The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Friday, January 22 – Jack & Sally Flirt – Sharon Lies to Rey – Gloria’s Homeless

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Friday, January 22 – Jack & Sally Flirt - Sharon Lies to Rey - Gloria’s Homeless

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers update for Friday, January 22, teases that Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) hopes for good news as Dr. Lena Cavett (Dana Sparks) appears following Chelsea Lawson’s (Melissa Claire Egan) therapy session.

Dr. Cavett assures Adam that Chelsea’s trying very hard, but she’s dismissive as Adam points out Chelsea tried to talk.

Adam insists Chelsea made a sound, which was something she couldn’t do before. Dr. Cavett is more concerned about the gradual return of Chelsea’s motor skills, which she hasn’t seen yet.

Once Chelsea is wheeled in, Adam tries to get her to make the sound again. Chelsea remains silent, but Adam promises Dr. Cavett it happened.

Adam picks up one of the books Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) brought and tells the doc a friend came by right before Chelsea tried to speak. In Chelsea’s mind, she gripes that Sharon isn’t a friend and that she was trying to warn Adam about her.

Later on Friday’s Young and the Restless episode, Adam reads Chelsea a text from Connor Newman (Judah Mackey), who misses his mom.

Adam knows they’ll have to tell Connor some version of the truth soon. He’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Connor gets through this.

Adam apologizes for putting Chelsea on the spot by asking her to make a sound for Dr. Cavett. Nevertheless, Adam promises he won’t overlook anything that might help her get better.

“You say all the right things, so why can’t you let Sharon go?” Chelsea asks in her own mind.

Once Adam takes a call, Chelsea slips further into her “Shadam” paranoia. She wonders if maybe Sharon and Adam are communicating through the books Sharon delivered – writing little endearments in the margins.

Chelsea can’t fight for what’s hers and wonders if this is karma for all the bad things she’s done. As Adam leaves to do errands, Chelsea fears he’s going to see “HER!”

At the cottage, Sharon seems excited as Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) admits she got a gift. Rey presents the flowers that were delivered, so Sharon wonders who they’re from. “Adam,” Rey says with a scowl.

Rey grumbles over the card that thanks Sharon for her kindness and is signed, “Warmly, Adam.” He wonders what kind of game Adam is playing. Rey decides to go ask Adam himself, but Sharon admits she brought books over to the penthouse to help with Chelsea’s condition.

“You went over there?” Rey asks. Sharon says Rey got home late, so she couldn’t tell him and promises she wasn’t hiding anything. Sharon reminds Rey that she’s the woman he married and just went on a fabulous honeymoon with.

Rey will never trust Adam, but he claims he’ll always trust Sharon and believes she just wanted to help.

Sharon doesn’t know how helpful it was since the look in Chelsea’s eyes told her to leave. “So, you don’t have to worry about me going back,” Sharon says. She contends that Adam doesn’t seem to need her, and Chelsea definitely doesn’t.

At Il Giardino in LA, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) gets down to the business of offering dirt on Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). “The short version is she’s a nightmare,” Flo tells Summer Newman (Hunter King).

Summer reveals that Sally hasn’t done anything to her yet, but she’s dealt with the jealous type before – and Sally fits it. Summer adds that her boyfriend, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor), thinks she’s overreacting.

Flo isn’t surprised that it’s a guy who’s giving Sally the benefit of the doubt. “Sally has this way of playing the sad, innocent victim who dupes otherwise very intelligent men,” Flo insists. “It’s like this sick little gift that she has.”

Summer confesses that Sally said she was after her job and her boyfriend. Flo thinks that Summer should believe Sally – because when Sally wants something, she’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Since Sally has taken her “talents” to Genoa City, Flo argues that Sally is Summer’s nightmare now.

Flo admits Sally had a tough upbringing, which makes people cut her slack – particularly men. Flo talks about Sally’s extreme methods to get her ex, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks), back.

Sally claimed she was dying and was “so damn convincing” that Flo encouraged Sally to move in with Wyatt.

Sally’s plan was to win Wyatt back, but Flo figured out the scam and exposed her for the liar she is. Flo was about to tell Wyatt everything, but Sally panicked and kidnapped her. Flo admits she was tied to the radiator while Sally plotted to get pregnant with Wyatt’s baby.

Summer gapes as she finds out Flo sent Wyatt a signal in the nick of time. After everyone realized what Sally did, she left town in shame. Summer calls Flo a “badass” and thanks her for being so helpful.

As they wrap up their meeting, Summer and Flo take a “juicy” selfie together for social media.

Afterward, Kyle arrives and gets updates from Summer. She promises to fill Kyle in on Flo’s story later and thinks she should feel terrified by what she’s learned. Instead, Summer feels empowered.

Summer’s got all the ammo she needs to keep Sally in her place and wants to celebrate before they go home.

At Society on Friday’s Y&R episode, Sally finds Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Lauren Baldwin (Tracey E. Bregman). Lauren mentions that Sally’s been working on the marketing pitch for Fenmore’s. Lauren steps away to take a call, so Sally asks to rehearse her pitch with Jack.

Jack realizes Sally wants him to be her guinea pig, but she frames it differently. “No, more like the smartest, savviest, most experienced sounding board I could’ve hoped for,” Sally insists. She tries to go on, but Jack says she had him at smartest.

Sally contends that Jack shouldn’t have said yes so quickly since she was going to add handsome. “Oh, boy,” Jack replies with a grin. He just might have to add Sally to his speed dial and call her whenever he’s feeling bad about himself. “Well, you can. Anytime,” Sally promises.

Sally’s concept involves partnering with influencers but with a twist – not just teens who are in it for perks. Sally suggests they need people who already have a voice with instant credibility.

Sally thinks Lauren should be the face of the brand for a series of ads with these influencers. Jack’s impressed and would be very surprised if Lauren didn’t want to put Sally’s proposal in motion right away.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) tells Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) he’s glad he could stop Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) from piggybacking on all the Newman embezzlement drama.

Kevin wishes Gloria Fisher-Bardwell (Judith Chapman) could just be a normal mom who calls to check on the grandkids, but Chloe warns Gloria’s never going to change.

Once Chloe leaves to see Chelsea, Kevin gets a text summoning him to the patio and finds Gloria looking irritated. Thanks to Kevin, Gloria was forced to leave LA in a hurry. Kevin just HAD to destroy the one piece of evidence that could’ve secured Gloria’s future.

Kevin says he was protecting Gloria since getting involved in a scheme that even “tangentially” involves the Newmans could mean bad news. “Tangentially! Big word for an idiot!” Gloria fires back.

Gloria says she was actually trying to help the Newmans. Gloria stole the evidence to stop her boss and was hoping to get a handsome reward for her good deed.

Gloria’s lucky that she only got fired and thrown out of the guesthouse she was living in. “Mommy is homeless,” so she’s moving in with Chloe and Kevin. Gloria also needs to find a new job and wants to be kept in the loop on any new leads.

“Will that be all?” Kevin asks. “Actually, I’m famished, angel,” Gloria says. Kevin learns he’ll be treating Gloria to the best meal in town.

Near the front of the coffeehouse, Rey tells Sharon they had to steal time alone on their honeymoon in Miami. He feels like they deserve a getaway for just the two of them. Rey suggests a trip for a few days around Valentine’s Day, so Sharon says she’d love that.

Once Rey leaves to deal with work stuff, Adam walks in. Sharon checks on Chelsea and thanks Adam for the beautiful flowers. She fears coming over wasn’t the best idea, but Adam appreciated the gesture.

Sharon insists Chelsea seemed agitated, but Adam feels anything is better than the hopeless look in Chelsea’s eyes.

Back at the penthouse, Chloe shows Chelsea a get well soon card from Bella Fisher (Martie Blair) where Chelsea’s standing and holding hands with Adam. Chloe’s sure Chelsea will recover because that’s what they all what.

“I know what Sharon wants! And I’m beginning to wonder if that’s what Adam wants, too,” Chelsea thinks to herself.

Chelsea fears Adam wants a reason to leave her there all alone while he spends time with Sharon. Chelsea gets upsets and confuses Chloe, who can’t figure out what Chelsea’s trying to tell her.

Chelsea thinks to herself that she should mumble and make Chloe understand, but she can’t.

After Sally gives her pitch to Lauren at Society, Lauren’s taken aback to be the star of the campaign. She’s blown away and loves the idea. Sally feels coming to Genoa City from California was one of the best things she’s ever done.

“Maybe I’ve finally found a home,” Sally insists before checking her social media feed and seeing Summer smiling in her selfie with Flo. Jack wonders if everything’s all right – and after Lauren’s gone, Jack tells Sally to stop being nervous.

Jack thinks Sally’s second-guessing her performance and wants Sally to trust that she’s a rising star.

Once Dr. Cavett meets with Adam again at the coffeehouse, she admits that Chelsea’s lack of motor response has been equally present on both sides.

Chelsea should have more mobility on her left. She could move on her left side in the hospital, so there might be another reason why she’s not responding.

Dr. Cavett reflects on the emotional aspect of stroke survivors. Psychological distress, often in the form of depression, can affect Chelsea’s recovery of motor and language skills.

Dr. Cavett thinks that a psychologist should be brought in to help Chelsea deal with her emotional well-being.

Kevin takes Gloria to Society, where she spots Jack and yells out to him. Gloria says she’s there because Kevin and Chloe – the “poor things” – need her too much. Hollywood never felt like home the way GC does. “What the…” Chloe says as she walks in.

After Gloria walks off, Jack tells Sally it’s a long story that he’ll tell her sometime. Sally thanks Jack again for his help and gets some congratulatory words before he leaves. Sally looks at that Flo and Summer selfie pensively once she’s alone.

Rey returns to Crimson Lights, where Sharon’s looking up articles about how to help family caregivers after a loved one has had a stroke. She shuts her laptop as Rey appears and lies that she was researching Valentine’s Day trip ideas.

As for Adam, he returns to Chelsea and tries to lift her spirits. Adam takes out his phone to text Dr. Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) about meeting ASAP. There’s an idea he wants to run by Nate.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Chelsea’s anger and jealousy will continue to cause emotional distress, so stay tuned to Y&R. CDL’s your one-stop source for fantastic Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news.