Tierra LiCausi: Bachelor Contestant’s Drug Past and Ex’s Suicide Revealed

Tierra LiCausi: Bachelor Contestant's Drug Past and Ex's Suicide Revealed

Viewers of this season’s The Bachelor all seem to agree—Tierra LiCausi has no redeeming qualities. The 24-year-old contestant quickly made a name for herself as bad girl with a flare for the dramatics, and her real life self is much the same. To get closer to Sean Lowe, Teirra shared a tragic story about her high school sweetheart, David Reese, who died after years of struggling with drug abuse. Tierra portrayed herself as a devoted friend, but Reese’s friend James Fry reports a much darker story.

Tierra “dumped Casey right after his father died and says she wasn’t there for him after he returned from a stint in rehab,” reports National Enquirer, print edition February 25, 2013. Fry warns Sean and viewers that Tierra “left him when he needed her the most. That destroyed him. She broke his heart and he ended up dead from an overdose.” But after only a month of exposure to Tierra, viewers know not to trust her side of the story. She’s keen on setting herself up as the victim, and has required medical services twice on the show—once for a “fall,” and once after being in a freezing lake. (Did anyone else notice that the medic’s solution was to give her a blanket and put her in a bathrobe? No hot shower, no medical attention?)

Tierra is a total attention seeker, and we aren’t at all surprised to learn that she’s twisted a tragic suicide into her own sob story. Reese’s family was morbidly wealthy, but Tierra dumped him just after his dad died of pneumonia, pushing him “into drugs, mostly Xanax and OxyContin.” There are only four contestants left, and hometown dates are up next. If you didn’t see the last episode, click here for a full recap, including which four girls ended up with roses. To find out who gets the final rose, click here! Do you think Tierra and Sean make a good couple?

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