James Franco and Ashley Benson’s Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” Parody: Selena Gomez has Some Awesome Pals!

James Franco and Ashley Benson's Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" Parody: Selena Gomez has Some Awesome Pals!

Selena Gomez might be a bit shaken up after Justin Bieber and her have parted ways, but she has a strong support system in Spring Breaker costars James Franco and Ashley Benson. They posted a video of themselves singing a parody of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” and, while sometimes imitation is the best forms of flattery, this lil’ number doesn’t seem to be giving Justin a tip of the hat. James Franco is ridiculous enough as it is, but this might just be one of his most glorious moments in ridiculosity history. Of course, we’ll let you be the judges of that.

James Franco and Ashley Benson’s Justin Bieber parody was posted on Franco’s WhoSay account. The video was quickly deleted after the stars realized their hasty post might get them in some hot water, but thanks to some quick-thinking fans, the great little number was posted on YouTube for the world to preserve and savor for many weeks to come.

The video opens up with James Franco dressed up in complete Bieber fashion — blonde wig, hoodie, hat, and off-the-wall barf-inducing swagga. He is of course lip syncing, and strangely enough the young voice suits the 34-year-old actor quite well. After James struts his stuff down the hallway, Ashley makes an appearance dressed in a brown wig. She is usually blond, but for this special occurrence she did a quick change up. Perhaps to look a bit more like Justin’s ex Selena?

We have the video for you below and we’d love for you to check it out and let us know what you think. Do you think James does a good impression of The Beebz? Do you think The Beebz will like the video once he watches it. You know he will watch and, fortunately, I have a feeling he will think it’s kind of funny. Good thing Selena Gomez has such a nice support system. You can totally tell James Franco and Ashley Benson are by her side 100%!

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