Selena Gomez Crazy Jealous: Crashes Justin Bieber’s Skiing Vacation With Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

Selena Gomez Crazy Jealous: Crashes Justin Bieber's Skiing Vacation With Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

I just don’t get it, and by it I mean why on earth Selena Gomez still seems to be jumping through those proverbial hoops for Justin Bieber.  One day they’re on and the next it’s over for good this time, until they patch it up again. Who can keep up? Anyway Biebs escaped the craziness of his love life and jetted off to Park City, Utah to spend some quality time with Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.  Once Selena found out that he was off doing something without her, she decided to haul her jealous as to Utah to be with (and keep tabs on) Justin.

It turned into a mandatory double date trip made in skiers heaven. When all was said and done, Selena and Justin seemed pretty tight and the trip ended up being a good one, but what will she do when she can’t drop everything to check up on him? They both have super busy careers. How will Selena cope when she has to be away from her man for more than a hot minute? She knows that he has a pretty big wandering eye, can she really live with not knowing for sure where he is or what he’s doing?

It’s easy to say things are going well when you are both in the same place, but the truth is told when a couple is apart. Selena knows that she can’t truly trust Justin so why the heck is she chasing after him and making a fool of herself?  A test is coming for the couple right about now. They are going their seperate ways in order to spend the holidays with their families. That will put Justin in Canada while Selena is in California. Can Selena trust Biebs even for a few short weeks over the holidays? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: FameFlynet and Twitter