Michelle Obama Financial Info Leaked!

Michelle Obama Financial Info Leaked! 0312

The hacking continues! Yesterday we reported that the financial information of top celebrities including Jay-Z, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian had been leaked over the web but now the White House isn’t even safe. Michelle Obama’s financial info has been leaked as well! If sleeping with the president can’t help you out, what can?

According to TMZ the website also hacked into Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton’s financial information but not much was uncovered. The First Lady, on the other hand, has been severely compromised.

The website has posted Michelle’s credit report, which includes her social security number, phone numbers, banking and mortgage info and credit card details.The website also hacked into Joe Biden‘s history, but the info the hackers were able to obtain was extremely limited.  They obtained much more in Michelle’s case.When you click on Michelle’s name on the website, it reveals this comment:  “Blame your husband, we still love you, Michelle.”  So this could be more than sport … maybe this is a clue the hackers have beef with Barack.

Fox News reported yesterday that the troublesome site originally bore an internet suffix assigned to the Soviet Union. I know virtually nothing about this kind of stuff so I have no idea what that means. They must think the dudes behind this are Russian? Funny enough I just wanted something on 60 Minutes about internet hacking and they mentioned Russia is leading the way with pretty scary stuff. And seeing Paris Hilton’s name come up reminded me of the Bling Ring which just previewed its new trailer and now I can’t get Emma Watson in her bra out of my head. From one post I got from Michelle Obama to Paris Hilton to a shirtless Emma Watson. You’re welcome.

How do you think this will impact the celebrities hacked?

Photo Credit: Cindy Barrymore/Fame Pictures

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