Mila Kunis Answers Ashton Kutcher’s Phone When Demi Moore Calls!

Mila Kunis Answers Ashton Kutcher’s Phone When Demi Moore Calls!

Demi Moore took her break up with Ashton Kutcher really hard so I have to wonder what it’s like to call him now and hear another woman’s voice answer!  That’s exactly what happened when Demi reached out to her ex to invite him to a Kabbalah dinner, Ashton’s new love, Mila Kunis answered his phone. Talk about initial shock followed by awkward silence!  According to Now Magazine,

“After an awkward few moments, Mila told Demi she was sorry about how public her relationship with Ashton had become. She said she respected Demi and never wanted any hard feelings. She added that nothing was going on while Demi and Ashton were married, but things have got serious between them in recent weeks. She’s practically moved in with him.  She thanked Mila but said nothing more, simply asking to speak to Ashton, says the source. I think Demi was stunned Mila would be so bold.”

I guess the big question is whether or not this conversation will send Demi reeling out of control yet again.  Things have been shaky for her since leaving rehab.  There have been rumors of her relapsing and her daughters have really distanced themselves from her because of old patterns popping up.  Will talking to Mila unravel an always shaky Demi?

Do you think Mila wanted to talk to her and felt she needed to clear the air or was it an intentional jab to the heart?  Could Mila have been feeling a bit threatened when Demi’s number popped up on Ashton’s phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

2 responses to “Mila Kunis Answers Ashton Kutcher’s Phone When Demi Moore Calls!”

  1. Nicky says:

    Did this conversation really take place? Why would the ‘source’ reveal this information? Presumuably the source would be someone close that Demi confided in. I think you make things up.

  2. Tasha says:

    Demi is an idiot for being with moron Aston. Mila is a HO.