The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 15 “Stand By Me” Sneak Peek Video & Spoilers

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 15 “Stand By Me” Sneak Peek Video & Spoilers

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES gets better each week and we cannot wait until next week, tonight’s episode the gang was still in Nova Scotia and poor Damon was still getting tormented by Vampire Hunter, Vaughn. From the preview we have seen, next week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries called “Stand by Me,” is going to be intense and, as usual, we will be providing you with the juiciest, bloodiest, previews and teasers out there.  According to cast members  who have raved about this episode it is going to be the most heartbreaking hour of television, wow!  Check out the sneak peek video of next week’s episode below and let us know what you think?

On tonight’s show Damon has an ugly run-in with a Hunter named Vaughn, and he realized he was one of The Five. Stefan confessed his true feelings about the possibility of becoming human again to Elena. When a stunning new piece of information about the cure was revealed, it changed the stakes for everyone.  Jeremy helped Bonnie recognize what was real and what was an illusion, and Shane was comforted by a woman from his past, Caitlin.  Did you watch tonight’s episode?  We did and we recapped it HERE for you!

Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, stop reading now! We have some juicy spoilers for you about the season 4 episode 14 of CW’s “The Vampires Diary.”

CW Official Synopsis: THE TERRIBLE TRUTH — When Stefan (Paul Wesley) arrives back in Mystic Falls with Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), Caroline (Candice Accola) is immediately worried about Elena’s state of mind. Stefan reaches out to Dr. Fell (guest star Torrey DeVitto) and Matt (Zach Roerig) for help. Still on the island, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) relays somber news to Rebekah (Claire Holt), and is surprised at her reaction. Together, Damon and Rebekah learn an unexpected bit of recent history from Vaughn (guest star Charlie Bewley). Everyone is horrified when Bonnie (Kat Graham) reveals the rest of Shane’s (guest star David Alpay) plan. Finally, after Damon does his best to help her, Elena comes up with a plan of her own. Lance Anderson directed the episode written by Julie Plec (#415).

On next week’s show it looks like Jeremy is in big trouble.  He has fallen down a hole and he is bloody and Elena screams for him as he falls down with blood coming out of his mouth.  Stefan tells Damon that Jeremy was one of five vampire hunters.  Dr. Fell tells Elena she has to release Jeremy’s body to her, but Elena pushes her into a wall and tells her that Jeremy is NOT dead!

Elena refuses to accept that Jeremy is dead, Stefan tries to hold her down and Damon tells them she is out of her mind with grief.  Elena tells them to bring her Bonnie, she really needs Bonnie.  I am guessing this is why the cast is saying this was a heartbreaking episode.  Elena’s grief is very apparent.  If Jeremy is dead this episode is sure to be a tear jerker, get the hankies ready!

Oh no, is Jeremy dead?  Have we lost one of our favorite characters?  Be sure to tune in next week and all will be revealed!

The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 15 “Stand by Me” airs on the CW on February 21st, 2013. Check out the preview video  & some photos from episode 15 and let us know in the comments below what you think!

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