Kate Middleton Fears Royals Working Her Too Hard, Putting Baby At Risk

Kate Middleton Fears Royals Working Her Too Hard, Putting Baby At Risk 0405

Haha, I love this story. It’s perfect timing really. We just found out that Kate Middleton’s maternity leave won’t start until June but that might be about eight months too late for her liking. Apparently the frenzy of recent appearances is leaving her bone tired and sources say the only thing she wants to do is put her feet up and watch TV like the rest of her pregnant friends.

“Now she’s become the royal workhorse and it’s obvious to anyone that she’s burdened with more engagements than is safe for a heavily pregnant woman expecting her first child,” a source told the National Enquirer. “Her schedule is ridiculous. It’s bound to create stress, and it’s high time the palace recognized the danger. There’s a real chance Kate could collapse.”

Heavily pregnant? Would we consider Kate heavily pregnant? But, yes, I will allow that lately she has been actively working. She’s been acting like a full-time working senior royal because THAT’S HER JOB! Why is it safe for normal women, like nurses and teachers, to be on their feet while pregnant all day but not Kate Middleton? Scotland is a perfect example. She makes an appearance for a couple hours, shakes hands, smiles and leaves. It’s hardly taxing.

And please, do you honestly think Katy “I aim to please” Cambridge is anything but delighted to be out and about with her people? She’s been waiting to do this for the past ten years. Prince William has kept the breakers on her but it seems like Queen Elizabeth’s health scare might have pushed everybody’s ass in gear. If you ask me, Kate’s string of recent appearances is the most telling when it comes to the Queen’s health. I think Liz is getting some pushing to scale back – not abdicate because she’ll never do that – but scale back. This is a test to see if Kate and William can handle the load. Do you think she can? Please. After jumping through William’s hoops for ten years this is nothing. Kate is hitting her stride.

Is Kate Middleton worried about putting the royal baby at risk with all her obligations?



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3 responses to “Kate Middleton Fears Royals Working Her Too Hard, Putting Baby At Risk”

  1. Eric Walker says:

    Does she dig ditches or stand around and shake hands with people?

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  3. Cynthia says:

    Kate looks awkward and not at all regal.