navigate the show the best.” The winner of this battle was Tayler Green.

From Team Nick, Jacob Miller and Kevin Farris also battle between each other singing, “Lights Up.” Nick Comments: “I am proud of you both pushing yourselves, the tough spot I am in now is that I have to let one of you go home.” The winner of this battle was Jacob Miller.

The last battle of the night is from team John between Thunderstorm Artis and Cedrice, they are being mentored by Ella Mai and are singing, “Stay.” Thunderstorm grew up in Hawaii with eleven children. Last year he moved to Nashville. Cedrice grew up in a Philipino household, she wants to have a musical career for her family.

Coaches Comments: Nick: “This is one of the battles that I was most looking forward to seeing and you guys did not disappoint, it was out of this world. And also, this was so incredibly intimate. Cedrice, you never stepped outside of your comfort zone and tried to compete with Thunderstorm, you did your thing, it felt effortless, you sold it, I am blown away. Thunderstorm, I was devasted that you didn’t pick me, you came out here and sang your behind off. If I was john, I would pick Thunderstorm.”

Kelly: “I think both of you made each other sound even better. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you Cedrice because you are so comfortable in your skin. Thunderstorm you have a good voice, the tone, the range, in a competition setting you can do so many songs.” Blake: Thunderstorm you have the coolest name. Cedrice there is something magical about you and you are super talented on top of that. Thunderstorm you live up to that name, you are going to dominate in this industry. I pick Thunderstorm.” John: “This is not a one-way thing, we feel inspired in your presence, thank you for that. Cedrice carries yourself like you should be on many stages, a supermodel, an actress, a singer, everything. Thunderstorm you have one of the most special voices I have ever heard.”

Battle Winner: Thunderstorm

Blake steals Cedrice