Dexter RECAP 9/22/13: Season 8 Finale “Remember the Monsters?”

Dexter RECAP 9/22/13: Season 8 Finale “Remember the Monsters?”

DEXTER returns to Showtime tonight with the series finale of the 8th and final season called, “Remember the Monsters?”  .  Sadly after tonight we will not be seeing our favorite serial killer again :-(  On tonight’s final episode we will find out what happens to Dexter, Deb and Hannah, will they have a happy ending?  Did you watch last week’s penultimate episode? If you missed it we have a full anddetailed recap, right here. So head over to get caught up before tonight’s episode.

On last week’s episode we had Dr. Vogel’s funeral.  We also saw Dexter being torn between fleeing the country with Hannah and Harrison, and taking Saxon out once and for all.  Dexter has changed since he found love with Hannah and he does not want to kill anymore.  Although Dexter could have killed Saxon he decided to let Metro Miami handle it, which came with consequences.  Saxon shot Deb.

On tonight’s show when we left off last week Deb was in the hospital in critical condition, so we will find out whether she pulls through.  The series concludes with Dexter facing impossible odds. With a hurricane threatening Miami, Dexter becomes determined to end things his way.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Dexter Season 8 episode 11 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap check if you want to read some spoilers and see a sneak peek video from tonight’s episode, go here.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Update

Dexter and Harrison run for the plane and Harrison wants to stop for Oreos but Dexter can’t be deterred. Dexter looks around and doesn’t see Hannah. Harrison asks where she is. Dex gets a call from Hannah – she’s hiding in the bathroom because she spotted Elway in the airport. They figure out that he must have bought a ticket so he could get on the concourse and he’s planted there, lurking and waiting to see if they show up for the flight.

Dex tells her to hang tight and that he’ll call back. He takes Harrison to get his Oreos and he picks up a backpack and some interesting supplies. They head to the counter and Dex flashes his Miami Metro laminate and tells them that he saw a guy dropping a suspicious backpack – he quotes “see something say something” and the airline rep calls security. Dexter looks credible there with his young child.

Airport security shows up to drag the backpack and Elway off. He calls Hannah to give her the all clear, but then security asks everyone to clear the boarding area. Seems his bomb threat scare has cost them the chance to get on their flight… Uh-oh. Hannah, Dexter and Harrison leave the airport.

At the closed up facility where Saxon took out the Marshal, Deb is being loaded up on a stretcher. Angel says that Saxon took the Marshal’s gun and is on the loose and armed. Angel wants to call Dexter and let him know but Deb forbids it because she wants him to leave without worrying about her.

Quinn insists on riding in the ambulance with Deb and won’t take no for an answer. She’s in pain and tells him she thought that she was going to die because she was getting what she deserves. She tells him she’s done shit she’s not proud of and that she can’t take back. Quinn is really sweet and tells her that he’s made mistakes too. Deb is in terrible pain. He tells her that she’ll get a chance to make up for it and that the good will outweigh the bad. He tells her that now that she’s back on the force, she’ll have a chance.

At the hospital, Quinn and Angel promise to stay there. Right before she passes out from the anesthesia, she whispers to Quinn that she loves him. Matthews shows up and wants to know where Dexter is and Angel repeats Debra’s instructions. Matthews says screw that and says Dex has to be told. He calls him up and Dex says he’ll be right there. Dexter tells Hannah that Saxon shot her and got away and she’s heading into surgery. Harrison asks if Aunt Deb is sick and Dexter tells him just a little.

Hannah says he needs to go to the hospital. He tells her to find another city to fly out of and another country to fly to since Elway is on to them. He says he’ll drop her at the hotel and to research other travel arrangements. Hannah tells him that she doesn’t think they’ll be able to get out at all because of the coming storm.

People are in a panic at the local grocery store loading up on water and goods in preparation for the hurricane. Saxon attacks one of the shoppers in the parking lot and steals his truck.

Dexter and Harrison show up at the hospital. Jamie is there, so is Quinn, Angel and Vince. Matthews hugs Dexter and tells her that she’s tough like Harry was. They all encourage him.

Elway calls the Marshal’s phone again and leaves another message telling him that he’s hot on Hannah’s trail and that she’s still in Miami. He says he’s got feelers out everyone and if she pops up, he’ll have her. Since he can’t get the Marhsall, he tries his office and is told that he was shot in the line of duty.

Debra wakes up in her hotel room to find Dexter waiting there. She smiles and asks why he’s not in Argentina. He asks why does she think. She says she told them not to call him and he says he’s glad they did. She rambles about why they never went hiking as kids and he says there are no mountains in Florida. He tells her there are tons of mountains in South America.

Dexter tells her he never should have left Saxon alive. She tells him it’s not his fault – that the Marshal screwed up. Dexter tells her that ever since she found out the truth about him, it has screwed up her life. She tells him she’s responsible for her own life and he shouldn’t feel guilty about it. She says he shouldn’t feel guilty about anything. She tells him he was meant to be happy so he should f-ing go be happy.

The doctor comes in to check Deb. She asks how she’s feeling and Deb says again that she wants to go hiking. The doctor says the bullet bounced around a lot but missed the major organs and Deb should be okay. The doc leaves.

Dexter tells her that they missed the flight because of Elway and she apologizes and says she’s the one who sicced Elway on Hannah. She apologizes and he tells her to forget it. He says he has to find another way to get Hannah out. He says he’s thinking of sending Harrison on with Hannah and then taking care of Saxon and following when she’s okay. Deb says the only thing she wants to hear from him is good-bye. She tells him she’ll be fine and will see him soon.

Dex leaves her room and Harrison asks how Aunt Deb is. He tells her that she’s fine and then changes the subject and tells him that this was the hospital where Harrison was born. There’s the obligatory flashback to them at the nursery when he was born (F!! why are they wasting flashback time on the final episode of this show?? Seriously???) Blah blah she tells him that life will be different now.

Matthews comes up and Dex thanks him for calling. Matthews asks what he can do and Dex asks for protection for Deb since Saxon is on the loose. Matthews tells him he’s already on it and has a couple of cops there that head to her room.

On his way out he runs into Elway who asks if he’s running off to meet Hannah. He tells Dex he’s responsible for the Marshal getting shot and Dexter gets angry and slams him into the wall and tells him to stow it. Elway tells Dex there’s a storm coming (is that a metaphor or is he referring to the actual storm?) and that it’s going to be hard to find a way out. Dexter grabs up Harrison and stalks away as Elway shouts for him not to go down with her.

All over the city, people are battening down for Hurricane Laura. Saxon watches from the truck as his hand drips blood. He’s watching a veterinary clinic. He heads in and holds a gun to the vet and orders him to stitch him up.

At the hotel, Hannah tells him they should get on an evacuation bus and head up to Jacksonville to fly out. He says it’s a good plan. She asks if Deb is okay and he says she will be. She offers for them to ride out the storm there while Deb recuperates. She offers to take Harrison and go or just go alone. He tells her he trusts her with Harrison but that he doesn’t want to lose her even for a couple of days.

At the vet clinic, Saxon is almost stitched up. He sews the last stitch and tells Saxon he won’t say anything – he asks him to just go. A news report comes on and announces Saxon is the killer and describes the truck he’s in. He orders the vet to get his car keys and come on.

At the evacuation bus, Dexter pulls them out of the line. He tells her that he can’t leave with Saxon on the loose while Deb is still in danger. He asks her to take Harrison because he says he’ll be safer with him. She agrees and Dex tells Harrison that he has to run back to take care of a few things. He tells him he’ll be right behind them. He tells him to mind Hannah and gives him a big hug. Harrison whispers to Dexter that he loves Hannah and Dex tells him that he does to. Dex tells her he’ll see her in Buenos Aires and they kiss and hug. This fells like a permanent good-bye… Harrison and Hannah get on the evac bus and it pulls away as Dexter watches.

He says to himself that he’ll check on Deb and then deal with Saxon. Meanwhile at the hospital, the vet pulls up with Saxon and promises that he won’t say anything to anyone. He says he knows and holds out a scalpel. Next thing you know the vet stumbles into the ER spitting up blood. The ER tech realizes his tongue has been cut out. Dexter walks in and realizes the distraction was to allow Saxon to get into the hospital. He’s hot on his trail.

Saxon checks a patient list and finds Deb’s room. Dex grabs up a fork off a tray and heads in. He finds Saxon near Deb’s room and heads for him. Saxon pulls the gun and aims at Dexter but then Angel is there with a gun to Saxon’s head and they take him into custody. Dex goes into Deb’s room and her bed isn’t there!

Dexter finds Quinn who’s crying. He asks where Deb is and he tells him that something went wrong and they had to rush her to ICU. She stopped breathing and Quinn says they’re working on her now. Then they’re in ICU and you can see that Deb is on a respirator. The doc tells her that she threw a blood clot after surgery and that her brain was too long without oxygen. They tell her that she’s brain dead. The best hope is that one day she can breathe no her own, but her life is effectively over. Quinn tells the doctor that Deb is strong and can pull through. The doctor says it would take a miracle and Dexter says he’s never seen a miracle.

We get another flashback of Deb in the nursery holding a just-born Harrison and telling him she’ll have to learn to watch her mouth around him. She makes Dexter take him and tells him to talk to his son. She smiles as Harrison responds. Dex tells her he doesn’t know how to be a father and she tells him he’ll be great and he asks how she knows.

She says he’s always taken care of her since they were little. She reminds him that there monsters on the walls as night in her room – shadows – she says he explained it to her and after that she could always sleep. She reminds him that he slept on the floor of her room when she was scared and that he’s always made her feel safe. She says he’ll be a great father because he’s always been a great big brother. Dex thinks to himself that she was so wrong about him.

On the bus, Harrison asks Hannah about Argentina and she tells him about the gauchos and penguins that live near Santa Claus’s summer vacation home. She looks over and in the seat next to her there’s Elway! He tells her to keep calm until the next stop. He says they are going to stay calm and wait until Daytona and then he will drive them to the Marshal’s office and turn Dexter over to child protective services.

At the police station, Angel promises that they are going to nail Saxon to the wall for what he did to Debra. Angel tells him he needs to cooperate. Quinn tells him to confess. They tell him that if he doesn’t work with them he’s going to end up in the electric chair. They ask how he hurt his arm and he says it’s not serious but Quinn says that Deb’s a good shot. Saxon asks who Deb is and Quinn goes nuts and starts to go after him. Of course Saxon knows who Deb is since he threatened her life.

As Dexter watches, Quinn calls him a barrage of names and accuses him of leaving Deb to bleed out just like he did to his mother. Angel has to ask Quinn to leave and Saxon asks for a lawyer. Angel cuffs him up and calls him an f-ing piece of shit. Dexter knows they could make a solid case against Saxon and the state of Florida will put him down. He muses that he could leave now and it would be done – he could go be with Hannah.

The evac bus is pulling into Daytona. The announcement tells them how to handle connecting bus routes. She reaches for her thermos and Elway starts to panic. She tells him she’s just getting some tea and he asks how stupid she thinks he is. She smiles and jams a needle into his leg. She tells him he’ll wake up in a few hours and be embarrassed. She and Harrison get off the bus and leave Elway knocked out.

Dex shows up to the holding cells and tells the guard he’s there to do a gunshot residue test on Saxon. She asks him to sign in and asks if he wants a guard and he says no. She unlocks the doors and he heads in. Saxon sees Dexter come in. They have a little stare off and then the door opens. There’s a camera that Saxon looks up at.

Dexter opens a yellow kit and slides on some surgical gloves. He stares at Saxon and tells him he wishes he could blame him for everything – even for what he did to his sister – but says he knows it’s his fault. Saxon tells him he should have walked away. Dexter says he’s forced him to open his eyes and really look at himself. Saxon asks what he sees and he says blood and body parts. Dexter tells him he took away his hope of a happy future. He tells Saxon he’s there to kill him with the pen he brought in. Saxon goes for it and stabs Dexter. Dex yanks it out and stabs Saxon in the neck. He pushes the alert button and the cops come rushing in. He tells them that Saxon tried to kill him. That’s what the camera will show too.

Dexter, Angel and Quinn each sit in a corner of the interrogation room and they watch the video of what happened. Angel asks why he was in there and he says he went to do a GSR test. Angel reminds him he doesn’t even work there anymore and asks him how they’re going to explain it. Dex tells him that he wanted to make sure everything was handled perfectly so deb got justice – he also says he wanted to look him in the eye. Angel says he gets it and Quinn says it was obviously self-defense. Angel agrees and they say he can go. Quinn tells Dexter he wishes he could have done it himself. Angel tells him he should go and Dexter agrees. Angel tells him that he’s praying for Deb. They all know he killed the bastard but no one cares.

Dexter is back at his apartment staring out at the ocean musing that for so long all he wished was that he could feel like other people. He thinks that now that he does have all those feelings he wishes they would just stop. He heads out into the stormy waters with his boat. He comes to the hospital marina as the hurricane warnings continue. The nurse at the desk tells him that they are having to evacuate the patients.

He goes into Deb’s room. Dexter is crying and tells her he would do anything if he could change what happened to her. He holds her hand and tells her over and over that he’s sorry. He cries and tells her he can’t leave her like this. He says he’s her big brother. He shuts down the respirator. He pulls off her blood pressure cuff and O2 reader. He takes the breathing tube out her throat so she can quit breathing on her own. He waits while her stats drop lower and lower. He puts his face next to hers and says that he loves her as she flatlines. He sits there with her while she passes and then wheels her out on a gurney as if she’s still alive.

Dexter takes her to his boat wrapped in a sheet. He lays her gently on the seat and drives them both away. The storm gets darker and darker. Dexter heads out into the ocean. He’s heading into the storm itself but then suddenly stops. He closes his eyes and looks stricken as the rain comes in.

He calls Hannah and asks where she is. She tells him they’re getting on the airplane and he tells her he’s still in Miami but will be leaving soon. She says she really thinks it’s going to work. She tells him she’s so happy right now and thinks it’s all going to be great. She gives the phone to Harrison and Dexter tells him he loves him. He tells him to remember that Daddy loves him and to remember it every day until he sees him again. He hangs up. The sky is darker and the lightning is worsening. Dex pitches his phone into the sea.

He uncovers Debra and stares down at her. He takes her face into his hands and caresses her lovingly. He lifts her in his arms and carries her to the edge of the boat. He tosses her overboard as gently as possible and watches while she sinks into the depths.

Dexter muses that he destroys everything he love and he can’t let that happen to Hannah and Harrison. He says he has to protect them from who he is. He drives is boat into the raging heart of the storm.

The next day, Miami is sunny and clear and the Hurricane has dissipated. News report says Coast Guard teams are out working recovery. One boat has a visual on something – it’s a piece of Dexter’s boat and there doesn’t appear to be any survivors.

Angel gets a call that Dexter’s boat was found and he’s presumed dead. In Argentina, Hannah reads a headline on her tablet that Dexter is missing and presumed dead. She is teary but then tries to regain control and asks Harrison if he wants some ice cream. They head off into town hand in hand.

We see a bearded trucker pull up to a lumber yard and park his truck and unload his cargo. He then heads into his little house and sits down at the table. It’s Dexter! He’s all bearded and looks like Wolverine! He stares out the window. He stares down at the table. He closes his eyes. He looks up and then opens them.