Magnum P.I. Recap 10/22/21 Season 4 Episode 4 “Those We Leave Behind”

Magnum P.I. Recap 10/22/21 Season 4 Episode 4 "Those We Leave Behind"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. airs with an all-new Friday, October 22, 2021, episode and we have your Magnum P.I. recap below. On tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 4 episode 4 “Those We Leave Behind,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Higgins’ therapist hires her to look into why one of her teenage patients died of suicide.”

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Tonight’s Magnum PI episode begins with Juliet, she goes to see a Dr Ogawa and when she arrives Juliet changes her mind and wants to leave. The doctor tells her to stick around, she is already there and should just sit and chat for an hour. Juliet goes on to say that she was just in Kenya with her boyfriend Ethan for Doctors Without Borders and she had to come home. She says Ethan is a great guy, kind, dedicated and nice.

But she just found out that he has to do six months there. The doctor asks her if she is in love with Ethan and she says she loves him very much. The doctor gets a text and apologies, she forgot to close her phone. She goes over to turn off her phone and looks at the text, she looks disturbed by it.

The doctor sits down, Juliet asks her if she is ok, she says no, she will recommend another therapist, it’s not fair if she doesn’t have her full attention. She just got an appointment reminder, but that patient died two days ago, she was seventeen and they say it was suicide. Juliet tells her she can look into it, her and her partner are private investigators.

Gordon’s wife and son are in a mini van, Denis is driving and stops at a stop sign when two men in a car ambush them, throw them out and steal their van.

In the hospital, Gordon is there and he is distraught. His wife says their son was trying to protect her and they threw him to the ground where he hit his head. Denis has a brain bleed and has to go right into emergency surgery.

Magnum gets a call from Juliet and shows up at the hospital. Gordon tells them that the entire force is looking for the two perpertrators, Higgins and Magnum want to help, they don’t follow the same rules as the force.

Back at the house, the dogs are growling at Magnum. Higgins tells him that she took a case, the girls name was Ani Rogers, the autopsy isn’t completed, but she was found hanging. There was note written on her laptop screen, she could have typed it or someone else could have. Magnum says maybe Dr. Ogawa feels gu8ilty and is looking for an explanation. Higgins doesn’t think so, Ani was improving and was excited about an upcoming school dance. Higgins goes to look at her social media and all her accounts are already shut down. Magnum says they should speak to Ani’s parents, so they head over there.

At Ani’s house, they give their condolences and say they couldn’t give them online because her social media is shut down. Her parents didn’t do it, they wouldn’t know how. Higgins tells the truth, she says they are there to investigate Ani’s death. Mr. Rogers says his daughter is dead because of her therapist and tells them to leave.

In the hospital, Gordon’s son is still undergoing surgery. He gets a text from Magnum who says again that he wants to help

Higgins and Magnum head to the beach where there is a memorial set up for Ani with a photo of her three friends, Missy, Collette and Amanda. They see the three friends suiting to the side and Higgins goes to speak to them and gives her condolences. Higgins mentions that Ani’s boyfriend must be upset and one of the girls says Ani didn’t have a boyfriend, she has never even been kissed.

Magnum tells Higgins that Ani did have a boyfriend and his name was Will. They got the results for the autopsy; affixation and there was 90 mgs of Xanax in her blood. They find out that Dr. Owana didn’t give Ani a prescription and her parents are suing her for wrongful death, it was served an hour ago. She never spoke about Will, Dr. Owana didn’t know she had a boyfriend. On the morning that Ani died she sent Will a text breaking up with him, and he never showed up at the memorial.

They go to see Will and he looks nervous, when they tell him who they are he says he thought it was a suicide. When they start asking questions Will gets nervous and tells them to leave. They know he knows something for sure. And, her social media is back. Higgins says they should go to speak to Collette, the quiet one at the memorial.

Gordon’s son is out of surgery, he is going to be ok. Higgins and Magnum arrive at Collette’s house and look through the windows when she doesn’t answer. They see water coming from the ceiling and break open the door thinking something is wrong. They head upstairs to see where the water is coming from, find an empty bottle of alcohol and Collette in the bath tub, water filled over her head. Magnum pulls her out, she is not breathing.

At the hospital, Collette is going to pull through, a few more minutes and she wouldn’t have made it. Meanwhile, since Gordon’s son is ok he is out looking for the men that carjacked him. He heads to a building where stolen cards are being turned over and one of them is his. He threatens the guy there in an attempt to get the names of the two guys.

Higgins found out what happened to Ani’s social media, it was a hacker. The visit the hacker and find out that Amanda’s mother, Shelly Davis, hired him and there is more, he says Amanda killed Ani. Next stop is to go to Amanda’s house, and tells her that they have the videos that they paid the hacker to get rid of on social media. Amanda hired Will for two hundred dollars to get Ani to give it up by the dance. On the day Ani died, Amanda sent her the video showing what Will consented to with the message, “everyone is laughing at you, they all hate you, why don’t you just get on with it and kill yourself.

I’ve left something at the backdoor to help.” Amanda left a bottle of Xanax. The cops show up and Amanda is taking into custody. Elsewhere, Gordon and his team find the carjackers and arrest them. Gordon calls Magnum to thank him for calling a friend who knows a friend and says tell Lea she doesn’t have to do the paperwork, he will do it. Magnum is surprised that Gordon knows Lea is there and Gordon says he is a dedictive, they laugh it off and Gordon tells him to do whatever makes him happy.

Juliet goes back to see Dr. Owana, she says she wishes she had seen the signs. Juliet says she doesn’t need therapy, Dr. Owana says that maybe she can offer clarity. She then says she thinks she is not in love with Ethan, she says she loved him, not that she was in love with him. In fact, the doctor thinks that Juliet has feelings for Magnum.