The Real Housewives Of New York Season 5 “Reunion Part 2” Recap 10/15/12

The Real Housewives Of New York Season 5 "Reunion Part 2" Recap 10/15/12

Tonight on Bravo is an all new episode of the Real Housewives of New York called “Reunion Part 2.” On tonight’s show The drama isn’t over yet as the second part of the NY reunion unfolds. Aviva’s feud with Ramona gets downright ugly when Aviva accuses Ramona of having her 80-year old (& let’s not forget, sex addict) father kicked out of an event. If you missed last week’s show called “Reunion Part 1” there is a full and detailed recap HERE for you!

On last week’s show it’s no surprise Ramona took a ton of heat for…being Ramona, but surprisingly, Carole took her turn being scrutinized by the wives for being hypocritical in her interviews. Later on, Aviva’s ex Harry became a hot topic, and the ladies accused Aviva herself of bringing him up the most, to the press as well as on the show.

On tonight’s show the fighting continues as The Real Housewives of New York City hash out the rest of Season 5’s dramas. hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, part two reunites Aviva Drescher, LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer, and Heather Thomson to discuss catfights and confrontations on this season. Aviva’s feud with Ramona gets downright ugly when Aviva accuses Ramona of having her 80-year old (& let’s not forget, sex addict) father kicked out of an event. Later on, Luann addresses what really happened with her rumored St. Barths affair. Is she ready to reveal the truth about what really happened that night? Also, as a bonus clip, we’ve included footage from next Monday’s Watch What Happens Live episode with ex-NY cast mate Jill Zarin!

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “The Real Housewives of New York” season 5! Also we have a sneak peek video of tonight’s show below!


Andy starts the second part of the reunion with the alleged tryst between Tomas and LuAnn in St. Bart’s. Carole says she was awoken in the middle of the night by LuAnn and her French boy toy! LuAnn was terrified of losing Jacques – her live-in lover – and she claims nothing happened with Tomas.

LuAnn embarks on a wildly improbably tale about showing him the house and then it being really late and people would assume the worst… Sounds like a cover story for something. Andy tells her flat out she lied to Jacques about where she was that night and who she was with. She admits she told Tomas to say he wasn’t there. LuAnn admits to her chagrin that she wasn’t aware there was a camera nearby when she was asking for the ruse.

LuAnn said watching the Tomas episode at home with Jacques was very hard. Heather said she had seen them there that night and then woke up to the whole story changing drama. Andy also mentioned there had been audience criticism of her poor French – some called it “Franglish.” LuAnn said she speaks French and Italian and it may not be perfect.

Ramona said that LuAnn loves her men and can’t keep her hands off of them and that’s all she’ll say – well that was plenty enough, wasn’t it? LuAnn asked Ramona what she meant. Ramona said “I’ve never had an open relationship” then quickly qualified that she wasn’t saying that’s what she has with Jacques – but she sure implied it, didn’t she?

LuAnn said she likes to have fun and Sonja chimed in saying because LuAnn’s going through a divorce, you want to blow off some steam, but because there’s children, you don’t want to let it all hang out. Carole took this as her opening to take a shot at LuAnn saying she shouldn’t have brought home a pirate  since she does have children.

LuAnn hit back asking Carole why she always has to take a shot at her. There’s some back and forth between the ladies and Andy promises to ask about whether pirate Tomas was playing in the yard… the backyard that is…

Andy intro’s the next segment as “Taking a Look at Sexy Sonja.” They show a montage of Sonja doing all sorts of outrageous stuff – including her hanging out with pirate Tomas. Sonja admitted there was some action with Tomas, but wouldn’t cop to pirate booty…

Andy reads a viewer comment asking whether it was okay for Sonja to flirt with the household staff. Another viewer wants to know why Aviva cares about who Sonja sleeps with when her own dad is such a man-slut that sleeps around with women younger than her. Aviva maintains that she doesn’t care, but perhaps she just likes to be a big mouth!

Another viewer asked if Ramona and Sonja engaged in any lady love and Andy chimed in – the pair insist they’ve not been pairing.

Andy showed Sonya a shirt inspired by her that says “I don’t stir the pot, I stir the drink” that’s for sale in the Bravo shop.

The next segment is all about Aviva’s randy daddy George. He poked one of the ladies with his manhood at a party and was hitting on everyone. The ladies all seem to think George is pretty gross. Aviva admits that her dad is a perv, but is a good guy.

Aviva says when she calls people low class, it’s not about economics or education, but behavior. Sonja says she was offended that Aviva was willing to set up her dad with Sonja but not Carole. Andy asks if Sonja could be her step-mother and Aviva laughingly says she’d be great.

Andy reads a viewer comment that comes down on Aviva’s prudish attitude about Sonja and LuAnn when her dad is such a predator. Another viewer says the penile poke would be considered sexual assault by many people…

Aviva said she doesn’t believe her dad poked Sonja in the back with any wood and says she has to accept her dad the way he is. When asked if he’s always been that way, Aviva said she thinks her parents had an intensely sexual relationship. Ewww. Did not need that mental image!

How much difference a river makes! These ladies aren’t screamers (so far) like the RHONJ that make me want to dig out my ear wax with a screwdriver.

Andy brings up the toaster oven and toastergate! We see an extended clip of Sonja and Heather arguing over a marketing campaign over a freaking toaster oven… Andy asks if Sonja knows why Heather’s upset and she admits yet. Sonja said that the toaster’s not out because it’s going to be a whole line including aprons, tongs, mitts…

LuAnn asks didn’t they get it settled? Sonja says the signature design tag looked like Times New Roman – the absolute horror!!! A serif font? Andy asks whether after Heather did all the creative work for free and then seeing Sonja display some sketches a fan set in she liked better, couldn’t he expect her to be upset.

Heather says she did a creative campaign – Sonja’s saying she got just a box and a logo. Heather said Sonja doesn’t know what hard work looks like. Andy asked Sonja if she adequately thanked Heather. She said she did, but they’ve decided not to work together professionally anymore.

The wives all chat about how Sonja’s on a downward spiral after her marriage to her older hubby crashed and burned. Aviva apologized for comparing Sonja to Anna-Nicole Smith. They chatted about Sonja’s meltdown to Jacques to tell him to get with it and marry LuAnn.

Andy then causes Sonja to melt down reminding her of when her 18 year old dog died. Sonja compares losing her old dog to losing a grandparent. That seems a little excessive – but don’t repeat that – I don’t want to send her on another crying jag…

In some B roll thrown in on the break, Andy tells Ramona her lipstick is f&^%#d up and she laughs and hurries to fix it. He tells her it looks like something from a horror movie and they laugh like old girlfriends… Then we’re back to the endless commercial break… Oy vey.

Andy starts out with Aviva and Ramona. We get a flashback to the arguments in St Bart’s. Aviva says she was duped and betrayed by Ramona. Ramona said Aviva has a stick up her ass and that she’s not a true friend. They show when Ramona kicked Aviva’s old dad out of the party and Aviva had a shrieking melt down.

Ramona says Aviva has a lot of issues and that she’s getting displaced anger from somewhere else in Aviva’s life. Aviva said she felt betrayed by Ramona in St. Bart’s. Andy reminded her they were angry in Miami as well – thanks Andy – such a pal!

Ramona said she kicked George out of the party because he wouldn’t leave when asked. The charity party was for women who’ve been domestically abused and was verbally abusing Ramona at the event. Aviva invited him to the party to drop off a check – which wasn’t really a big donation – but then he decided to confront Ramona about making up with Ramona.

Sonja and LuAnn both chime in to say that Daddy George was confronting Ramona. Aviva wants an apology from Ramona. Ramona gifts her with an eye roll instead. Ramona asks how many more times she can apologize.

Andy brings them back to the tea where Aviva said Ramona needs to go to rehab and that she’s driving Sonja to drink. Heather finds her voice and accuses Sonja of partying too hard. Carole is mostly mute. I haven’t noticed and don’t really care…

Aviva says her mother died from the drink and so she’s extremely sensitive to partying and over-reacted and she apologized. She said it was their right to go on vacay and get hammered. WELL! See, that’s exactly what Ramona said earlier – there’s the misplaced anger.

Ramona calls Andy down on continuing to mention how much she drinks. She says LuAnn and Sonja drink as much as she does. She chews Andy out and tells her he can ask her about something that’s true – that she likes to wear blur dresses, etcetera, but not about drinking when she insists there’s no issue there.

And we’re back to the interminable ad break… but it should be the last one of the show!

I can’t wait to get back and see if Andy and Ramona throw down or if she clubs him with a hidden wine bottle!

No such luck – it’s viewer questions. He wants to know why Sonja needs interns – her answer is ridick. They ask if Carole really dated George Clooney – she says yes – I ask what was he thinking?

Andy wants to know who’s changed the most this season. Sonja said Heather got prettier – is that a compliment or a frenemy jest?

Andy asks Aviva for the runaway bride story. She admits she bailed on a large resort wedding years ago. Ramona asks if Aviva cancelled because she refused to sign a pre-nup. Aviva gets pissy.

Ramona gets up to leave – she’s thinking the episode is over and Andy has to call her back. No drinking problem, right? Andy asks her is she feels resolution at the end of the episode and Ramona says she’s less resolved than in all five episodes.

And that’s it – Andy cuts it off. No major cat fights. No screaming matches. Few accusations. It was a bit of a yawner for me… Next week lost footage from Season 5!!!