Jennifer Lopez is becoming a Lesbian!

Jennifer Lopez is becoming a Lesbian!

Jennifer Lopez is becoming a lesbian . . . well, not entirely, but she is getting very close as she works to develop a show for ABC Family. The show reportedly will center around a lesbian couple who welcomes a teenager into their home. The project, which is currently untitled, sounds like it has the potential to be quite successful on the cable network — the network where young-female-centric dramas/comedies tend to thrive and, generally, do very well in the ratings department.

J-Lo spearheads the project as executive producer alongside Simon Fields, Greg Gugliotta, and co-creators/writers Peter Paige and Brad Bredeweg. The show is still in its conception stages, and if it is given the go ahead by ABC Family it will compete among a few of ABC’s top shows, including Pretty Little Liars and The Secret Life of an American Teenager AKA “The Show that Will Never End.”

This American Idol judge definitely has her claws dug deep into Hollywood’s throat, as she’s basically able to do whatever the heck she wants. How well do you think this show, which is still basically a concept, will fare on ABC? If it’s done well and packaged properly, the show, in my opinion, might just be able to fill a niche on the network and acquire a good following.

Wonder who the Latin Queen has in mind to play the starring roles? Would you watch J-Lo’s new show? How much would you like to bet that she gives a role to her new boy toy (at least for now), Casper Smart?

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