Outstanding USA Gymnast Gabby Douglas Endured Emotional Journey to Olympic Gold

Outstanding U.S.A. Gymnast Gabby Douglas Endured Emotional Journey to Olympic Gold

As the 2012 London Olympics near a close, gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas has become a household name. She took home the gold medal in the Women’s All Around competition, which is easily one of the most prestigious events in the sport of gymnastics. Gabby, with her signature smile that has seemed to both captivate and inspire the world, graces the current issue of People Magazine. The magazine’s headline reads “From Tears to Triumph: Gabby’s Amazing Journey.” Gabby’s journey was definitely an emotional one, but when you’ve just been deemed the world’s best all around gymnast, well, that’s something to get emotional about.

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Other stories featured in this special Olympics issue include some hot topics: Prince William and Kate Middleton flirt at the London games; exclusive photos from the event; and a list, with photos of course, of some of the world’s hottest athletes. Tom Cruise and Suri also managed to score some lines in the special issue, as did Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend Conor Kennedy.