Lil Wayne’s Mom, Jacida Carter, Warns Son “Drink Sizzurp in Moderation” After His Release From Hospital (Video)

Lil Wayne's Mom, Jacida Carter, Warns Son "Drink Sizzurp in Moderation" After His Release From Hospital (Video)

Lil Wayne’s mother, Jacida Carter, has a word for her recently released from hospital rapper son: “drink Sizzurp in moderation or else it will kill you.”  While Lil Wayne was busy making a video for his millions of fans to show how amazingly he has recovered from his most recent drug overdose, his mom issued that dire warning.  Jacida loves her boy and recalls vividly how he almost died last week from drug overdoses – TWICE.  “My boy always loved his dope, his street drugs, and he never let his success go to his head.  Wayne grew up on the streets and got high with what was available to him – yes, weed and Sizzurp.  So now that he’s a multi-millionaire and the world’s most popular living rapper don’t expect my son to go getting buzzed on prescription meds like all those fake-ass Hollywood fame whores.  Wayne’s gonna stay true to his roots!

When asked if she feared that another Sizzurp and weed binge could put Lil Wayne back in the ICU and possibly kill him, Jacida replied: “Why you always gotta pick on my boy? Sure he’s had a couple of seizures but that’s because he works so hard.  You can’t blame my son for wanting to unwind a bit after a hard day, would you be picking on him if he drank cognac and smoked cigars like George Clooney? No you wouldn’t would you.  I think the media is making it a racial thing – like they are stereotyping my son. My Lil Wayne prefers weed and Sizzurp and that’s HIS choice, don’t judge a man for his medicine.

Lil Wayne's Mom, Jacida Carter, Warns Son "Drink Sizzurp in Moderation" (Video)

Lil Wayne’s mom continued: “As long as my son uses his head and keeps his partying to a moderate level I’m sure he’ll be fine.  I always tell him ‘drink Sizzurp only in moderation’ and I pray he listens to me.

So there you have it folks – even after last week’s reported near-death experiences for Lil Wayne, he can count on his mamma’s support for his lifestyle choices.  That’s what you call love!

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  • Rachel

    What an amazing role mother for all mothers. Regardless if “he’ll be fine if he uses it in moderation”, after how many siezures and hospital stays you’d think she’d realize he has a problem and encourage him to stop & get help. Guess not in the world of ghetto trash. He won’t live to be a very old man and his mother will enjoy her inheritance. What a bunch of losers. Money sure doesn’t buy brains or class that’s for sure.