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CDL Monday Laundry Links!

Lindsay & Sam are planning A wedding & a baby – Busy Bee Blogger

Bai Ling 4 Prez – dListed

Jamie Lynn Sigler’s flashes us – Drunken Stepfather

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher attacked by ‘fan’ – Hot Momma Gossip

Beyonce has a $5 Million ring – Anything Hollywood

Amy Winehouse makes herself drink – City Rag

Alec Baldwin almost killed himself Keep Reading

Brand Wouldn’t Trust “Bush To Hold A Pair Of Scissor” – But Who The Hell Trusted Him With A Microphone?

The failed attempt of Russell Brand at humour was offensive last night at the MTV Video Music Awards.  If he was trying to break into the America market because he is not well know he took the wrong path.  If he thinks he can come to the United States and ridicule the American president he is in the wrong country.  Keep Reading

Jordan Sparks Says “All Girls Are Sluts” Who Are Not Virgins!

The biggest faux pas of the evening has to go to Jordan Sparks,  when she was supposed to be giving an award she went a bit postal and made the remark "it’s ok to wear promise rings, and not all the girls want to be sluts ", while her co-presenter squirmed.  Apparenly she said it because of Russell Brand’s comment about the Keep Reading