Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s Engagement Party – Here’s What Went Down

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s Engagement Party  – Here’s What Went Down

Jennifer Aniston and her chiseled fiancé, Justin Theroux, threw a special soiree on Sunday night, arsenic and fame whoring excluded! According to an X17Online exclusive, a smattering of shining stars arrived at the special do to celebrate Aniston and Theroux’s engagement. Unfortunately, it was more Project X than Last Supper. The superstar friends – Demi Moore, Ben Stiller, Lake Bell, Ellen DeGeneres, and Portia De Rossi – “arrived in casual attire with gifts.” It sounds like your regular, down-the-street Hollywood celeb bash, and although X17 reported that it was an engagement party, certain gossip myth busters are saying otherwise.

The regular troupe of fools – Ellen and Portia excluded from the insult – allegedly partied inside the luscious home of Aniston and her man until late into the night. However, when dawn broke, and the celebrities were staggering and falling around like post-Apocalyptic cannibals, it most probably dawned (no pun intended) on Demi that she’s still a neurotic sorry Susan. According to the report, there were no toasts or speeches – Demi’s speech would have contained self-deprecation and Kutcher analogies – just partying, dancing, and giggling.

The gossip myth busters say otherwise – they allege that the soiree was a “holiday party” and that the celebrity friends of Aniston and her man weren’t celebrating their engagement drinking Vodka & Diet Red Bull and crying on a shrimp ball. I say potato, you say potato. A party is a party, whether it’s for self-indulgent upcoming nuptials or gluttonous Christmas turkey – it’s all the same in La-La Land!

If celebrities are coming out in their droves for Aniston’s faux-engagement party, just imagine what her wedding would look like! The speeches, the drunken aunts, the intolerable best friends, and the schmaltzy declaration of eternal love would take center court at Aniston’s most special event. We do have a sneaky suspicion that Demi would be the first one to scream “Cake! Ehrmagerd!” and fall down on the floor crying when the minister says, “Till death do you part…

It’s how Demi rolls. Literally.