America’s Got Talent Recap 06/14/22: Season 17 Episode 3 “Auditions 3”

America’s Got Talent Recap 06/14/22: Season 17 Episode 3 "Auditions 3"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Tuesday, June 14, 2022, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! In tonight’s AGT season 17 episode 3 “Auditions 3″, as per the NBC synopsis, “A talent search from the producers of ‘American Idol’ features a variety of acts (singers, dancers, comedians, acrobats, jugglers and more.

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Tonight’s episode of AGT  begins with Nate and Gabriel Brown, they are navy veterans and autistic. They want to be a voice and inspire people like them. Gabriel brings cards down to the judges and Nate plays some music. Gabriel sings “Tiny Dancer” in Kermit the frog’s voice, then “Photograph,” in Donald Duck, “Drops of Jupiter,” in Sponge Bob, “You Will Be Found,” in Ben Platt, and “Someone You Loves,” in Simon Cowell. These brothers get a standing ovation.

Judges Comments: Howie: “You checked so many boxes, the music was great and the singing, and you are a skilled impressionist” Sofia: “I love that you two are brothers, I can feel the love between you two. The performance was spectacular. Simon: “Nobody has done my voice that good and I genuinely love your personality.” Heidi: “I love it, you gave it your all and were spot on. You were so good.”

Four yes votes for the Brown brothers to go through to the next round.

Max Ostler is next, he is from Australia, 18 years old. He will be dancing a solo lyrical piece. This is his tenth year dancing. His dream is to be the most sought-after choreographer and dancer in the world. He came all by himself.

Judges Comments: Howie: “The energy and the electricity of you loving everything you are doing is contagious. There is nothing more joyful than watching joyfulness.” Sofia: “Don’t ever tell yourself that this is not for you, because this is for you.” Simon: “Have your parents always supported you? (yes). I don’t know a lot about dance, but you came halfway around the world to show us magic. If you were my son I would be swelling with pride right now.” Heidi: “I am going to give you your first yes.”

Four yes votes and Simon says he is the Harry Styles of dance.

Tyrone Laner and Michael Laner are presenting a duo of knife throwing, they are brothers. The act is very dangerous. Tyrone would love to see them in the biggest shows around the world in a year. These guys are fast, they start with knives and the axes and the blindfolds come out. Terry Crews backs further away. In the last part of their stunt, Michael is hanging from his feet, his brother is on a table that spins and they throw their axes. A standing ovation from the judges.

Judges Comments: Howie: “I agree with Sofia in every way, so cool, so dangerous, the speed was beyond anything we have seen before.” Sofia: “We needed that tonight, that was amazing, I was suffering and I hated it because it was so good.” Simon: “I can only imagine how scary it is what you do.” Simon gets up on stage to try it. He first asks the brothers if they like him and they say yes. Simon stands and the two throw knives flying right past him.” Heidi: “I was scared, it was frightening and I could see you were a little scared too.”

Four yes votes get another brother duo on to the next round.

Jack Williams is from Indiana and he is a ventriloquist. Terry Fator is one of the first he ever saw and inspired him to be on AGT. He brings out his buddy Foster, a bunny. The audience and the judges loved him.

Judges Comments: Howie: “You are also an amazing comedian, and poking fun at the art of ventriloquism, I thought it was amazing.” Sofia: ”That was perfection, I can tell you that you are really good.” Simon: “I think one of the best first auditions we have ever had.” Heidi: “You are fantastic and I just know there are so many AGT fans out there that love you.”

Duo Rag Dolls, Monique and Stephanie met in school, now in their 30’s, and the dream is to headline in Vegas. According to them, what they do is beautifully creative and different. All they do is kind of try to dance around dressed like spooky ragdolls. The audience is booing them and all the judges hit the red buzzer. One of the girls says it is cosplay, the other says it is Broadway. Simon says it didn’t go too well. The girls keep blaming each other that the other is terrible and they start fighting. It becomes more of a wrestling match and security has to go on stage. The girls are actually Nikki and Bri Bella. They were there to punk Simon.

Sarah is from Poland, she is on AGT to see if dreams come true, she is 13. She is singing a Billy Eilish song, “Lovely.” She was really good, Sofia is standing up and Simon looks overwhelmed with emotion.

Judges Comments: Simon: “We have heard a lot of singers over the years, but wow, there are those moments. This wasn’t perfect, however, you have a star glow about you. I want to make this a moment you will never forget.” Simon hits the golden buzzer. Simon goes on stage and hugs her, she is going straight to the live shows.

Next is a creepy nurse, a stretcher with a cadaver on it, who is put on some sort of contraption. She pulls his legs all the way back behind him. Heidi says it can’t be good for his groin. Then the cadaver and nurse dance, next it is the splits and the two kiss to send it off. The cadaver’s name is Alexander Inyuativ and the nurse is his wife, he is Ukrainian – a standing ovation.

Judges Comments: Howie: “You guys were amazing, you were scary and dramatic, I loved it. Sofia: “I have to say it was romantic and I want to see more of you guys,” he takes his X away. Simon: “I liked the idea, but it was a bit slow.” Heidi: “You got a da from me.”

Four yes votes get these Ukrainians to the next round.

The Urban Crew is a dancing, breakdancing and acrobat group from the Phillapeans. Heidi loves that they all went blond. A standing ovation from everyone. Jon comes out on stage, he is their manager. The dream is to help their families.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “This is one of the most amazing thing I have seen this season.” Simon: “It was just perfection and I can see what this mean to all of you.” Heidi: “Your country should be so proud of all of you because you are all fantastic.”

The Urban Crew makes it though.

Harper is from Somerset, UK and she is ten years-old, she came with her dad. She is a singer. Howie is out sick so her father, Jake, is invited up to sit in his chair.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “Amazing. It’s like you have a monster inside of you. I love that she didn’t give it away with her outfit.” Simon: “That was brilliant, it was like a mouse turning into a vampire bat.” Heidi: “This was unexpected.” Jake: “I love it, I am so proud.”

Harper is going through.

Hayden Crystal is next and she picked out her dress for Heidi. She is hard of hearing and she is a travelling comic. When she sees other comics with disabilities on the stage she gets motivated.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “Thank you so much for being her tonight, I had a great time listening to you make fun of yourself, I was laughing the whole time. Howie would have loved you” Simon: “Is that a true story (yes)
it is amazing that you turn that into a funny story.” Heidi: “We have amazing comedians on the show and you are perfect to battle it out with them.”

Heidi makes it through to the next round.

The Football Player’s Choir is next, they all play professional football and sing. They are teammates, brothers and rivals. In 2004 they got on the stage with a gospel group, with Patty Labelle. And that is how it all started. They are singing, “Lean On Me.”

Judges Comments: Sofia: “I thought that was so much and I could see that you guys were having fun. I love that you use your fame for charity, I love this.” Simon: “I want you to do it acapella (they do it and they are amazing) this does happen, sometimes the track doesn’t work, I was curious to see how quick you adapted. You are good singers, your energy and your story is just amazing, I love you guys.” Heidi: “You all sounded better without the track, everyone was super on point.”

The football players get three yes votes, they are going through to the next round.