The Blacklist Premiere Recap 10/21/21: Season 9 Episode 1 “The Skinner”

The Blacklist Premiere Recap 10/21/21: Season 9 Episode 1 "The Skinner"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new Thursday, October 21, 2021, premiere episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 1 called, “The Skinner”,  as per the NBC synopsis, “In the two years following the death of Elizabeth Keen, Raymond Reddington and the members of the FBI Task Force have disbanded with Reddington’s whereabouts unknown.

When one of their own is injured in the line of duty, however, the Task Force is drawn back together to bring down a conspiracy that could shatter global security.”

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Tonight’s episode of The Blacklist begins with Dembe, he is speak to a man about Elizabeth and how she dies when two men show up in an SUV. Two more men get out and one calls the man with Dembe a cop and tells Dembe to shoot him. They find a business card on Dembe that says he is with the FBI and the man in charge orders for his people to kill Dembe. Two of the men leave and Dembe is left with other two and soon manages to get one of their guns in a scuffle. In the end, all of the men are dead and Dembe is fine.

Aram is watching the news about one FBI agent dead and another wounded raising fears in the vital supply of microchips. With them is Harold Cooper live on TV, he says if the ability to import microchips is threatended then so is their economy.

Dembe is in the hospital, he has third degree burns on his upper arms and torso. Harold is there to visit him, Dembe says he needs to find him, a man, he shows Harold a photo, six months undercover and he only has a photo of the man’s hand with a symbol tattooed on it.

In Tapai,, Tawain the people who stole the microchips are looking for the person who made them so they can replicate them.

Harold sent a secret message to find Reddington, he goes into the bar and the bartender tellshim that the “doctor” will be there in a few days – there was a flood in the amazon. Harold took a sip from his drink and passes out at the table. The bartender tells another man who walks in the bar after to verify Harold’s identity. Next, Harold is awake and there is a woman in the room doing some kind of voodoo on him with an egg.

After cracking an egg and calling it the sun breaking through the clouds, he lets him go into a room to Reddington and the first thing he asks him is how is Agnes. Harold tells him that he is there about Dembe. Red asks how is special agent Dembe, Harold says he has third degree burns, his partner was shot and killed and they don’t know anything about the assailants. Red says he has learned in two years what to hold on to. Harold tells him not to come back, but shows him the symbol, Red says it belongs to a seven hundred year old pirate.

The man who created the micro chip is with his wife and daughter and they have been found out by the ones searching for him and are in danger.

We see Park, she is with a tea of FBI agents on a training mission. Harold goes to see her and tells her she is there because he has a case, she says she is not with the bureau anymore and Harold says neither is she. Harold says is still asking, this is important.

Aram is in a boardroom doing a presentation for GreyLock to an investor when Harold calls him, Aram ignores the call and continues to talk, until Harold calls him again. Aram goes to take the call, the investor walks out and so does Aram’s partner.

In the hospital, Red visits Dembe. Aram stops by Harold’s house and tells him it was a horrible bad time to bother him. Park knocks on the door, she is there as well. They ask about Ressler and Harold says he still blames Red. Aram says he is sure Red blames himself and he forgives him for it. Harold asks him what he knows about the silicon shield. It is term used to describe protection Taiwan being the sole manufacturer of next generation microchips. Protection from America who might go to war to prevent the supply from being disrupted.

Harold says they are talking about a trip wire, one that the Skinner wants to trip. The Skinner are highway men, outlaws, they take what they want. The skinners have symbols of the letter S with fire around it. The Skinner is more myth than man, a carefuly guarded secret. Harold says it is there job to find the current Skinner, whose goal it was to steal eight hundred thousand of the world’s most advanced microchips. Dembe stopped him once. Aram says it is hard and weird, he would like to take a moment to remember Liz together. Harold says he is embarrassed that he didn’t suggest it himself.

Red asks Harold if he could see Agnes, but Harold doesn’t think it is a good idea. Red doesn’t know who the current Skinner is but he knows his predecessor and says they are going to start there.

Harold causes an accident with the predecessor, Park and Aram show up as officers. The mans name is Vincent and soon Red shows up. Vincent is mad at Red, he can’t believe he was behind kidnapping him. Vincent says he has no influence on his successor. Red says something has to be done about him.

Red calls Harold and tells hm the Skinner has been found, he is in New York at the Fountain Grand under the name of Clayton Beck. Red tells him he has Edward waiting and wheels up if he needs him. Red says he trusts him as Agnes’ guardian. Red is parked outside a private school and young girls are playing soccer.

Ressler gives in, he is with Park and Harold and they are in New York. Meanwhile, Aram rings the bell of the investor for who walked out on him, Henry. He gives him forty seconds and tells him his former boss from the FBI was on the phone, he is sorry but the matter was important.

Ressler is speaking to Park who sees Clayton, there is a second suspect. They are watching the man who made the microchips and his family. Harold sends a photo of the man to Aram and tells him to search for him in the data base, Aram is left in Henry’s office alone, he goes on his computer and finds the name of the person that Harold needs. Henry tells him to get away from the computer or he will have him arrested. Harold calls Aram and he picks up the phone, they guy that Clayton is tracking is actually a Chief Technology Officer, Chen Yu-Lan of SCG Microchips. They couldn’t steal the microchips so Clayton is going after the man who made them.

All of a sudden, Clayton kidnaps the family, Park sees them and Clayton shouts that more people will get hurt if they follow him.

Red tells Harold he doesn’t know who Clayton’s client is. They start talking about Agnes and Harold says nothing will happen to her as long as she is in his care, Red says she didn’t see him.

Harold, Aram, Ressler and Park go see Dembe in the hospital, Ressler says he is sorry to hear about his partner. Dembe tells Ressler he looks a mess. Then Dembe asks if Red was in his hospital room, Harold says yes. Harold brings a dossier of Clayton, they have no budget and no access to any database. Dembe tells them healing will be slow and painful but seeing them there, he can’t see a better way to start.

Dembe goes through the file. Aram goes to see his partner Nick and he says Henry was impressed, he is intrigued and wants to hear more, their dreams are about to come true. Park is in her car, she is on the phone with someone and says she had a case in the field, she should have told them, but a family was abducted and it is not over, not even for tonight. Red is in an private jet and Ressler walks in, Red invit4es him to sit down.

Ressler gives him a speech about Liz and how she died and only wanted a life with Agnes. Ressler tells him that it is just as painful to walk away as to come back. Ressler hands Red a file with Clayton’s real name and his life. Red wants to know why he is telling him this, Ressler says his name was on his Blacklist and whether Liz died in vain is up to him.