Dexter RECAP 9/8/13: Season 8 Episode 10 “Goodbye Miami”

Dexter RECAP 9/8/13: Season 8 Episode 10 “Goodbye Miami”

DEXTER returns to Showtime tonight with the tenth episode of its eight and final season and the show is really getting crazy and it rushes towards the finale. On tonight’s show called, “Goodbye Miami” Dexter tries to lure the Brain Surgeon into a trap. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here. So head over to get caught up before tonight’s episode.

On last week’s show Dr. Vogel gots the surprise of her life when her son who was presumed dead returned.  Deb was back on the police force and working as a detective for Angel in homicide.  Meanwhile, a Federal Marshall showed up looking for Hannah McKay.  Dr. Vogel and Dexter are working together to try to find who killed Zack and Dexter suspects it was Dr. Vogel’s son.

On tonight’s show after weeks of dancing around their attraction Deb and Quinn will finally get together.  Well not exactly get together but they do talk and kiss. Dexter decides to leave Miami Metro and he gives Angel the news.  The guys plan a going away party for Dexter at Angel’s bar.  Rumor has it we are going to lose someone close to Dexter tonight.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Dexter Season 8 episode 10 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap check if you want to read some spoilers and see a sneak peek video from tonight’s episode, go here.

RECAP: Tonight on Goodbye Miami, we start out with Vogel having breakfast with her homicidal son. Daniel scoffs at her notions of motherhood. She tries to talk to him about getting help in an institution. He tells her that he will never be locked up again. He says she ignored him as a child and only cared about his brother Richard (the one that he killed). She says she was young and didn’t know how to help him. He reminds her that she figured out how to help Dexter.

Daniel tells his mother that she taught him how to deal with his condition and gave Dexter a life while he rotted in an institution. She begs him to let her help and tells him she’s truly sorry for all she’s done. He tells her he wishes he could believe her and stomps out.
Dexter brings Harrison to Debs’ and Hannah and his son are thrilled to see each other. Dexter tells her that he’s got good news – he thanks the Marshall is finally backing off but she stills needs to lay low. She asks how she can get out of Miami and Dex says they’re looking for a woman alone, not a woman with a husband and child and says they can all leave together.

He tells her he has so much to do – that he has to tell them at work that he’s leaving, sell his boat and car and lease his condo. He says his sister can help out and Hannah smiles – thrilled that they’re really going to go to Argentina. He tells her he has to kill Daniel first. He says he has to do it to protect Vogel. Hannah is surprised and says that he usually doesn’t kill people over feelings.

Deb comes in and is shocked to see Dex, Hannah and Harrison looking like a little family. The bro and sis go outside and Deb blows up because Harrison shouldn’t be around Hannah. Dex tells her that he and his son are moving to Argentina with Hannah. She tells him he’s an idiot (and more – all with the f-word interjected).

Dexter says he wants a life with her and he has to leave the country to get a fresh start. Deb says he acts like it won’t affect her and that he’s being selfish. He tells her she can come visit and that he can come see her. She’s disgusted and walks away.

Jamie and Quinn meet for lunch and she tells him she’s had an exciting job interview in Atlanta that she’s turning down. He tells her she should do what’s best for her and she asks what about them. He tells her they’ll find a way to make it work.

Matthews and Vogel meet in his office. He thanks her for coming in and tells her he has a sensitive matter to discuss with her – it’s about Zack Hamilton because he’s still missing. She says she can’t violate doctor patient confidentiality but he persists. Of course Vogel knows he’s dead – her dear son Daniel killed him, took out part of his brain and left him sitting at Dexter’s desk in his apartment!
He asks if Zack would have run away. She says she doesn’t know and tells him she can’t help. She makes and excuse and leaves the room.

Dexter is researching Daniel (Saxton) and finds the trail of bodies he’s left behind him. He wonders if Daniel is the perfect psychopath. Dex sees her leaving and asks why she’s there. She tells him why Matthews called her in and says she feels bad that she can’t tell the family that Zack is dead. Dex tells her again that she’s in danger from her son.

She tells him that Daniel won’t harm her. He asks if she’s been in touch with him and she admits she saw him for breakfast yesterday. She tells him he stormed out and she has no idea where he is. Dexter asks why she didn’t tell him and she says because she doesn’t want Dexter to kill him. She says she can’t turn her back on him again and Dexter asks what she thinks she can do for him now.

Vogel says she has to establish trust and win him over. She says eventually she can get him back in a facility. He asks her how many innocent people will die while she does this. She tells him she doesn’t want his protection or help and tells him no to be a hero on her account. She pleads with him and leaves.

Harry shows up and Dex tells his Dad that Vogel doesn’t want his help. Harry says he can’t leave it unfinished and that Dexter has to find a way to find and kill him. Angel comes in and tells him there’s a crime scene.

Deb and Quinn are having lunch and she’s acting off. She tells him that she’s upset because Dexter and Harrison are leaving to travel the world. She says she knows change can be good, but can’t believe it’s happening. Quinn tells her that when things aren’t working, change is necessary – hmmm… I think he’s talking about changing from Jamie to Deb!

Quinn tells her to think about what’s best for Dexter. He tells her that when he transplanted from New York to Miami it was the best thing for him even though he left everyone and was alone. She tells him Angel gave her the badge back and Quinn is thrilled. They muse about being partners again. He gets a text and tells her it’s a crime scene. She says she’ll get the lunch scene and he says see you later partner.

At the crime scene, Dexter says nothing will change when he’s gone – there will still be blood – he just won’t be there to photograph it. The victim is a bicycler who flipped off a motorist who then ran over him. Nikki shows up late and flustered and says she didn’t know she might have to work since it’s Saturday. Vince accuses her of being high. He sends her away and tells her to stop smoking pot. She says he can tell her what to do at work but not in her private life and stomps away.

Dexter tells Angel he’s leaving town – says he needs a break from death after losing Rita. Angel wishes him only the best and Dex asks if he can keep it a secret for now. They agree that Jamie will take it hard since she loves Harrison. But then Angel says that maybe it will help her move on too. They hug and Angel tells him he always has a job.

At Deb’s, Dexter tells Hannah that Harrison told him he was too big for a nap and then fell right to sleep. Hannah asks how he’s doing chasing down Daniel. He says he’s moving a lot and hasn’t had luck. He says he wishes they could just go. Hannah says he knows he wants to protect Vogel and he tells her that she doesn’t want his protection. Hannah asks why he’s still doing it and he tells her it’s what he does. She asks if when they move to Argentina they can really have a fresh start. He agrees. She tells him to hurry up and kill him then.

He tells her that Vogel is the key and Hannah says Daniel will be watching for Dexter. Dex gets an idea and says maybe he just needs her computer. Vogel comes out of her house looking nervous and Daniel is waiting for her. He opens the car door and asks her to come along – says he has something to show her. He tells her he won’t hurt her – that if he wanted to kill her she would already be dead.
He brings her to a room and locks them in. It’s his kill room. He tells her to have a seat on his kill chair and tells her not to worry – that he wiped it down. He tells her the room is a reminder of where she sent him. He says he’s made it look just like the treatment room at the mental hospital. He says when he refused medicine they would strap him in a chair like that to force the medicine down his throat. She tells him she understands why he set the fire to get away from it.

Daniel reminds her that she says she wanted to help. Vogel says she can find him a very nice facility- not one like this one – one where he would be comfortable and she could see him every day. Daniel tells her no – that he wants her to help him like she helped Dexter. He says he wants her to show him to exist in the world as he is and she says as a killer – Vogel says she can’t let him roam around killing innocent people.

Daniel tells her he wants to be someone she can love – he begs her to help him. Vogel agrees! She says she’ll find a way. He asks about Dexter being after him and she tells him she’ll talk to Dexter. Daniel tells her not to make the same mistake she made with Richard – he tells her to choose right this time! He tells her to choose him. She says she’ll get Dexter to understand. She tells him she wants this and wants to be his mother again and will do whatever it takes. They hug and she holds him tight.

Dexter uses Vogel’s emergency key to get in and Harry agrees that protecting her from her murderous son qualifies as an emergency. Dex logs onto her computer and reverses the bug on her computer to lok through Daniel’s computer. He watches the videos Daniel has sent his mother and sees Daniel killing Zack with an electric saw to the head.

Dexter copies the files to a stick. Harry tells him that he has to protect Vogel so it won’t haunt him. He says he can’t run off to Argentina and escape who he is. Dexter tells his Dad he’s not trying to escape.

Angel is on the phone asking for a job posting to replace Dexter when the US Marshal stops by to tell him they can’t find any leads on Hannah and the case is back to low priority. He asks him which forensic tech is leaving and Angel admits that he’s moving. He tells him that Dexter is going to travel with his son just to get away. Uh-oh. Red flags have to be waving in front of the Marshal.

Quinn asks Jamie to talk. He says he feels like an asshole but has to tell her the truth. He tells her their relationship is not working out. He says he’s sorry. She asks why he let her move in. She asks why. He said he was hoping things would get better. Jamie blows up and says she knew he wouldn’t get over Deb. He says it has nothing to do with Deb and Jamie says he’s lying about it. She says her stuff will be gone soon so he will be free to “not” go back to Deb.

[10:08:09 PM] Rachel Rowan: At Deb’s she watches Hannah, Dexter and Harrison on her patio. She’s sad. Dexter sees her watching. Then Hannah looks her way. Dexter comes in to check on her. He hands her a beer and she says she doesn’t want to intrude. He reminds her it’s her house and she says it’s his family. He tells her it’s her family too. She tells him she wants him and Harrison to be happy. He asks how she feels about them leaving and she admits that she’s scared because her whole family is leaving. She tells him he’s always been there and she doesn’t know what her life looks like without him.

Dexter says it will be better. She teases him and says she’s used to hanging out with two serial killers and he tells her that was exactly his point. Deb says better or worse, he’s always been there for her. She says the idea of being without him feels like jumping off a cliff and he says he knows what she means. He stands to go back out and asks her to come with him. She reluctantly follows. Deb lurks at the door, semi joining them.

Dexter is researching places to stay in Argentina. Deb and Harrison are playing on the beach while Hannah watches. Dexter calls and she tells him it’s all okay. He says he wanted to hear her voice and then ends the call because of a knock on the door. It’s Vogel and she wants to talk.

She tells him she was too judgmental and she thinks he and Hannah could have a genuine relationship. Vogel says that a new beginning far away might be the best thing for him. He repeats her words “moving far away” and he asks why she wants him to go. She tells him that there’s hope for Daniel – that he wants to stop killing. She says if he won’t kill him then she’ll have a chance with him. He tells her that Daniel does like it and shows her the video of Daniel gleefully murdering Zack. He reminds her that he also killed he younger son.
She asks what now and he tells her that she knows what’s next. He has to die. He tells her to set up a meeting with him in a public place and that he’ll follow Daniel from there and take care of it. She asks that he please not make Daniel suffer and he promises.

At the beach, the Marshal walks up and introduces himself. Uh-oh Hannah is 100 feet away! Deb sends Harrison inside. Marshal tells her that Elway gave him her address. He tells her that he’s worried about Dexter and finds it odd that he’s leaving town right when Hannah has floated through. He asks Deb if Dexter and Arlene are in a relationship and she deflects and says she doesn’t dig into his dating life.

He tells her that he knows that Dex used to be in a relationship with Hannah and he worries about him hooking up with her again. He says Dex and Harrison could be in danger. She says Dexter wouldn’t be that stupid. She tells him that Dexter is going away because he’s burned out and nothing else. He thanks her for her time and gives her a business card and leaves.
At the house, Hannah is cooking for them and Deb comes to tell her that the Marshal stopped by. She says that he was set off when he found out that Dexter was leaving. Deb tells her that she covered for them and that Hannah has to hide until they leave. Hannah thanks her. Deb leaves and says she has somewhere to be.

Deb goes to see Elway. He tells her that he knows why she’s there and has her final paycheck. He heard she took her badge back and she offers two weeks notice and he tells her know. He tells her that he’s done a lot for her and she acknowledges it. She tells him she’ll pack her office and he tells her security will pack it up and drop it to her house.

Harrison gets on Deb’s treadmill that Dexter had asked him to stay off of. Hannah tells him to stop but he doesn’t. He turns it up on high and is thrown back and hits his chin. She has to take him to the emergency room and says she’s his mother. She fills out the forms and sees the admitting nurse looking at her. Uh-oh. Is there a wanted poster somewhere? The nurse points to another nurse and they call Harrison’s name. Hannah carries him back.

Dexter preps his kill room as Harry reminisces on the first time they used it to kill a choir director. Dexter hangs up a photo of his little brother Richard – his first victim. He tells Harry that people should get what they deserve. He tells Harry he’s changed so much since the first time he used that room. Harry cautions him not to be overconfident about what will happen next. He tells him he knows what’s going to happen –he’ll kill Daniel and then he and Hannah and Harrison will leave on a plane and start their new life.

Deb comes into the station as Jamie is walking out. She says hi and Jamie says to go fuck herself. Deb has no idea. Deb tells Angel she’s ready to come back and he asks her to start today. She says she’d prefer a week or two. He tells her it’s weird that she’s coming back as Dexter is leaving. Angel tells her to ignore Jamie that she’s upset because Quinn dumped her and she thinks he still loves Deb.

Deb pulls Quinn outside and asks him if he dumped Jamie for her. He tells her he wasn’t happy and knew it was going to last. He tells her that it would have happened either way – despite their kiss. He tells her he still has feelings for her but doesn’t expect anything from her. She admits she still has feelings for him too. She says she felt before that something was holding her back but it’s not anymore (yeah – like being in love with her brother…). She kisses him.

The Marshal is at the hospital – the nurse recognized Hannah’s face and called it in. He asks what the child’s name was and she tells him Harrison Morgan and that she acted like he was her son. At Deb’s place Harrison shows Dexter his six chin stitches. He goes to play and Dexter thanks him for taking care of him. He’s upset that he was setting up the kill room instead of taking care of them. She tells him that the Marshal came by and they can’t stay there much longer.

Dexter’s phone buzzes and she tells him that Dex is at her house. He tells her that she was supposed to meet him in public. The bell rings and she says it’s him and she has to go. She tells him she wanted the last time she saw him to be private.

Dex walks out and Harry is waiting for him. He’s torn. He wants to stay and protect Hannah and Harrison and Harry tells him he’s got to protect Vogel. He tells Dexter it’s the first time in his life he’s got something to protect.

Vogel pours tea for her and Daniel and he asks why she wanted to see him. She says she wanted to see him and talk about normal things. He says of course. He asks what wrong and says she seems tense. She says she’s just tired. He asks if there’s something she wants to tell him. Vogel says she just wanted to see him. She says she’s just a mother who constantly wants her son around.

Daniel tells her that he knows what fear looks like because he’s seen a lot of people die. He asks what she’s afraid of. His phone rings and it’s Daniel. He flips the light on in Vogel’s house so Dexter can watch as he cuts his mother’s throat. Dexter cries and takes her in his arms, holding her and crying as she dies.