Kate Middleton Topless Chi Magazine Scandal Starts Royal Family Civil War (Photos)

Kate Middleton Topless Chi Magazine Scandal Starts Royal Family Civil War (Photos) 0917

None of the Windsors ever like it when ex-royal, Sarah Ferguson, sounds off about her old family – especially when she defends it! But that hasn’t stopped her from offering her condolences and two cents to the international scandal involving a naked Kate Middleton.

Over the weekend, Sarah told the Daily Mail, “I have total empathy and sympathy for her. I have been there and know what it’s like. Everyone is entitled to privacy. It is a devastating invasion of one’s personal inner space. It is deplorable, abhorrent and despicable. [Kate] is a beautiful young woman doing a great job for the country. Why should she be stripped of that moment with her husband?”

Sarah’s been on the receiving end of many enterprising paparazzi so she knows what she’s talking about. Nice enough, right? Oh, so wrong. The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, is anything but impressed by Sarah’s take on the sticky situation. Radar Online reports a source said: “As far as he’s concerned, she has absolutely no right to speak about the royals, considering she hasn’t been one since 1996 and knows nothing about what is going on – remember she wasn’t even invited to the wedding! Phillip thinks Sarah felt the need to compare Kate’s topless scandal to her own in 1992 – just to grab a little bit of publicity. It’s something he thinks she did to appear more favorable in the public eye. He thinks she will do anything to save face and get attention, and Phillip has slammed her to other family members.”

Oh, Sarah, you can never catch a break! Just because you tried to sell access to your ex-husband once for half a million dollars doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart! But she has a mouth and she uses it which is what p-sses the royals off. Prince Edward’s wife,  Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, had her own topless photos published right before she married her prince and it’s been said she’s been a shoulder for Kate to cry on. But she’s not running to the media telling it all about it.

I’m actually surprised they’ve let Prince William freak out as he has – although he is the heir and is starting to demonstrate his might which is getting a little boring. Too bad we haven’t heard from good ‘ole Uncle Andy yet. Prince Andrew’s mouth has been running wild over his belief that he and his daughters have been cast aside for Prince Charles’ vision of a scaled down monarchy involving mostly Kate, Camilla, William and Harry. Andrew’s got to be tickled pink by the current events. Camilla still battles alcohol rumors and is hardly universally loved and two others in the circle of trust are battling nude scandals. How the Windsors have fallen since the Olympics!

Sarah Ferguson’s play by play commentary is the least of Prince Philip’s problems but every family needs a scapegoat, and since Pippa Middleton is minding her Ps and Qs, it will continue to be Sarah Ferguson.

Do you agree with how Prince Philip is treating Sarah Ferguson? Kate Middleton is a hot topic and Sarah didn’t say anything shocking or out of order. Should she have kept quiet anyway?

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