Brad Pitt Says Dealing With Angelina Jolie and Six Kids “Made A Man Out Of Me”

Brad Pitt Says Dealing With Angelina Jolie and Six Kids “Made A Man Out Of Me”

It has been a pretty unique year for Brad Pitt, as he did the unthinkable, he finally got engaged to baby mama, Angelina Jolie.  The couple has spent the last seven years juggling busy careers with parenthood and Brad has often found himself watching the kids as Mama” as he calls Angie, jetted off to work either in front of the camera or behind the scenes as a Goodwill Ambassador. Brad has actually enjoyed the break from work, as he told this week’s issue of People Magazine,

It’s been a family type of year, a down-home type of year. Mama’s worked more. And quite frankly I’ve really enjoyed it.”

The almost 50-year old goes on to say that he really enjoys fatherhood because it takes him out of himself and makes him focus on others instead and he’s happier because of it. The actor fills People in on his latest role in Killing Them Softly and offers up a precious few teasing details about that much-anticipated wedding.

Also in the latest issue is a touching tribute to Larry Hagman, the actor who breathed life into oil tycoon, JR Ewing on the cult classic hit, Dallas.  Larry returned for the rebooted series this past summer and already had shot some scenes for the second season, which will begin airing in January on TNT.  Grab a copy to take a look back on the star’s career highlights and how he is fondly remembered by fellow actors.

None of the weeklies would be complete without coverage of the violent Thanksgiving Day brawl at Halle Berry’s home, where baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry came to blows with current fiance’, Olivier Martinez. The occasional actress has been locked in a bitter custody battle with her ex over 4-year old daughter, Nahla and it was only a matter of time before things spun out of control. Pick up the new issue of People to find out the latest details on all of these stories and much more!

Image Credit: People Magazine